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Chapter 8: Can I Hide In Your Closet? ((a.k.a. Break Time))

It was a 'Clean your room and I'll take you to Chuckie Cheese's' kinda day. The ToS heroes were now back at the Flanoir inn. Let's see what they're up too…



"Pompous Platypus!"

"Sharp-Nosed Spotted Jabora."

"…Pepto Bismal."





"Lunch!" shouted Sheena.

"Hey! That's not a funny word, Sheena. Pompous Platypus is way funnier," Lloyd commented.

"No, stupid, lunch time!" Sheena corrected, waving a pot fulla noodles.

Kratos sighed again, contemplating why he even went along with the funny word festival. Thank Goddess it's over.

And so the party ate lunch, I won't go into details, mostly 'cause it's nothing funny. Well, there was that joke Regal made about spoons…you wouldn't get it.

So anyway…

"What's on the agenda for today?" asked the red haired Chosen.

"Well, let's see," Raine said, pulling out a long list of things. "Washtub race, check, Affection testing, double check, snowball fight, check, sleep at an inn and hit ferrets, check and check, and watch family movies, check."

"So what's left to do then?" Yuan asked, as he appeared out of nowhere.

"Wait, where were you last chapter?" Genis asked the renegade leader.

Yuan rubbed the back of his neck. "Well…"


Yuan is seen walking down the road, when all of a suddenly, an extremely tiny car runs over his foot.

"Ow! What the hell!" Yuan shouted, as he watched the tiny mobile drive away furiously. The Seraph, of course, gave chase. "Get back nya! No one runs over my foot and gets away in a Hot Wheels car!"

While this was happening, Yuan was continuously tripping over himself in a fit of rage.


"So, yeah, I was chasing after that stupid car all last chapter," Yuan admitted.

"Anywaaaay…The next item on the list is?" Sheena asked, looking over to half-elf with the list.

"Ah yes," Raine said, scanning the list again. "It appears our next order of business is…pairings."

"Pair…rings? What's a pairing? Is it like a circle of pears?" Lloyd asked, completely clueless.

"Aww, that's boring! What's after that?" Genis whined/asked.

"Um…something about closets. I won't say anymore," Raine claimed, eyeing the list with a skeptical look on her face.

"I know! Let's combine those seven things to make ten big things!" Lloyd shouted as he tried to remember how to count.

"Well, we can't combine anything if we don't know what we're supposed to doing with these closets," Sheena remarked, as she looked over Raine's shoulder at the list. "I pick Lloyd!"

The summoner then immediately grabbed Lloyd by the hand and lunged into a closet, closing the door. Raine threw a fit of rage, dropkicking the door only to get her foot stuck in it.

"Damn it Squishy! You get out here right now!" demanded the enraged Professor.

Meanwhile, on the other side of door, Sheena was plotting deviously. With a sly grin on her face, she pulled off Raine's boot and sock.

"Whatthehellareyoudoing!" Raine shrieked.

"Maw ha ha ha ha! Just having some fun," replied the chuckling summoner, as she pulled a feather from Lloyd's hair. Yes, Lloyd's hair is made of feathers.

Raising the feather up, Sheena then began brushing it over Raine's exposed foot. Raine couldn't but giggle and squirm. God, that's so hot…

"Hey, AG, I need to talk to you," Zelos says as he appears next to me.

Yeah, wassup Zelos?

"Why do you do this to me?"

Dwha? What the crap are you talking about, man?

"You always make the girls do such great things…yet not to me, the Great and Beautiful Zelos!" shouted the Great and Annoying Zelos.

Zelos, buddy ole pal, I have nothing against you. I'm not restricting you from doing anything. You can do whatever, just know that your ass will get pwn'd afterwards. So get back in there and take it like a man. …Whose about to get kicked in the head

"What was that last part?"

Oh nothing, now hurry and go! And with that Zelos returns to the fic, where Sheena is still tickling Raine. Zelos approached Raine with a smile on his face.

"Don't worry my Glamorous Beauty, I, the Great Zelos, will save you from your predicament," he said, laying his hands on the Professor's leg. (the one in the door) "You have such soft pants…" (famous last words, Zelos. R.I.P.)

"RAWR!" Raine bellowed, as she jumped and kicked Zelos in the face.

The narcissist went careening into a batch of pancakes. Eventually, Sheena got bored and let the Professor's foot loose, turning her attention to Lloyd.

