An Unusual Father

A Ranma 1/2 Fanfiction by Ryo Oki All characters and places not created by me are probably owned by someone else.

Author's Note: This story will be a little different from my last story, 'Little Angel Lost' in that it has no set ending. I will simply be adding chapters as ideas come to me. This story will be primarily a comedy with some romance thrown in. It will be primarily a crossover with the Baldur's Gate 2 pc game universe and the forgotten realms universe in general with one other crossover that will be apparent a little later.
For those familiar with AD&D mechanics the setting will use a mixture of first and second edition rules with a home made spell point system instead of the usual magic system used in AD&D.

In case I had not mentioned this before, this story is set several years after the end of the Baldur's Gate 2 computer game. The original P.C.'s are now all semi-retired and of quite high level. Also, unlike in the computer game, Minsc did not ask Aerie to be his witch. She decided to settle down with another member of the party, which I might get around to discussing later. Sorry, if this annoys anyone, but I feel that it can be too constraining to always follow the events in a certain manga or game, when I am writing about the characters in said those games for example.

Chapter 4: Something Weird This Way Comes Part 2

Finally arriving back at the village after her little adventure,
Corinne started to search for someone who could help her rescue her friends from the kobolds. Most of the warriors were out searching in the wrong direction, but still there would be a few warriors and maybe one the witches left in the village.

Making her way past one of the outer houses in the village, she stopped dead in her tracks at seeing an image in window right next to her. It was her own reflection and she almost fainted upon seeing it.
Why she was...was...dirty of all things. This couldn't be allowed to happen. She wanted to be a priestess of Sune when she became older. As she looked right now, no one would want her. Still her friends were in danger and that is more important than her appearance isn't it?

Maybe if she just washed up real quick, that would do. It wouldn't take that long, then she could lead everyone back to find those nasty kobolds and kick there butts like they deserved.

Deciding this she made her way rapidly back to her own home. She made her way inside and snuck past her mother's room. It wasn't a difficult task considering her mother was 'entertaining' again. Ever since her father died her mother had taken one lover after another. It was so superficial of her. Fortunately her mother's attitudes had not rubbed off on Corinne in any ways. Well, at least she thought it didn't.

It took a little longer than she thought it would to get cleaned up properly, after all, her clothes were also quite dirty and so was she after laying in then in the forest for so long. A quick washing wouldn't do. She needed new clothes and a bath as well.

She ran out of her house an hour later, with her mother still unaware that she had even been there. Admittedly Corinne's mother was not exactly a typical parent, but at least she didn't spend half her time drunk, like Marlena's mother Misato did.

Corinne was quite lucky that she did not have to wait long to find someone to help her. A few minutes after she exited her home she ran into a familiar big bald barbarian with a hamster on his shoulder.
Standing next to him was an equally familiar drow elf priestess.

"I am glad I found you, we found out where Cassandra was, but I got separated from them, and I had to come back here to find someone who could help.", Corinne babbled out as fast as she could.

"Slow down child, who is this 'we' that you are talking about,
Viconia said to the little blond girl.

Corinne quickly told Minsc and Viconia what had happened to Cassandra and how they had been led through the forest by the goblin Grovel to where the kobolds were hiding. To say that Viconia was more than a little annoyed that mere children had done something so foolish was an understatement to say the least.

Minsc looked over at his wife and saw a faint glow around her,
which tended to happen when she became very angry at someone or something. He had a feeling that if something happened to any of the children, especially the boy Ranma, his wife would not stop until every kobold within a hundred miles of their village was dead.

Minsc hoped that nothing was wrong of course, both for the children and his wife. It was their first child that caused Viconia to become more relaxed around other people. Having to bury their son though seemed to cause Viconia to withdraw more into herself. He was worried that she would soon shut herself away from everyone else.

Ranma's arrival seemed to change that. Watching his wife try and comfort the boy when he had nightmares for the first couple days after he arrived here showed him that Viconia could still care for others.

Since Corinne had never entered the kobold lair, there wasn't a reason to bring her along, but Viconia still did not believe that the girl should be wandering around by herself so Corinne was brought back to her home, but seemed reluctant to let anyone speak to her mother.

As everyone entered the house the reason to Corinne's reluctance became quite clear. Corinne sighed at how noisy her mother was being and Viconia seemed to be having trouble keeping one of her eye's from twitching.

