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Power of the Gods
by Yami-Yugi (with extra help from PharaohAtemu'sAngel)

Chapter 1

It was a bright happy morning in Domino Japan, the sun was shining, the birds where singing, and almost everyone was up. Well, almost anyone... "Yugi Mutou! It's time to get up or you'll be late for school!"

... Just 5 more minutes...

The sun's rays seems to glow brighter through Yugi Mutou's bedroom window as if saying, 'It's time to wake up little one.'

He pulls the blankets over his head "Its too early..."

The sun's rays got brighter as if saying, 'Not by my watch it an't.'

"Fine ..." He draws the covers back as he sits up hanging his feet over the side on the bed, rubbing his hands over his face trying to wake up. The sun's rays seems to laugh at him before going back to their normal morning shine. He mutters before he stands ... I need to get some darker curtains ...

Yugi's bedroom door opens and his mother poked her head in a little bit surprised. "Wow, you findly decided to get up without having ME to wake you up." she said.

He runs his fingers through the back of his hair. "I guess so. It's kind of funny really; it's like the sun wanted me to get up."

She couldn't help but smile. "Maybe Mr. Sun didn't want you to be late for school either." she said.

"I guess you're right mom." he says as he heads to the bathroom to get ready for the day.

His mother smiled as she watches her son leave. She then looks towards the window with another smile. ...Even though you're not here you still make sure your son wakes up on time...

Yugi came back and saw his mother still there. "Mom?"

She turns and smile to him. "Yes dear?"

"Is something wrong?" Yugi asked "You're just standing there."

She smiled. "It's nothing really." she said "Let's go downstairs, Grandpa got breakfast ready."

...Good .. I'm hungry...

- - -

Yugi and his mom headed downstairs to the kitchen where sitting at the kitchen table was breakfast. "Morning Yugi." said his Grandpa as he sat at the table.

"Morning Grandpa, Dad." Yugi said to the man sitting across the way reading the newspaper.

"So, your mother findly got you up this morning." Yugi dad's said with a smile.

"No .. I was up before she came to my room."

"Ho Ho." Yugi's grandpa said with a smile "Findly learned to get up by yourself huh?"

He chuckles lightly. "I guess .. that and the sun seemed really bright this morning"

His dad raised an eyebrow. "Funny the paper says it's going to be cloudy today." he said.

"Ho Ho." Yugi's grandpa said with another smile "Eat your breakfast Yugi before you'll be late for school. I'm sure Anzu and the others will be here soon."

The small teen nodded in response as he sat down, partaking upon his so called breakfast, his mind diverted as he began to day dream yet was awakened from his trance as the door bell began to ring. Ring, Ring "I'll get it!" Yugi said as he ran from table to the front door.

"Yugi!" his mother shouted "Excuse yourself from the table next time!"

Yugi sweat drops as he runs to the door in anticipation as he opens it to reveal his friends. "Hey Yuge! Ready to go?" Jonouchi started until the smell of food wiped through the air "Hey what's smells soooo good?"

Anzu smirked upon the others actions. "Jonouchi, you just ate breakfast how could you possibly be hungry?"

"Hey, a growing boy like me needs to eat." said Jonouchi with a smile. Honda stepped from behind the hungry blonde as he hit him playfully on the back. "What's that for!"

"Dude your always hungry."

Yugi couldn't help but laugh at this. "Can we go now?" Anzu asked.

The duo snapped out of their pointless bickering as they nodded . "Yes maam."

"I'm going to school now!" Yugi shouted to his mom, dad, and grandpa.

"Good bye Yugi, have a good day." they all replied. With that said, the four of them headed off to Domino High.

- - -

As they walked down the street, some one bumped into Jonouchi. "Watch were ya walking!" Jonouchi shouted.

"I'd watch out for yourself, mutt." said the person who was none other then Seto Kaiba.

Jonouchi inwardly cringed as he narrowed his honey eyes upon the CEO. "Hey Money bags what are you doing on the street, your limo too good for you?"