"You're lucky I have to host Parent/Teacher Night in Iselia or else I'd break down this door, Squishy!" Raine hollered at the door.

"Crap, I forgot about that. I already know Lloyd's a failure at life, so do I have to go?" Kratos asked.

"Of course you do. You're his father after all," Raine commented.

Kratos sighed, agitated, and looked to Yuan. "Yuan, keep and eye on Lloyd while I'm gone."

The blue haired Seraph tripped over himself again, "What! Why should I have to watch him? He's stupid!"

"And you trip over air…" Kratos retorted as he vanished.

Yuan kicked the floor in show of his disappointment, but just ended up tripping again.


MEANWHILE, in the Fonzmobile, things 're boring. Well, except for the occasional…

"Pull!" yells Forcystus, his Megaman-cannon sticking out of the window.

Magnius then tosses a few circular disks out of the window…and Forcystus blasts them to bits.

"Woo! Yeah! That was awesome! VErMiN!" Magnius chortled.

Meanwhile, Kvar is whining like a little bitch in the back seat next to Pronyma. "My Stevie Nicks CDs! How could you do that!"

"Oh shut uuuuuuuuuuup, Caviar," creaked Rodyle, who was sitting on the other side of Pronyma.

"Myargh!" whined Kvar.

Pronyma rolled her heavy with make-up eyes and grumbled. "You're such a whiny little bitch, Caviar."

"Quit it! Motel, everyone's making fun of me!" Kvar whined again.

Martel looked into the rear-view mirror and barked, "Knock it off back there! I swear, I'll turn this car around and no one will get to ruin any ToS hero's fun!"

The car fell silent…well, mostly because everyone had just put in earplugs so they didn't have to listen to Mithos' Emo music that was now blaring through the car speakers.

"Mentos…" mumbled Martel.

"Yeah," replied the blonde.

Martel shot a glare at Mithos. "Be a dear and turn off the music…"

Mithos cocked and eyebrow and chuckled slightly. " 'Be a dear'? What the hell? I'm not that idiot, Lloyd, so don't talk to me like that," he retorted.

Martel grumbled at her Emo friend, "You're lucky I'm not sure if you're a guy or not, or else I'd kick you in the bad place."


Yuan sat on the floor, with an ear pressed up against the door. Zelos walked over to the Renegade leader after recovering from the batch of pancakes.

"Hey Yuan, what're you up to?" asked the redhead Chosen.

"Shh! I'm trying to eavesdrop on Lloyd and Sheena!" Yuan snapped.

Zelos cocked an eyebrow. "Do you actually think Sheena would do something? No way man, she's way too stubborn to do tha…"

"Ow, that hurts Lloyd." claimed Sheena's voice.

"Well, I'm sorry Sheena, I'm new at this," replied Lloyd.

Zelos immediately started crying. "Why is Lloyd always the lucky one? I'm so much more prettier than he is!"

"Cheer up, Zelos. Here, let me sing you a song!" Yuan exclaimed.

"We'll help too!" Regal remarked as he and Colette walked over.

Genis appeared as well. "I gotta see this…" he mumbled.

Yuan waved Regal and Colette into a huddle. After a half an hour of whispering, they emerged from the huddle and were ready to sing.

"You're gonna like this Zelos," Colette squealed.

Silence fell…annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd GO!

"YOU SUCK!" Yuan screamed, pointing at Genis.

You suck at life! Don't deny that you suck! If I had to give you a grade, you'd get a zero 'cause you suck! Yelled the booming voice from the Boybandia chapter.

"I hate you!" Colette squealed. "Well, I hate a lot of people, but I hate you the most, ya little (censored)! You try not to suck, but that's impossible! You're to sucky not to suck!"

You suck at life! Don't deny that you suck! If I had to give you a grade, you'd get a zero 'cause you suck!

"Do not pass go! Do not collect two hundred Gald!" Regal joined in. "If I had an English Muffin for every time you suck'd at life, I could open an English Muffin pizza…country."

"Everything you say is wrong! Go practice some magic, Harry Potter," Yuan yelled/sang. "Go play in traffic and shut up and die! You suck too much to be alive!"

You suck at life! Don't deny that you suck! If I had to give you a grade, you'd get a zero 'cause you suck!

"I hate you!" Colette squealed. "Everyone hates you! You suck at life! You should hate yourself, because you suck!"