"Perhaps we should wait until they're done?", Minsc said with a dead pan tone of voice.

"MOTHER, ARE YOU DONE YET?", Corinne said in a loud voice.

"JUST WAIT...OHHHH YEAH..., I MEAN MOTHER IS BUSY DEAR.", Corinne's mother said as Viconia grumbled something under her breath, walked right up to the door and kicked it inward with a loud crash.

"(SHRIEK), What are you doing here?", Said two very panicked voices from within the bedroom.

"Do you have any idea what your child has been doing for the past several hours?", Viconia said as she glared at the naked and quite confused woman.

"What?", Corinne's mother said as she pulled a sheet from the bed and wrapped it around herself.

"You are pathetic. Your child was almost killed because you spend all your time rutting like an animal with any male that you come across,
Viconia said to the woman in a tone of voice that had her scooting backwards across the floor.

"Minsc take this fool with you while I have a talk with this pitiful excuse for a mother.", Viconia said as Minsc scooped the shocked villager out of the bed and carried him out of the house.

Once outside Minsc heaved the man through the air causing the naked villager to land in a large mud puddle, splashing several warriors who had just returned. They did not seem too thrilled with the "bath" that they had just been given.

A few minutes after he left the house, Corinne came out and sat on the front porch. One minute after that, several shrieks and loud banging sounds were heard from the house. Someone sounded as if they were in pain.

Minsc was tempted to investigate, but what little common sense the large barbarian possessed, told him that this would be a bad idea to do something like that at the moment.

The noises continued for about five minutes, then stopped suddenly.
Viconia came out of the house with a smirk on her face. Standing next to her was Corinne's mother who was now wearing a thick robe and muttering something about how soap should not be used in such a fashion. She very quickly led her daughter back into the house and shut the door behind them.

"Do you wish to know what went on after you left?", Viconia asked Minsc who was still standing in front of the house with a blank expression on his face.

"No, it be best for Minsc if he not ask. Had enough bad dreams last time you told me.", Minsc said.

"Well, I did make up for it.", Viconia said as Minsc went from shocked to embarrassed.

Minsc and Viconia went over to the warriors, who had been splashed earlier. Since they were now done thrashing their fellow villager they listened intently to what had happened to the missing girl and the children who had gone after Cassandra.

They agreed to meet up with Minsc and Viconia at the entrance to the kobold lair as soon as they could quickly acquire new arrows and other provisions.

Halfway to their destination, Minsc and Viconia stopped short when a very familiar and sultry female voice called to them from the side trail that they were just about to turn onto. Coming into sight was a being that Viconia had not seen for some time and quite frankly hoped not to see for quite a while longer.

It had been over a minute and everyone in the underground chamber continued to stare at the little 'demon' that had just been summoned. Ranma was one of the first beings to snap out of the daze that he was in and took a moment to carefully look at the 'creature'.

It definitely wasn't some sort of large drooling fiery monster like the other demons that everyone had seen through the portal. The creature appeared to be a young human girl about a year older than Ranma. She had short blue hair and deep blue eyes. Of course, the small black bat wings on her back and the short spiky tail showed that she wasn't exactly human after all.

Ranma also wondered about the strange clothes that she wore. It looked almost like the uniforms that he had seen some of the older schoolgirls wear as he and his pop wandered around Japan. The outfit looked like a white one piece swimsuit with a sort ruffled medium blue skirt. There was a large blue bow on the girl's chest and a smaller one on her back, just above the skirt. She was also wearing some sort of crown and a clear blue 'glass?' visor that looked kind of neat.

The large hobgoblin began to twitch, then turned towards the kobold necromancer with an expression on his face that indicated quite clearly that he was not happy at what had appeared before him.

"FOOL, you said that you could summon a demon, a princess of the abyss that would allow us to conquer all of the neighboring tribes. I paid you for the items that you said you needed. Yet you summon this weird little human instead.", the hobgoblin snarled.

"M...m...Master she is clearly not human... Perhaps she merely wears a disguise to catch us unaware or until she sees the quality of the sacrifice we have prepared.", the necromancer said as he tried to stop from shaking.

"That had better be true or you will die.", the hobgoblin snorted.

"Who are you?", the necromancer politely asked the little demon.