Seto glared. "For your information, mutt, my limo is in the shop and besides I felt it was a nice day for a walk anyways." The others sweat dropped as Kaiba then turned towards Yugi. "Hey Mutou I see you still haven't given up your crony of friends?"

Jonouchi growls. "What? You think you'll make a better friend for Yuge?"

Kaiba snorted in amusement. "Please I have more important things to do than hang out with the world champion of duel monsters and talk about hocus pocus."

Jonouchi growls. "I have enough, let's go guys." he said as he started to pull Yugi along with the others fallowing.

Kaiba watched them walk off. ...I can't believe I agreed to watching this kid...

"Seth." Kaiba jumped then turn to see a Egyptian man in white robes wearing a turban.

Kaiba sighed. "How may times do I HAVE to tell you, in this plane call me SETO?"

"I'm sorry father, I forgot."

"And don't call me that either here, Anubis."

"Again I am sorry."

Kaiba sighed. "What ever." he said "What are you doing here anyways?"

"I came to tell you the Creator is coming."

Kaiba blinked in response. "Creator is coming?"

The man nodded. "Says something about Apophis is coming to this plane to slain his son or something."

Kaiba blinked again. "He can't be serious."

"But he is."

Kaiba ran a hand through his mahogany hair as he sighed. "This cannot be happening."

"But it is."

Kaiba sighed. "He's putting himself in danger being in this plane if Apophis is here as well."

"The Creator saids he'll do what ever it takes to protect his son. He also wants you to double your watch on him well."

Cobalt eyes widen. "The things I do for his son, I'm surprised that he hasn't figured this out sooner."

"He has a lot to do you know. Making sure the sun goes on its course and such."

"So," Kaiba started "when will he get here?"


"Soon, isn't that always his response?"

"It's hard to tell form him at times. You properly must get going for you might be late, father." The Egyptian man said then disappeared.

Kaiba sighed. "I'm going to have to teach my son some respect for me some day." he said to himself with a sigh. Kaiba snorted as he continued his way towards Domino High.

- - -

Later, at the high school, the students talked happily among themselves until the teacher came in. "Okay class settle down." he said "We have a new student joining us from another school. Class please welcome Yami."

A slender yet taller carbon copy of Yugi entered the room causing the students to dart from the new arrival and to Yugi. The new student did a slight bow. "I'm please to meet you all." he said, his crimson eyes glowing softly.

Kaiba blinked from his desk. ...That can't be him!...

Yugi stared wide eyed upon his look-alike. His amethyst eyes met the crimson ones as he felt his body shudder. "Hmmm," the teacher said "Yami, way don't you take the empty set next to Yugi Mouto."

The said teen nodded as he gracefully guided his form to the designated seat as his eyes faltered upon Yugi. Once the teen sat down he smiled at Yugi. "Hello." he said "You must be Yugi, I'm Yami."

The amethyst eyed teen blinked as he smiled. "Nice to meet you Yami and hope you like it here in Domino High."

Another smile formed on the crimson eyes teen's lips. "I think I'm already begging to like it here."

Yugi blushed slightly as he bowed his head in submission. "Glad to hear it." Yami smiled again.

- - -

Once lunch time started everyone left class for lunch. As Yami started to leave the room, his was grabbed by the arm by Kaiba. "Is that you Creator?" Kaiba asked.

The crimson eyed teen looked over at Kaiba. "Oh, it's just you Seth." he said.

Kaiba cringed in annoyance upon the creator's sarcastic voice. "Don't call me Seth in this time frame Creator."

Yami laughed. "Oh you didn't act like that the last time we came to this plane, Seth."

The said man rolled his eyes. "Creator, why have you entered this class so soon, I was assigned to watch over Yugi."

"Don't worry Seth," Yami said with another laugh "I was the one who gave you the assignment, remember. And besides I had already sent your son down here to give you the message, unless you haven't gotten it yet?"

"No I haven't gotten it yet."

"Hmmm really then... Anubis must be getting slow then."

Kaiba sighed. "I was being sarcastic."

