Special Agent Tony Dinozzo sat his desk, watching the clock ticking away the minutes until the weekend. It didn't matter how many times he looked at it though, it never seemed to move any faster. Restlessly he tapped his pencil on his desk as he read through the crime scene notes they'd taken that morning. But as hard as he searched, he couldn't find anything new to get a handle on the case.

He noticed Kate watching him with a smirk on her face. He turned to his computer, pretending that he was absorbed by something there. But it wasn't any good, his heart just wasn't it.

"Big plans for the weekend, Tony?" Kate asked moving over to sit on the edge of his desk so she could read over his shoulder.

He flicked his screen off. "I do," he answered shortly hoping she'd drop the matter.

But she didn't. "Oh? So, what's her name?" Kate asked.

Tony sighed, frustrated. She obviously wasn't going to give it up. It must be more fun to torture him than try to find something to do on their dead-end case, "If you must know….," he searched his mind desperately seeking a name that would be exotic enough to satisfy her, "Teresa." He picked up the phone hoping that Kate would get the clue, but she didn't. She just sat, studying him like he might be an interesting clue she'd found at a crime scene.

"And just how long have you known this one?" Kate could be relentless, like a dog with a bone.

McGee chose just that moment to enter the office. Tony had never been so glad to see anyone. "McGee! Hey, Probie, how you doing?"

McGee looked up from the file he was studying with that deer-caught-in-the-headlights expression in his eyes. Could he get away before being hit by the car? "I'm… fine."

Tony had no intention of letting him get away. He sprang from his chair and moved to McGee, putting his arm around his shoulder and drawing him back to his desk, "So, McGee you got big plans for the weekend? Gonna get Abby to show you that new tat she has on her…?"

McGee just stared at the two watching him. Kate seemed as interested in this answer as she did in who Tony was dating. Did the woman have no life of her own? Finally, McGee cleared his throat nervously, "Ah.. I… Uhm…"

"I knew it," Tony crowed in triumph. "She hasn't shown it to you. Too bad. It's a beaut." He moved back to his desk and opened up his crime scene notes, confident that at least he'd moved the conversation away from his weekend.

"Don't tell me you've seen Abby's tattoos because I won't believe you!"

Tony hid the smile behind his hand. McGee was nothing if not predictable, "What? She didn't tell you about us?" His casual tone was oh-so-suggestive.

McGee's face flamed bright red and Tony almost felt sorry for him, "Oh, please, there's no 'us' where you and Abby are concerned. She's way smarter than that."

Tony had to admit, McGee was getting a little tougher in his comebacks, but still not good enough. Tony leaned back in his chair, a study in relaxation, "What? You saying I'm not a good catch…?" he was interrupted by the arrival of the NCIS chief, Jethro Gibbs.

"Dinozo, I'm sure you're a great catch. But I don't want you and McGee dating."

"Boss," both men spoke at the same time, their voices a chorus of protest.

He just held up a hand, "I have a job for you."

"But boss," Tony protested, "I have …" might as well go with the lie he'd already started, "a date tonight. Teresa," he closed his eyes, as if already anticipating her pleasures.

"Not anymore. We got anything on that DB from this morning?"

Kate shook her head, "Our John Doe, the marine?"

"Was there another crime scene I didn't know about? That would be the one, Kate." He sat, copying some information onto a sticky note.

She shrugged, "There wasn't much. Just that he was killed with a single gun shot wound. The crime scene was clean, Gibbs."

"Well we might have a break. I just got a call from a very nervous woman, says she was a witness. She wants to talk to someone tonight."

"I'll go," Kate volunteered. The case had intrigued her because of the total lack of forensic evidence. Just the bullet, which was a standard slug, like a million others available on any street corner. The thought that a murderer might get away free always frustrated her.

"Sorry, Kate, this jobs for Dinozzo and McGee."

"But, boss, it's Friday," McGee spoke up to protest before Tony could get a word out.

Tony was impressed, it wasn't often any of them challenged Gibbs even if it was in that mild squeaky way that McGee had.

Gibbs didn't answer, he just blinked at McGee as if he were waiting for the punch line. Finally he asked, "Yes?"

"Well, I just wanted to make sure you knew," McGee finished lamely.

"I do know, and don't call me boss. Haven't I told you that before?"

"Yes, Bo…"

"What did I say?"

"Uhm… Gibbs?

"Good. Now…"

Before he could continue, Tony spoke, "But Boss, Kate volunteered," he pointed out reasonably. "She and McGee could do this. They don't have a life after all."

While Kate had been more than willing to take the case, having Tony volunteer her was a totally different matter. "I'll have you know…"

Gibbs stopped her mid-tirade, "No. No, they can't. Are you hard of hearing, Dinozo?"

"Hard of hearing, boss? No."

"Good, here's the address," he handed Tony the post it with the witness's name and address neatly printed on it. Attached to it, Gibbs had also noted the fastest possible route, travel time and a few pertinent questions he wanted answers to.

"Boss," Tony looked down at the address, "it's gonna take an hour to get there at least. It's rush hour."

"Then you'd better get started, because I'm expecting your report in two hours." He turned away, then looked back over his shoulder, fixing them with that Gibbs' glare that struck fear into perps everywhere,. "I don't see either of you moving. Hustle."

Tony slid open the drawer where he kept his gun, pulling it out. He checked it quickly before slipping it into his holster. From the corner of his eye, he could see McGee doing the same, "Hustling, boss," he called out after Gibbs retreating back.

Gibbs just waved a hand at him before he disappeared from sight. "Kate," they heard him bellow from down the hall, "we have an autopsy to attend."

Tony threw her a lop-sided smile as she hurried after him. It looked like none of them were going to get a weekend after all.

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