"My name is Amelia Moonstone.", the demon said in a horribly cute tone of voice, causing the hobgoblin to continue to twitch.

"Are you a demon or other creature from the abyss?", the necromancer asked.

"Uh-huh, I'm a succubus, or at least mommy says that I will be one when I grow up.", the little demon girl said in a proud tone of voice.


The necromancer looked over in confusion then fear as the hobgoblin fell over in shock then began to rise up from the ground while looking at the necromancer in a most unfriendly manner.

"Wait milord, before you doing anything, she did admit to being a demon after all.", the necromancer quickly said.

"A child of a demon.", the hobgoblin snarled.

"But that is just it milord, demons do not have children. All demons are created as you see them. They are not born and age as mortal creatures are.", the necromancer said.

"Well, most demons are like that, but mommy said she wanted to see what having a child was like. She got the idea from some drow elf that she used to know.", the little demon girl said.

"She is still just a child. I doubt she even has any power. How can she grant us our wish?", the hobgoblin said as his hand began to move toward the hilt of his sword.

"Oh, I can do all sorts of things. Mommy is the queen of two whole layers of the abyss.", the demon said as the necromancer looked at her in shock.

"Two layers?", the necromancer whispered in fear.

"What is the problem now?", the hobgoblin said while wondering if it would just be better to kill off the annoying necromancer and the so-called demon.

"To control even 1 layer of the abyss is next to impossible. To control unheard of.", the necromancer said.

"Can you grant us our wish child or not?", the hobgoblin said to the demon directly.

"Why should I? You're just mean and ugly old beast.", Amelia said.

When the demon had first appeared Ranma and the others first were too stunned by its appearance to act, but as the demon seemed to be a lot less scary than they thought it would be, they quickly came to their senses and began to come up with a plan to rescue their friend.

Suzanna steadied herself on the edge of the ditch with her crossbow loaded and aimed at the kobold necromancer. Grovel had pulled out a loud of the thunderstones and other small objects that Ranma did not recognize. Marlena was given, temporarily, the ring of invisibility and the lightning bolt wand. She exited the ditch and began to circle around to the left of the kobold group so that she could hit the two kobold shamans. As for Ranma, well he had a spell that had just come to him as he was looking at all of the kobolds and wondering what he could do to help. The spell would not blow anything up, but it would help out, he hoped.

Ranma and the others noticed the little demon say something to the Necromancer, then much to everyone's shock, she floated out of the pentagram, that was supposed to contain her. Ranma was going to attack right then, but the little demon floated over to Cassandra and ripped the rope bonds away that held her to the table. She then picked the semi-conscious halfling girl up, turned towards Ranma and the others and winked at them,
much to their surprise. The demon then began to glow a pale red color before both she and Cassandra faded from view.

Unable to help himself, Ranma shouted out for Cassandra, attracting the attention of everyone in the room.

"We have intruders kill all of them.", the hobgoblin yelled out as a muffled curse echoed out from somewhere in the room, followed by a lightning bolt striking the two shamans and sending what was left of them slamming into the wall which they were standing by.

Meanwhile a little while earlier:

Minsc was surprised to hear a voice suddenly call out so close to him. He prided himself at being able to spot others before they managed to get to close to him. This though paled in the shock that ran through him when he noticed the brief look of nervousness that Viconia on her face. She never seemed to be shocked by anything. He readied himself for whatever beast had called out to them.

A few seconds later 3 people stepped out of the shadows of the side trail. Two of them were drow elf males and they were looking at Minsc with disgust. The third figure was a little different. She looked to be about 30 in human years with long red hair, sapphire blue eyes and two large black bat wings. The lustful look she gave Minsc went mostly unnoticed, much to the demon's dismay, especially considering how much her 'armor' showed off her figure.

A succubus, and a powerful one at that. Minsc had become quite skilled at sensing the power of a foe. He may not be considered to be 'smart' by many people, but he did have other skills. Hopefully this creature would not be too hard to deal with. He had children to rescue.

"Wait a minute...didn't that silly little blond girl say something about the kobolds summoning a demon. Maybe this was it,
Minsc thought briefly to himself.

"It's been quite a while since we have seen each other my dear Viconia, don't you have something to say to your 'old friend'", the succubus said with an amused grin on her face.