Yami smirked as he nodded. "Yes I know Seth."

"Just call me Seto here."

Yami laughed again. "Oh taking your human name a little serious are we?"

Kaiba groaned in annoyance. "Well I happen to like it, Creator."

Yami laughed again. "So I see." he said "Maybe you're taking it too much. I could just assign someone else to watch over my son and get you back to guarding my sun boat."

Kaiba sighed. "I do it EVERY night already."

"All the more reason." Yami sighed as he taunted the other.

"Any ways, if you know that Apophis is here, then why go through all the trouble coming down here yourself. You know he hates you."

"That's why I have YOU here."

"I'm NOT babysitting the both of you."

"Heh, Seth, that is why you watch my sun boat but Yugi needs to be aided."

Kaiba sighed again. "I give up..." he said to himself, but Yami heard him.

"Well then that's settled with." Yami said with a smile "Now if you excuse me Seth, I need to join my son in the lunch room before something happens."

"Alright, have fun Creator." ...Great now I am babysitting the both of them... he thought as he watched the creator stalks out of the class room.

- - -

Yami soon entered the lunch room and sees Yugi with his friends. He comes over. "Hey Yugi, mind if I join you?" he asked.

The small teen lifted his head from the conversation, smiling as he nodded happily. "Sure come on Yami."

"Hey, Yami right?" said Jonouchi said with a smile.

The said man nods in response. "Yes my name is Yami what is your name?"

"The name is Katsuya Jonouchi, but my friends call me Jonouchi."

Yami smiled as he held his arm in the motion of a handshake. "I'm Honda nice to meet ya!" Honda said as he grabbed Yami's hand and gave it a fierce handshake. Yugi giggled as he watched the remainder of his friends meet Yami.

"Don't brake his arm, He-Man!" Anzu shouted.

"So Yami tell us a little bit about yourself."

"Yeah, where ya came from Yami?"

Yami fidgeted in his seat as he met gazed into the pleading eyes of his son. " I am from Egypt."

"Wow, that's like soo cool." said Anzu with a smile.

Yami nodded as he turned towards his son, noticing the duel monsters cards in his small hands. "You like Duel Monsters, Yugi?" he asked.

Yugi nodded enthusiastically. "Yes, I am the king of games."

Yami couldn't help but smile. ...I know, my son... he thinks.

"Do you duel, Yami?" Jonouchi asked.

The crimson eyed teen nodded in response. "Yes I duel."

"Cool, how about a duel?"

"Ahhh..." Yami started "I don't have my deck with me at the moment."

Yugi stared at his cards and then back at Yami. "You want to use my cards Yami?"

"I don't want to impose." Yami said "I'll just being mine with me tomorrow and then we'll duel."

The small teen cast his head downward as he nodded. "Okay."

"So," Honda said "What are we going to do after school today?"

"Hey," Jonouchi said "We could go over to Yuge's house and see if Mr. Mouto got any new cards."

Yugi sweat dropped as he watched Jonouchi invite himself and the others to his house. "Jonouchi that's rude." said Anzu "You should have asked Yugi if it was okay first."

Jonouchi shrugged as he apologized to the small teen. "I'm sorry Yuge."

"That's okay, Jonouchi." Yugi said.

Yami gazed at his son, feeling proud that he was so nice and caring as Kaiba look form in the cafeteria. ...I can't believe the Creator thinks it's safe for him to be down here... Kaiba thought.

"So Yuge, can we come over?" Jonouchi asked.

"Sure Jou, just let me call and ask Grandpa, Mom and Dad."

"Okay," said Jonouchi then looks over at Yami "Want to come with us, Yami?"

"Ahh... I don't know..."

Yugi turned towards Yami. "Please Yami, I bet you will have fun?"

Yami looks away slowly. "I don't know..."

Yugi pulled out his weapon, the hikari puppy dog eye of doom. "Pweese you could meet my mom, dad and grandpa and get some cool cards."

...No, not the eyes. Why in the world did I created those eyes?...

"Yami please?"

