Which Girl

By: sorato-takari

AKA sorato4eva

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Chapter 5 – Double the Happiness and Sora's Place

By: sorato-takari

AKA sorato4eva

The next day at school, Kari walked to school smiling. She opened the door to her classroom and went inside. Davis looked over at her and had a shocked look on his face. "Hey… Kari… are you okay?"

Kari looked at him. "Yeah! Good Morning…"

Davis sighed. "Good Morning!"

Kari grinned.


Yolie met up with Them at lunch. She was looking at Kari cautiously. Davis said proudly. "Yolie! Kari is BACK to NORMAL! See! Her Happy FACE!" He practically shouted.

"OKAY!" yolie shouted back. "Anyways… What's up Kari? Look… Don't worry about her okay?"

She was ignored because Kari and Tk were playing cards. "Kari" Yolie asked.

"NO! I lost…." Tk mumbled.

Kari jumped. "YES! I win again!"

Yolie groaned. 'Great… she's busy… well… at least she's happy again…' she thought.

Kari jumped up and down to their next class.

After School-

Tk ran to Kari. "Hey Kari? Can I walk you home?"

"Sure! My Brother has a game today…"

Tk smiled and lend out his arm. "Well? Shall we go?"

Kari gladly took his arm and smiled. "Okay… let's go…"

Tk and Kari started laughing…

Kari woke up on a early Saturday morning. She yawned. Well, at least I had a great sleep. She thought. She got up and went to the bathroom. She undressed and went to the shower. After that, she dressed up into blue jeans and a pink tank top. Then she combed her hazel brown hair and added a clip. Then she brushed her teeth. Then she went out of her room and went downstairs. She has the upper bedroom She saw her mom and said. "Good Morning!"

Her mom looked at her. "Morning… Are you feeling well?"

Kari looked at her strangely. "Yeah…why?"

"Nothing…. You just seem too happy today…."

Kari laughed and just shrugged. "Hey mom? I was wondering if I can go to Sora's house? I haven't been there forever…."

"Yeah sure… Do you want some breakfast before you go? I can make potato salad, or beef steak milkshake? Or how about the leftovers?" (Remember the Digimon Movie? Haha….)

Kari looked at her mom. "Nah, its okay…. I'll eat at Sora's" She said thoughfully.


Kari went out the door and on to Sora's house….


Sora answered the door wearing black pants and a red shirt on. "Kari?"

Kari smiled. "Can I come in?"

"Yeah, sure…. Yama's coming over too….with his little brother. He said that his little brother's in town so he wanted me to meet him…."

Kari walked in. "That would be nice… I wonder if I…"


Sora smiled sadly at Kari and said. "Hold on okay? Let me answer the door…."

No less than 2 minutes Yamato came in with a blond hair guy with blue eyes that looked like….

"TK?" Kari exclaimed.


Yamato cut in. "You guys know each other?"

"Uh, we go to the same class." Kari explained.

Sora laughed. "Great…. What a coincidence….. haha….What do you guys want to drink?"

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