"It has been a long time Kimori. I was starting to believe that you had forgotten about me.", Viconia said with as little emotion as she muster at the moment.

"You know this demon, Minsc said while pointing towards the succubus.

"You will show more respect towards our mistress human or you will pay the price of your rudeness.", of the drow males sneered.

He was quite surprised to find himself knocked to the ground a moment later with a small brown hamster on his chest growling at him.

The other male drow was quickly knocked to the ground by Minsc and held their by Minsc standing with one of his legs on the drow's chest.

Kimori looked at her two 'guards' now laying on the ground and reacted in an unexpected way.

Viconia was shocked to see a demon of Kimori's power now rolling on the ground laughing so hard that she was starting to gasp for breath.

The two drow were equally stunned by this sight, Minsc on the other hand just looked confused. This admittedly was not an uncommon occurrence though.

"(Snicker), (Giggle), Oh my I haven't seen anything so ridiculous in centuries. My 'brave' servants knocked to the ground by a human and his pet rodent. (Giggle) Then again you always did have the most unusual beings around you my dear Viconia.", the demon Kimori said.

"So why have you appeared here Kimori, I doubt it is for a social call.", Viconia said in a cold tone of voice.

"We have not seen each other in many years and this is the way you greet an old friend who helped you start a new life.", Kimori said as she briefly looked at Viconia, then looked at Minsc and licked her lips in a seductive manner.

Minsc seemed oblivious to this casual flirtation as well as he had the previous one.

"He can not be that dense can he?", Kimori mumbled.

"(Squeak), (Squeak), You would be surprised.", Boo squeaked.

Seeing how Viconia's stern expression had yet to change, Kimori sighed and began to speak in a somewhat annoyed tone of voice, "Fine if you wish to be that way it is your choice. I came here to tell you that now is the time for you to fulfill the pledge you made to me when you first escaped your 'first life'."

"What pledge is this?", Minsc asked as he quickly disarmed then stepped off the drow that he was partially standing on.

Boo also leapt off the other drow that he knocked down, but not before letting off a growl that a creature of his size should not be able to make.
The little drow elf somehow knew that if he tried anything the little hamster would do something far worse than knock him to the ground next time if he tried to do anything foolish.

"Sigh, it is a long story. For now let us just say that when I first escaped from my home and family in the underdark, I might not have survived to make it to the surface if Kimori had not agreed to take me there... For a price.", Viconia said while trying to hide the fact at how much discussing her past disturbed her.

"You make it sound so ominous. It was a simple exchange of services.
Besides my dear, it is not as if I asking you to kill someone. Well... at least not directly.", Kimori smiled.

"Then what do you want?", Viconia said in frustrated tone of voice.
After all she had a few children to look for and a "demon" to kill.

"Why I wish you to rescue my daughter from the foolish creature that summoned her.", Kimori said to a surprised Viconia and Minsc.

"Your daughter? Demons do not have children.", Viconia said.

"I'll explain after she is rescued. For now you must simply except the truth of what I am saying to you. My dear naive daughter foolishly walked into a portal that appeared in the abyss. Everyone else ignored the portal because the pathetic excuse for a summoner had nothing to offer. My daughter thought it was some sort of game and went through the portal.", Kimori said while sounding impatient.

"Why couldn't you go?", Minsc asked, while sounding suspicious of the demon's motives.

"The portal in the abyss closed before anyone else could go though,
and the original builders of the 'temple' in which she appeared was warded against teleporting into it from this plane of existence.", Kimori said.

"You can not also risk someone finding out that all is not right in your realm can you?", Viconia asked with a smirk as Kimori frowned.

"No, I can not. Now will you help or must we continue this pointless banter.", Kimori said.

"Very well, I will help, but after your daughter is rescued then my debt to you is repaid in full.", Viconia replied.

"Agreed.", Kimori said before fading out, taking the two unconscious drow with her.

Minsc and Viconia quickly made their way to where they were told the kobold lair would be. They were met upon arrival, by the warriors from the village. Neither of the small groups had come upon any kobolds or any other humanoids for that matter during their short journey. The front door to the 'lair' was even standing wide open. Some faint noises could be heard through the open door, but it was impossible to tell what they were or where all of these supposed kobolds had disappeared too.