...Come on, Re'-Atum-Kheper, you a god. You're suppose to immune to those...

"Please Yami?"

Yami tried yet again to resist the urge to turn down the eyes as he nodded weakly. "Okay you guys win."


"Thank you Yami you'll have lots of fun." Yugi says as he hugs his unknown father.

Yami couldn't help but smile. ...Anything for you my son...

- - -

The gang along with Yami head to the Kame Game Shop as the bell dings. Yami was a bit nervous. He knew all too well who will be in there. "Mom, Dad, Grandpa, I'm home!" Yugi shouted happily.

The addressed trio entered the room, ready to greet little Yugi as their gazes fell upon Yami. Yami's crimson eyes looked upon Yugi's mother. ...Sumi...

Yugi's mother looked surprised when she saw Yami. ...Those eyes... she thought ...They look like... "Yugi who is this?"

"This is our new friend Yami," Yugi said happily "He's new to our school."

Sumi smiles as she shakes Yami's hand. "Hello Yami its nice to meet you."

"It's...nice to meet you too." Yami said slowly. ...She haven't change a bit the last time I saw her...

"Yami this is my Dad and Grandpa."

Yami did a polite bow. "Please to meet you both." he said.

Sumi blushed at the direct gesture of respect as she bowed in response. "Please is all mine."

Sugoroku smiled as he felt a question arise in his mind as he asked the crimson eyed creator. "Yami, if you don't mind me asking but where are you from?"

Yugi answered the question for him. "He's from Egypt grandpa!" he said with a smile.

Yami sweat dropped as he smiled. "As Yugi stated I am from Egypt. Why do you ask?"

Sugoroku tensed as he gazed into the creator's eyes, searching for a response. "Oh no reason in particular, I can just tell from your features that you are of their heritage."

"Oh," Yami said "I see."

Sensing the tense moment, Yugi turned towards his double. "Hey Yami, want to check out some games with me and the others?"

Yami blinks for a bit. "Oh," he findly said "Okay."

Yugi flashed his super cute trademark smile as he grabbed the elder's wrist, practically dragging him upstairs. "Come on Yami they are in my room."

"Hey Yuge wait for us!" Jonouchi started as he and the others fallowed. Honda and Anzu laughed as they followed the now sprinting Jou.

- - -

Yugi and Yami enter what appeared to be a small child's room; toys everywhere. Yami smiled. ...Now I'm here personally... he thought. The small teen dragged his unknown father towards his desk as Jou and the others enter the room, panting. From the corner of his eye, Yugi spotted a glint of gold; yet being naturally curious he gazed at what appeared to be a golden upside down pyramid around the others neck.

"Yuge..." Jou started, trying to catch his breath "You...could...have...just...waited...for us..."

Yugi made no heed in replying as he questioned Yami of his estranged pendant. "Yami what is that strange golden pendant you are wearing?"

Yami blinks surprised and looked down at his pendant. ...Dang it, I forgot to make the Millennium Puzzle invisible... Jou sighs as he notices the distracted attention of his smaller friend as he also eyes the puzzle.

"Yeah what is that Yami?"

Yami thought of something quick. "Oh..." he said "This... It's just a family air loom that's all. Been in my family for centuries."

Yugi raised a brow in disbelief. "Okay Yami what ever you say." With that said the small teen averted his gaze from the puzzle as he began to rummage for through his games.

...That's was close... Yami thought ...He's not ready to know yet... Yugi smiled as he withdrew something from a drawer revealing... Yami cocked his head to the side confused. "What is that, Yugi?" he asked. Yugi smirks as he holds up an old game known as Senet. Yami widen his eyes in surprised. "H-How do you have that...?" Yami asked. ...I haven't seen one in centuries...

Yugi cocked his head to the side in a cute manner as he replied. "My dad and mom gave it to me when I was young." Yugi replied as he turned towards Yami.

Yami was beside himself. ...I thought she would give it to him much later...

"Do you know how to play?"

Yami gave a slight nodded. "I do." was all he said

"That game looks pretty old." said Anzu.

