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"Emma… earth to Emma… HEY! Greenpeace!!" Emma pulled herself out of the drunken haze she was in and looked at Jay. She couldn't believe what they'd just done. She couldn't believe that she, Emma Nelson had gotten completely hammered and done… what she'd just done with Jay.

The more she thought about it, the more she liked it.

No one will say I'm a goody-goody now, will they?

She laughed "Jay, you'd better get out of here, my neighbours are 'watching the house' while my parents are away. They'll notice your car in the driveway"

"Awww, babe are you sure I can't spend the night? You could give me a chance to return the favor." Jay threw Emma a wink.

Emma gave him a drunken giggle "As tempting as that is, you'd better go. Next time."

"Alright babe, but there WILL be a next time. Who'd have thought you'd be so good at that?" Jay grabbed her and kissed her one last time.

"Thanks for the compliment… I think." Emma couldn't seem to stop laughing. Does alcohol make everything so funny? And why is the room spinning….

Emma let Jay out, and after locking the door behind him, she stumbled back to her room and fell into bed, fully clothed.

The next morning, Emma woke up to discover her head weighed 80 pounds. Or at least, it felt like it did. She opened one bleary eye, and started at the clock. 1:15. She couldn't remember the last time she'd slept in so late. She glanced at the calendar – Friday, December 9th. Friday!?!?! That meant she had school today.. and she'd missed half of it. The old Emma would have leapt out of bed and rushed of to school. But the new, broken Emma simply sighed and fell back asleep.

Emma woke again hours later. She decided she'd better get up this time, even though she still felt awful. She grabbed a towel and headed for the shower.

She'd just finished getting ready when there was a knock at the door. She opened the door to find Jay standing there.

"Hey – party tonight, wanna come?"

Emma hesitated… she was enjoying her newfound wild side as much as anyone, but she didn't know if she'd survive two nights in a row. Nonetheless, she grabbed her coat and headed out.

At the party, she got the usual reaction "Emma? Emma NELSON? Well well well, you little rebel. Does your Mommy know you're drinking?". For the most part, Jay stuck up for Emma, which surprised her. She knew Jay liked her for.. obvious reasons, but she didn't think he actually cared what people said about her.

"You know Jay" …. Wow, I'm slurring a little "I'm starting to see why Sean ditched me to hang out with you guys.."

Jay laughed "I knew you'd see the light eventually! We're irresistible! Speaking of Cameron, I wonder how that punk is doing these days…"

Emma looked away.. the last thing she wanted to think about was what Sean was doing now.

She pushed the thought away. She didn't care what Sean was doing. She had forgiven him for the last year, and he had, of course, saved her life. She'd always be grateful to him for that. But, that didn't change the stab of pain she felt when he heard him tell Ellie he loved her. The one thing that he'd never said to her.

What would his reaction be if he could see her right now?

Little did Emma know, she wouldn't have to wait long to find out…