"Go jump in a blender, or in a oven, or just go to jail! They might appreciate you there!" Regal commented.

You suck at life! Don't deny that you suck! If I had to give you a grade, you'd get a zero 'cause you suck!

"You fail at life!" the trio yelled, concluding their song.

Dull silence…

"W-Why? Why would you say that?" Genis cried, before running away with a stream of tears following him.

Zelos smiled. "Hey, you were right, I feel much better now!" he claimed.


"I'd like to start first be welcoming you all here," Raine proclaimed to all of the parents of the children of Iselia. "I'm glad you all could make it. Does anyone have any questions?"

"I have one," claimed one of the parents. "My son has been telling me that you hit your students, is that true?"


"Okay everyone, talk amongst yourselves," the Professor said quickly, clapping her hands together.

Kratos stood near the back of the room, next to the buffet, bored out of his skull. That's when he saw it, PIE. Sweet, sweet pie! What kind of pie? Who cares? It's pie!

Something deep within Kratos suddenly woke up after 4,000 years of slumber. Pie, huh? Kratos thought dully. There was a pause. "I LOVE PIE!" he yelled out suddenly. Instead of going into an eating frenzy, Kratos picked up the pie and chucked it at the parent who was complaining earlier. "Heads up!"

But…it just happens to go a little of course. And headed right towards a certain half-elf Professor who has the greatest ass ever. Damn it, Zelos! Now you got me thinking it too. Well, wait, I have thought that before…just never said it out loud… Crap, still typing…

( … )


Let's check in on Lloyd and Sheena. Just what the hell are they doing in there anyway?

"Okay, Sheena, it's your turn!" Lloyd claimed.

The summoner thought for a second then snapped her fingers. "I got one!"

Sheena pushed her hair up, making it look like Botta's hairstyle. With that she cleared her throat and slapped on a British accent. "I'm Botta. I have a funny accent and was stupid enough get myself locked in a flooding room. I was just so damn lazy, that I couldn't take the time to open a door if my lifedepended on it… which it did," Sheena remarked.

Lloyd burst out laughing, and for some reason slammed his face into the wall as well.

"I wonder if Botta actually died…" Sheena said.


Meanwhile, in the Remote Island Ranch…

"It really sucks that we're stuck in here. We were supposed to die," grumbled Botta.

"Who knew the water would stop rising," one Renegade said.

A second Renegade looked down at the now underwater exit. "Maybe we could swim out. The next room over is dry."

"Meh," Botta began, waving his hand lazily, "Too much effort, Lenny, don't bother."

Lenny sighed in disappointment, "Man, and to think I had a girl waiting for me back home."

The other Renegade patted Lenny on the shoulder. "Hey, cheer up, she might still like you after all this time."

"Yeah, maybe you're right. Thanks, Nickjoebobwitz," Lenny replied with a big smile.


Lloyd and Sheena emerged from the closet. Zelos immediately started 20 Questions.

"Just what the hell were you doing in there? Huh? HUH! HUH!" yelled the redhead. (4)

Lloyd grinned a big dumb ass grin. "We were doing impressions! It as fun!"

"You were doing it! How could you, Sheena! And not to me!" Zelos screamed. (7)

"No, you idiot! Impressions! Is there a brain in that thick skull of yours, Zelos?" (8)

"Wait, you weren't…? But, I heard it. Right, Yuan?" The Chosen turned to the Renegade leader. (10)

"I didn't hear anything like that. You're really sick, you know that, Zelos?" Yuan remarked. (11)

"What? Then? How? Why? Where? Who? When?" Zelos mumbled, looking like he was about to cry again. (18)

"Do you need another song, Zelos?" Colette squealed/asked. (19)

Regal looked around. "Unfortunately, Genis isn't here. Would you like an English Muffin?" (20!)

And with that, 20 Questions was complete. And there was much rejoicing…

"Yay!" everyone rejoiced.


Presea sat off in a dark corner, staring at her plushy replica of Ferret Genis and crying to herself.

"I miss you so much! Why did you have to turn into naïve Normal Genis?" she asked the plushy.

The ax-wielder hugged the stuffed ferret. "Don't worry, I'll return you to your true self, my cute little ferret ball of love!"

(Did I mention Presea's odd obsession with ferrets? …Now you know.)

"Eyyy!" went the Fonz, as he appeared out of nowhere.


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