I can't believe I let you do that. I've never felt so alone.

The other Titans left, you married that traitor, and now I'm alone again. Oh, how much I love you! If only you knew…

What am I saying? I could never love, and I'll never be able to. Even if I could, you still wouldn't like me anyways.

But why? Why did you have to marry her? Her? That girl who tried to kill us. Who obeyed Slade's every command. Who broke your heart. She turned to stone, just waltzes back to Titans tower, everyone accepts her back in like nothing ever happened, and then you run off and marry her, the Titans break up, and they leave me here. Yet I have nowhere else to go. Nobody would accept me.

I knew I shouldn't of joined the Titans. Then I wouldn't of met you. If I try to stop you from being happy, then you'd hate me for sure.

But then I remember how you were always there for me. When you and Cyborg went into my mind, when I met Malchoir. How you would tell all those lame jokes and play useless video games all the time.

You were one of my best friends.

Now, even though you married her, I should be happy for you. I should be grateful for all the times we shared together.

I love you, Garfield Logan. So much.

Thanks for always being there for me.

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