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To Teach the Teacher

by JaiWong

"Rufus, sir?"

Startled, Rufus Shinra dropped the brandy snifter he was holding. Scowling, he stared at the broken glass on the floor. "Who's there?" he asked, not bothering to hide his irritation.

A shadow crossed his doorway, causing him to look up. Standing just outside the doorframe was the silhouette of a man, tall and slender. "Sir, if I may?"

"Yes, yes, come in, but shut the door behind you."

"Sir." The owner of the voice stepped in quietly, Rufus could barely hear his footfalls on the hardwood floor. Slowly, the door closed, cutting off the bright light from the hallway.

"Who are you?" Rufus demanded, peering into the darkness. It was almost pitch black in the room, exactly how the young man wished it. He started as he heard a voice quite near to his left.

"My name is Tseng, sir."

Rufus spun around, taking care to step back so as not to inadvertently strike the man. "Tseng."

"Yes sir." The voice was calm, cultured, and as well trained as any the young heir had ever heard.

"And who the hell is Tseng?"

"If I may suggest a light-?"

"No." The word came out a little more forcefully than intended. "No," he said again, more calmly. "No light. Not yet, anyway."

"As you will, sir." Tseng began walking towards the darkened window. Rufus suspected that he was intentionally making noise so that his position would not startle the young man next time he spoke. "As I said, my name is Tseng. I am the leader of an elite group known collectively as the Turks. We-"

"Yes, I know about the Turks." Rufus cut him off impatiently. "You were quite the organization, to hear people tell of you."

"We still are, sir." A pause. "And that is why your father sent me to you." Another pause. "Sir."

Rufus got the uncomfortable feeling that the man Tseng was toying with him. "My father sent you?" he asked warily.

"Yes, sir." The man's obsequious manner was beginning to grate on Rufus' nerves.

"Why?" He heard the other man shifted in the darkness.

"To teach you, sir."

"Teach me?"

"Yes, sir."

"Hmm." Rufus realized he wasn't getting anywhere. He reached out for the light switch, hoping to catch the man off guard. Abruptly, bright light flooded the room. When Rufus' eyes adjusted, he swiftly scanned the room for the man-

And found him standing calmly beside the counter, his eyes covered with a pair of black shades.

"First lesson, sir," he said evenly, "is that you should never enter a darkened room with unprotected eyes. It leaves you at a disadvantage should someone attempt to...gain the upper hand." He reached up and removed the tinted lenses, folding them up and placing them inside his dark blue suit. Dark brown eyes peered into blue for a moment, the dropped.

"I'll remember that." Rufus' voice was heavy with irony. "So why exactly are you here? If it's simply to take my mettle and mock me with it, then I'll let you know right now I resent what you're doing and would appreciate it if you got out."

"Of course, sir. But that is not at all why I am here. Your father..." Tseng's voice trailed off as he searched for the right words. "Your father made clear that, since you will be the one inheriting the ShinRa corporation when he is...incapable of doing so, you need lessons other than those of academics. I am here to give you those lessons."

"Ah." Rufus said nothing else. Turning towards the bar, he got out a clean glass and searched for the brandy bottle. He turned, and suddenly Tseng was at his elbow, bottle in hand. He reached out and deftly took the rounded glass from Rufus' startled hand and poured it full of the amber liquid.

"Sir." Tseng proffered the drink with a slight bow of the head. Rufus took the glass without a word, using this time to really take a look at this man who called himself Tseng-

Rufus felt his breath catch in his throat. In the light a thin face, narrow of feature and brown of eye, looked down at the ground. Jet black hair, high cheekbones and eyes the shape of apricot stones betrayed his Wutain blood and, when coupled with an elegant nose and lightly tanned skin, made him the single most exotic, most exquisite human being the young blond had ever seen.

Suddenly, Rufus was aware that Tseng was waiting expectantly.

"Ah- yes," he stammered, struggling to maintain his tattered composure. "Will that be all?"

"Yes, sir." Tseng's voice was still calm and professional, but Rufus could almost swear he heard the barest tinge of amusement coloring the older man's words.

"Fine, then. Dismissed." Rufus spoke curtly, turning to face the window, hoping to save any face he might have lost during those few moments.

"Shall I call for someone to come and clear up the floor, sir?" Tseng inclined his head towards the shattered remains of the brandy glass Rufus had dropped prior to the Turk's arrival.

"Yes, do so." Rufus didn't turn until he heard Tseng exit into the hallway and was sure the door had been shut firmly behind him. Only then did he turn and collapse into a chair, reaching out to hit the light switch. Sitting alone in the darkened room, he smiled grimly to himself.

Teach me, father? he thought bitterly. I know you better than that. What are you planning, old man? What do you have in store for me now?