Title: Which Girl?

By: sorato4eva

Summary: Tk is the new kid. He meets Kari, a girl who is really smart and pretty. They become friends. Later Tk starts being one of the most popular guys in school. He meets Amy, the richest and most popular girl… Let's just say… I'll take it from there…

By the way: This is Takari and slightly Sorato…if I have time to put those in…

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Chapter – New Guy

The teacher smiled at everyone in the classroom. He called for their attention. "Everyone! Please give Tk a warm welcome."

Students were waving and saying things like "Hi!", or "What's up?"

Tk smiled. "Nice to meet you all." He said.

"Tk, please sit next to the girl over there." He then addressed the 'girl' over there. "Ms. Kamiya, please raise your hand."

The girl raised her hand. She had light brown hair. She also had brown eyes. She had a camera tied around her neck and she was smiling. Tk walked over there and sat right next to her.

"Hey, nice to meet you. Everyone calls me Kari." She said.


"Is that all you can say?" she said jokingly.

"No… of course not."

She laughed quietly. Tk smiled.

"Everyone please turn your books to page 21 in your history book." The teacher said.

-After class –

"Hey Tk?" Kari suddenly said.


"Do you want to hang out with my friends and me during lunch?"

"That would be great!" Tk said smiling.

Kari laughed. "Meet me at the cafeteria."



Tk looked everywhere. He was looking for Kari 'Where can she be' he thought. He looked around. He was looking for a girl with a brown hair. 'Hmm… where can she be?'

"Looking for someone? Someone like me perhaps?" A girl said.

Tk turned around. A girl with blonde hair with brown highlights. She had a smile on her face. "Looking for me?" she repeated.


"Well, you don't me, do you?"

"Uh… Sorry. No I don't know you. I'm new here."

"Oh… you're cute. Well, anyways… My name is Amy. "

Tk smiled. "Hi, my name is…"

Someone cut him off. "TK!" someone yelled.

Tk turned around. There was Kari with her lunch bag. She ran over to him. "Hey Tk! Where were you?"

Amy cleared her throat loudly. "Hello Kari."

Kari looked at Amy. "Oh, hi." Then she turned her attention to Tk. "Come on. Our table is that way."

Amy took Tk's arm. Tk looked at his own arm. He felt uncomfortable with her arm holding his. She smiled at Kari. "Oh hey Kari. You know Tk… Kari is one of the people who hang out with the people who we like to call, 'weirdos'" she said.

Tk separated his arm from hers. "Well… I don't really care." He turned his attention to Kari. "What were you saying?"

Kari grinned. "Oh, come on…"

Amy glared at Kari then walked to her table. Kari led Tk to where she eats her lunch.

She sat down and Tk sat right down next to her. They all looked at Tk and gave a questioning look at Kari.

She smiled. "Hi everyone… Meet Tk."

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