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Natalie paced between the foyer and the living room of Llanfair—what was taking so long? Why wasn't Cristian back yet? She looked at her watch—the Governor's speech should be starting soon, her mom had left a half hour before after Natalie finally believed her that she was fine and she'd rather just watch the speech on the television than in person.

She jumped at the sound of the doorbell and went running, ready to jump into his arms again. She swung the door open and again sighed at it not being him. "Adrianna—hi. Can I help you with anything?"

"My mom's not home and I can't reach her on her cell—I came by to see if she was here by chance."

"No, I haven't seen her--," said Natalie as she decided to not mention the police lineup she was in earlier. Damn John—if he hadn't dragged her off to that stupid thing she could have stopped Cristian from going—maybe.

"Oh, well I wonder where she is," she said to herself as she turned back to the door. "Oh, I told Tico all about Cristian earlier."

"You what?" said Natalie as her voice grew a little louder.

"Yeah, he had a picture of him and I told him how great of a person he was."

"But—but you didn't even know him," she said as her voice wavered a bit.

"With all the stories that Carlotta and Antonio have told me I feel like I did. Oh well—bye!" she smiled as she left.

Natalie closed the door and felt her knees begin to feel like Jello—Tico knew who Cris was, had probably known the whole time and now—now he was in serious trouble. She was able to make it to the phone before having to sit down. "Come on Antonio," she said as it continued to ring and nobody picked it up. "Great--," she said as she hung up the phone and tried to decide who to call next. Jess was too dangerous—Tico could see what was up and then all the people she loved would be dead. "John—John will help," she said as she dialed his number quickly—unsure of how she could explain everything as quickly as possible.

John wanted to smile at seeing her number on his phone, "Hey."

"John—hi. Listen, I need you to get to—I don't know where."

"Natalie—what are you talking about? Hello?" he asked when she didn't respond.

"Something is wrong—terribly wrong. Tico—he was the person that wanted Cris dead, not Flynn. And now he's gone into Lion's Heart and isn't back yet—I can't get a hold of Antonio and I can't call Jess about this, he'll hear her."

"Wait—you aren't making any sense. Who is at Lion's Heart? Antonio?"


"Are you at Llanfair—I'll be right there."

"No—I need you to—," she said, but he'd already hung up.


She must have had a bad dream—the stress of Paul's death and the anniversary of Cristian's was too much. That's all John could think the ride over to Llanfair—that and the look on Evangeline's face when he said he had to go because of Natalie.

He knocked on the door and she opened it up, her jacket on and purse in hand, "Was it a dream Natalie? I mean if you had a bad dream just tell me."

"No, my dreams have been fine," she said as she shook her head—getting the thought of the earlier dream out of her head. "He's alive John—he's really alive," she said as her eyes danced with happiness.

"Cristian? He's alive?"

"Yes—remember that night I told you everything? I said I felt like somebody had been watching me all night? It was him—he left me a note and I went up to Grandpa's cabin and there he was. I've been dreaming of this day for so long—that he'd come back to me," she smiled and then stopped, "I'm sorry John—Caitlyn--."

"Don't be sorry," he smiled at seeing her full of life again. He could tell she was finally happy again—what he'd only wanted her to be, other than maybe one day his. "So where is everyone right now?"

"I'm not sure—Jessica is with Tico at the television station. God—he knows who Cris is John—and he knows that Jessica knows also. He could hurt her—he doesn't like being double crossed."

"No, he doesn't. Maybe Flynn should be happy he's already dead. Where is Antonio?"

"He could be at Lion's Heart or at the television station. I'm not sure which though."

John thought for a second and grabbed his phone, "Hey—this is McBain. I need you to pick up Augustico Santi for possible connection into the death last year of Cristian Vega. He is supposed to be at the television station at this time--do not—I repeat—do not allow him out of your sight for a second, or let him have his one phone call until I've said so."

"Where are you going to go?" she said as he turned towards the door.

"I'm going to Lion's Heart—I'll find Cris and bring him back to you this time—I promise on my life."

"John—be careful."

"I will," he said giving her a big smile before leaving.


John's mind was still going when he reached Lion's Heart—he couldn't let Natalie down, he wouldn't do it again. So much for them having a friendship—maybe they could still even though Cristian was back, he hoped they could—she was one of the few people who it was easy to be relaxed around.

The place was dark and John was surprised to find the front door unlocked. With his gun drawn he went in and looked around before continuing through the house. He touched a bookcase by accident and suddenly he was face to face with a secret passage. There were a few rooms down here and one had a light coming from underneath the door. With his finger on the trigger he burst through the door, "Freeze!"

The Hispanic man jumped up from crouching over Cris' unconscious body and John wanted to freeze at the fear at telling Natalie he was too late. She'd told him to go hell when they thought he was dead, John feared what she'd do if Cris really was this time. "Do you not understand English? Put your hands on your head now—NOW!" he shouted as he grabbed for his handcuffs and cuffed the guy good before patting him down for a weapon, throwing a gun and too knives in the corner and then shoving the guy into another direction. "Cris—wake up. Come on man," he said as he patted him on the face and then heard footsteps coming down. "Who is it?"

"It's me," said Antonio as he walked into the room and took a look at the guy on the floor and then to Cristian. "Is he ok?"

"Yeah, I think he's got a concussion—anything else and Natalie would have my heart for breakfast," he said with a laugh as Antonio grinned while the two men picked up Cris and walked him back upstairs.