Kikyo's Killer's note: If you haven't noticed, Ganon knows who Tatl and Tael are. You'll need to know that to understand what's happening so far in the story.

Ganondorf waited in his chambers. His plan had gone so well over the past seven years. Of course he had a few set backs. He didn't expect that the little boy who led him to the Triforce would become the Hero of Time, and the Princess of Hyrule go missing for seven years, and then there was the whole fact that his seven year attempt to conquer Hyrule was wasted in one night. This pretty much led to the whole Majora's Mask thing. (It's all part of his plan to conquer Hyrule)

But the greatest set back was the fairies. He had no idea that the Hero of Time had such powerful friends. Even the fact that she and her brother didn't know who they were didn't bring much comfort. If their powers awakened then he would be in big trouble. So that's why he's going to get rid of the nuisances before they become a problem. He had everything set. It was actually pretty simple. After he reviled his plan, he was going to put them into a caldron full of water. (Translation: He was going to drown them)

There was a knock on the door. "Come in." Ganon said.

Phantom Ganon came in holding a bag with something it that was trying to break free. "My lord, I have the fairies."

Ganon smiled. "Good. Put them in the cage."

Phantom Ganon nod and picked up the cage on the table. He took the cage door and poured the fairies inside. He quickly closed the door and turned to his boss and bowed. "M'lord, do you need me for anything else?" (He's really proper when he's around Ganon. I wonder why…)

"Hey! Get me out of here!" Tatl yelled.

Ganon ignored her. "I need you to guard the door. Make sure nothing gets inside!" Ganon commanded.

Phantom Ganon bowed. (again) "Yes, my lord."

Tatl stared at Phantom Ganon as he left the room. "I have no idea who bows more, Anju or Phantom Ganon."

Ganon turned to Tatl and Tael's cage and smirked. "Well, well, well. Look at what I caught in my cage."

"What are you a-?" Tael ran into his sister's side.

"Tatl, don't get him angry! You don't want him to kill us!" Tael warned in a harsh whisper.

Ganon turned his gaze to Tael. "What a smart little fairy you are. May I ask how old you and your sister are?"

Tael glared at him. "We're both seventeen."

"Twins, uh, that must be very interesting." (I thought it would be cool if they were twins)

"For your information, I'm two minutes older!" Tatl exclaimed.

Ganon smiled. "It really doesn't matter. You were both born the same day, so it means you're both the same age." (It's true. I should know, I'm a twin) Ganon walked away and picked up a mace. "There are so many ways I could kill you, but over the years I found out the best deaths are the ones that are the easiest to clean up."

Tatl and Tael froze. "Y-you mean y-you are g-g-g-going to-to kill us?" Tatl asked.

Ganon smiled. "Your deaths are going to be painless, I assure you."

"W-why?! What did we ever do to you?!" Tael asked.

"Nothing, but I can't allow two powerful fairies ruin my plan to take over Hyrule, can I?" Ganon put the mace back and walked to the trembling fairies. "It's really a shame. You're nothing, but children."

Link, Navi, Romani, and Zelda raced to Ganon's chambers as fast as they could. They stopped when they noticed Phantom Ganon guarding the door. They had to think of a way to get inside without Phantom Ganon recognizing them. After awhile Zelda snapped her fingers with an idea. "I have an idea!"

"What is it?" Navi asked.

"Just follow my lead." Zelda walked over to Phantom Ganon. "Will you please move?"

Phantom Ganon looked at her confused. "Lord Ganon said to let nobody inside."

Zelda smiled. "Alright, now let me inside."

Phantom Ganon was even more confused. "Did you not hear me?!"

Zelda gave a sigh of frustration. "Ganon said not let nobody inside, right? My name isn't nobody. Link's name isn't nobody. Romani's name isn't nobody. Navi's name isn't nobody. None of our names is nobody!"

Phantom Ganon thought for a minute. "You're right, but that would work if I was an idiot."

"Very well, you forced me to take drastic measures." Zelda started to crack her knuckles.

Link and Romani backed away from the fuming Zelda. Phantom Ganon started to chuckle. "Oh I'm so scared."

Zelda smiled evilly. "You should be."

Back in Ganon's chambers Tatl and Tael's cage was hanging over a caldron full of water. Instead of just going ahead and dropping the cage into the caldron, he tied a rope to the cage and put a candle under the rope. Tatl asked why he didn't just drown them. He replied: "It's traditional! All villains do this!"

"Tatl, I think this is it." Tael put her head down. "I'm sorry that I called you all of those names when we were younger."

"I'm sorry that I sold all of your belongings to a mysterious shop that only opens at night." Tatl apologized.

Tael looked shock. "That was you! I can't believe you did that!"

"I said I was sorry!" Tatl countered.

"It took me forever to collect all of those action figures!"

Tatl snickered. "Don't you mean dolls?"

Before Tael could defend his "action figures" the doors to the chambers were thrown opened and Zelda barged inside. "Ganon! Where are Tatl and Tael?!" Zelda demanded.

Ganon turned to Zelda and smiled. "Well hello, princess. What brings you out of you here?"

"Ganon!" Link yelled as he ran inside with Romani behind him. "Where are you keeping Tatl and Tael?!"

By then Tatl was being annoyed to death by them asking the same questions. "We're over here!"

Link, Romani, and Zelda looked and found Tatl and Tael floating above a caldron full of water. "Tatl! Tael!" All three of them yelled in chorus.

The trio ran to the fairies help, but just as they were about to reach them Stalfos blocked their way. Not only that, but the rope broke too.

To be continued…

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