The small teen jumped up and down happily as he placed the game on the floor. "Care to except my challenge?"

"No kiddin, Anzu it looks like it came from ancient Egypt." Jou replied as he sat on Yugi's bed.

"It is." said Yami "The Egyptians played games like these all the time."

The blonde honey colored eyes widened in surprise as he gazed upon Yugi. "Yuge shouldn't that game be in a museum?"

Yugi just laughed. "Don't be silly Jou." he said "A fun game like this shouldn't sit behind glass."

Yami smiled as he laughed half heartedly. Yet Jou sweat dropped as he shrugged his shoulders. "Can't argue with dat."

"Okay then Yugi," Yami said "I'll expect your challenge."

Yugi smirked as he put on his game face. "You're on Yami."

"Very well." Yami said "Which color you want?"

"White, what color are you going to be?"

Yami laughed. "Well there is really only one color left..." he said as he took the black pieces.

The small teen laughed as he scratched his head. "Eh sorry bout that I wasn't thinking, just feeling over excited about finding an opponent after so many years."

"Your mother, father, or grandpa played with you?" Yami asked as they started.

Yugi shook his head as he shrugged. "Well my grandpa and mom would every now and then but my father doesn't know how to play."

"Oh really?" Yami asked "Why is that?"

"Not really sure, he just never seemed interested in the game, though I have beaten them countless times."

"He's possibly not a master to any Egyptian games."

Yugi smiled wearily as he nodded in response. "Yeah I agree with you."

"Okay then, then let's begin." Yami said with a smile.

Yugi's eyes danced with excitement as he grabs his pieces. "Alright Yami, you're on."

Yami smiled. "You can go first if you want." he said.

Yugi stared into the depths of the others crimson eyes. "Guests first Yami."

Yami laughed. "If you say so," he said as made his first move. Yugi shrugged it off as he watched his guest make his move. Once Yami was done, he gave a smile. "Your turn." he said. Yugi raised a brow upon his partner's move as he never noticed the narrowed crimson eyes watching his every move. "Your move Yugi."

"Oh sorry. " Yugi said as he made his move.

They played until Yami's crimson eyes fell upon the clock. He stood up fast. "Dang, is that REALLY the time!" he said.

All the occupant's in the small room gazed upon Yami, all raising a brow in confusion. "Yami its only four in the afternoon." Jonouchi says.

"I'm sorry," Yami said as he started to grab his stuff "But I HAVE to go."

Yugi cast his head downward as he nodded and bid farewell to his new friend. "Bye Yami." he managed to say, only to be muffled by falling tears.

"I'm sorry that I have to end our game short, Yugi." Yami said "But I need to be somewhere." Yugi made no heed in responding as Jonouchi intercepted. Yami blinks at Jonouchi. "Yes?" he asked, a little bit in the hurry. ...I got to get to my Sun Boat or things will look bad...

"Yami, don't worry about Yuge he is over sensitive."

Yami gave a smile and came over to Yugi. "Don't worry Yugi," he said "I promise the next time we'll finish our game."

Yugi raised his sheltered head as he wiped away the tears. "Okay Yami, you promise?"

Yami nodded. "I promise as long as the sun shines." he said.

The small teen smiled as he waved the elder goodbye. "Okay and I will hold you to that." Yami smiled, then waved goodbye, then left the shop.

- - -

Yami walked out the door as he wiped perspiration from his forehead. "Whoo, that was close." Once Yami was in a near by alley, away from prying eyes, he closed his crimson eyes and started to glow in this bright light, as the sun... Began to glow brightly, emitting upon his glowing body as he turned to his normal form. Soon his true form was relived. His true form began to unfold, if a woman had passed by she would have fainted from the gaze of this mysterious yet handsome ruler. His once leather clad body became covered in linen, gold adorning his entire body as a hat formed upon his once spiky hair embossed with the animal of the pharaohs, the cobra, as his skin darkened in tone, almost the hint of a sun kissed bronze. ...Now... he thought ...To my sun boat... And with that he disappeared. A split second passed as he reappeared in front of his sun boat. There standing there was Seto's true form... The god Seth. Yami smirked as he approached the god. "Ah thank you for watching my sun boat, Seth."

The god sighed. "I ALWAYS DO." he said, sometimes he ties not to lose his patients on the creator and high god "YOU gave ME the job!" Yami just smirked again.

"Yes I did, didn't I? Well you must go back to your other one and keep watch over little Yugi."

Seth sighed. "Are you getting forgetful through out the centuries, Creator?" he said "I GOT to help protect the sun boat while you're on your nightly trip before next morning."

"I'm not worried, Seth." Yami said "Apophis will not attack tonight."

"But are you sure?" Seth said "Apophis had ALWAYS tried to attack during the night cause that's when you're the most weakest before the next day. That's why I have to be here to protect you."

Yami ran a hand through his spiky mane of hair, earrings dangling in as he made his notion. "I understand where you are coming from Seth, yet I know for a fact that Apophis will not attack tonight and besides Yugi's life is in more danger than mine."

Seth sighed again. "But..." he said "what if you're wrong? During the night you are at the most weakest and Apophis knows this. If he knows I'm not here to protect you..." Seth didn't want to finished. He knew what would happen if Apophis destroyed the creator.

Yami sighed as he held his hands in defeat. "Alright Seth if you strongly believe that he will attack tonight then I will allow you to guard the sun boat and myself." he said meeting the others cobalt eyes.

Seth smiled and gave a bow. "I will NEVER let Apophis hurt you while in your weakest state." he said as he took out his most trusted weapon, his Millennium Rod.

The god of the sun smiled and nodded as he entered his sun boat. "Thank you Seth, I trust you with my life as wells a my son's." Yami yawned quietly as he collapsed onto his large silken encased bed. Seth smiled softly as he took a hold of the boat's rudder and started to move it on it's journey through the night. The boat set sail into the majesty of the sea of Japan. The breeze began to pulsate through Seth's auburn fur as he sighed.

...I hope Re'-Atum-Kheper is right about this... he thinks. His thoughts continued to think of the consequences as he continued the journey. "I hope Yugi will be okay."

- - -

As the boat sailed, the sun sets. "Yugi!" Sumi called out "It's getting late, time for you to go to bed!"

The said teen sighed as he felt sleep take his small form hostage. "Okay mommy I'm going to bed." With that said, the small teen withdrew of his usual school uniform as he put his baby blue pajamas embossed with yellow stars on.

Once ready for bed, Yugi turned out his light and hopped into bed. As sleep soon took over him, Yugi was unaware of the danger that was within his room. Once the small teen was in a deep sleep, is when the danger made himself known. ...Sooo, this boy is Re'-Atum-Kheper's youngest son... the dark figure thought ...Once I rid of you, your father's next, and then I'll rule the universe in his place! A shadow formed over his small still form, the person was completely incognito of the darkness, all except his golden blonde hair that spiked in many directions. The figure smiled an evil smile. ...This will be too easy!... Without another word spoken, the figured smirked deviously as he near Yugi.

Then suddenly another form appeared. "Don't you harm a hair on his head!"

The dark figure sneered upon the form of a female. "Isis, you cannot stop me from what I must do."

"Oh but I can, demon." she said "And I don't need my brother's help."

The dark figure sneered. "Oh really...?"

Isis narrowed her eyes as she watched the others motives. "You will not touch nor harm the young prince in any manner."

"Oh really? And what will you do? Sick your magic on me? You know that you can only faze me only Seth can truly defeat me."

Isis sneered upon her foe as he tried to hold her antics. "Be as it may I am supposed to keep you away from the son of Re'."

The dark figure laughed evilly. "Oh yea right..." he said "I will soon get rid of him too. Someday you and Seth WILL let your guard down and I'll be ready to destroy Re'-Atum-Kheper and then I will be ruler of all!"

Isis rolled her blue eyes. "By the rule of Re', you will never defeat myself or Seth as Re'-Atum-Kheper will defeat you and will rule the kingdom along with the prince," her voice became strangely freaky as the man sighed.

"Talk all you want, Isis, but some day it will come true." With that the man disappeared back into the shadows on witch he came. As Isis stared at the prince. Isis smiled as she then too disappeared, only to see the small teen awaken

"What happened?" Yugi stammered as he gazed around his room, sweat falling down his cherubic face as he felt fear take his body hostage. Yugi was scared and confused. He some how he had this felling that something bad was about to happen while he was asleep, something he couldn't quite place. The small teen drew his knees to his chest as he began to shiver. I don't think I will be sleeping for the rest of the night.

- - -

Isis soon arrived at the sun boat she just nodded at Seth and started to entered the area where the sun god slept. "Where do you think you're going sister?" Seth asked.

Isis sighed as she met the cobalt eyes of Seth. "Yugi was almost attacked tonight."

"Let me guess," Seth started "By Apophis."

The female nodded as she bowed her head downward. "Yes and I had foreseen the attack."

Seth sighed and rolled his eyes. "Oh really, and you didn't say this before to the Creator?" he asked.

The addressed woman pointed her finger in his face wagging it. "Brother, it came only seconds before it happened."

Seth raised his arms in defeat as he allowed Isis to leave. "Alright if you say so sister."

"Now," Isis said as she headed in "I need to speck to him of is."

"Can it wait?" Seth said with another sigh "He might be sleeping at this time. You know how weak he gets during the night."

Isis nodded. "Yes but this cannot wait, Yugi was nearly attacked and he needs to know."

Seth sighed. "Fine, but you know how cranny he gets when he don't regain his energy before we had to return in the morning."

"I see my brother but this is important to the well being of his son."

Seth sighed as Isis entered. "Don't say I didn't warn you, sister." he said.

The woman rolled her eyes as she entered the creator's chamber, meeting his unconscious form. "Creator..." she said softly. The high god rolled over, still asleep. The woman huffed in agitation as she tried yet again in a louder tone. "Creator." Atlas the high god still slept. The goddess sighed in annoyance as she practically lost her patience. "CREATOR!"

The said high god's crimson eyes open wide in surprised as the high god sat up and looking around to see who would had DARE wake HIM up! He soon spotted Isis. "May I ask WHY did you wake me up?" he asked, trying not to get to mad at the goddess.

The woman trembled in fear as she attempted to find her voice. "Creator, something has occurred with your son tonight."

The high god yawned sleepily. "Witch one ARE you talking about, Isis?" he said.

"Yugi, your highness."

The high god looked surprised at her, now had Isis's full attention. "What about Yugi?" he asked.

Finally I have his attention. she thought. "He was nearly attacked tonight."

"Apophis wasn't it?" he asked "I had asked Seth to help watch over him tonight but he insisted he still be here guarding me during the night." Isis merrily nodded as she watched the high god's gaze. "I'm glad that my son had you to watch over him, Isis." he findly said "He's my youngest child. I can't bare the thought of losing him to my most hated enemy."

"Anything for you, Creator," Isis said "as thanking you when you help me so many times protecting my son Horus from Seth when he was little."

The high god chuckled as he nodded. "Your welcome Isis, now please if you could leave me to my rest until morning." Isis nodded and left the high god's chambers to let him sleep.

Seth stared wide-eyed at his sister as she returned from the creator's chambers in one piece. "You came back in one piece," he said "From what I was hearing in there he might had done something to you for wakening him."

The addressed goddess rolled her eyes as she replied. "He wouldn't wake up for anything, and he calmed down when I told him the news."

"Oh really." Seth said "And here I thought he didn't like you as much as he likes me."

"Don't start that again." Isis said with a warning "You only became his guardian cause what you did to Osiris and nearly trying to kill Horus."

Seth smirked. "Heh, of course I hit your weak spot."

"Don't you dare..." Isis said with a growl "We don't want to disturbed him."

The said god cursed mentally as he huffed in annoyance. "Fine sister."