Ranma could tell the others were not happy with him, not that he blamed them, he wasn't too happy with himself. He really didn't mean to yell out to Cassandra but he couldn't help it. He had no idea where she and the demon went to. Maybe she was taken someplace really nasty like that swamp, or back to that evil looking place that they had seen through the portal perhaps she was even (BAMF)...Or she could just have appeared right next to him still being held by the demon.

"Eek, its the demon.", Suzanna said while trying to point her crossbow at the 'evil' creature.


"Oww, you little #$#", Suzanna said as her crossbow was taken away and she was smacked on top of the by the little demon just after she set the still groggy Cassandra on the ground.

"Now be nice or I might decide not to save you from all of them.", the little demon said as she pointed to all of the kobolds that were now piling into the room.

Another lightning bolt struck a group of five kobolds as the were charging the ditch which Ranma and the others were in.

"Now for some fun.", the little demon said in glee as she began to chant causing a glowing red sphere to form just in front of her hands.

"Aiyah, little kids get down. Little demon going to cast spell,
Grovel exclaimed as Suzanna leapt on top of Cassandra and Ranma, much to their surprise.

As the spell left the little demon's hands it changed from a bright red sphere, to a dull whitish blue sphere which struck the large hobgoblin right between the eyes.


Down in the ditch, Ranma and the others waited for what they thought would be a large explosion. They had little to worry about.

"What kind of spell goes 'Wump'.", Suzanna mumbled.

As she and the others began to stand and look out at what had just happened, they were surprised to see the hobgoblin laying on the ground face up with what looked like a large snowball covering his face.

"Well that didn't work. What did I do wrong?", the little demon said with a pout on her face.

Nearby the kobold necromancer began to cast a spell of his own. It was the same spell that the demon had tried to cast moments earlier.

Seeing the fireball now forming, Ranma and the others once again threw themselves onto the floor.

Seconds later a bright flash and a blast of hot air flew over the top of ditch. No one was burned, but they cool feel the heat in the air. This was quickly followed unfortunately by the smell of burnt flesh and hair.

Looking carefully over the edge of the ditch Ranma and the others were shocked to see the now dead bodies of over 40 kobolds. The only two survivors were the kobold necromancer, who was covered by some sort of red glowing force field and the hobgoblin. He looked somewhat roasted but he was still very much alive and quite angry.

The little demon seemed so amused at how the necromancer had done her job for her, by destroying all of the kobolds that were bothering her, that she did not notice the hobgoblin charging towards her with a glowing sword in its hand.

Ranma grabbed a handful of the thunderstones and threw them towards the kobold as hard as he could. Several exploded around the beast, but two struck the hobgoblin right in the head, stunning him and knocking him to the ground.

"You tried to hit me when I wasn't looking. I'm going to punish you for that.", the little demon said in a righteous sounding voice.

Amelia pulled a small gold belt out of no where and fastened it about her waist. She walked up to the felled hobgoblin, grabbed him by the neck and tossed him into the air. Flying up to meet him the little demon swung herself around and struck the hobgoblin with a circle kick that sent him flying into the door which the necromancer had originally come through.

As the hobgoblin slid down the door, Ranma could not help but feel a little jealous. It was true that he enjoyed learning magic, but he still was impressed by the demon's martial arts. She had kicked the ugly beast at least thirty feet. Ranma had once asked his father how far he could hit someone, and he said over fifty feet, but Ranma had never seen his father do this. His father wouldn't lie to him though would he?

Ranma was jolted awake from his thoughts by the little demon Amelia landing right in front of him.

"She's cute.", Ranma said barely above a whisper.

"Thank you for saving me.", Amelia said with a smile as she put her arms around Ranma and kissed him lightly on the cheek, causing him to suddenly stiffen briefly, then relax.

"I didn't do a lot.", Ranma said while sounding humble much to Suzanna's amusement.

"That's true.", Suzanna said.

"Who's the old lady?", Amelia said while pointing to Suzanna.

"Grrrr... What did you say.", Suzanna growled.

Before the two young girls could get into it, so to speak,
several loud crashes and screams began to echo behind the door, which the hobgoblin was slumped up against.

A few seconds later the door was blown off its hinges, and heading towards the kobold necromancer. The door barely slowed down as it struck the kobold and carried both he and hobgoblin towards a very familiar torture device.


"Ewwwwwwwwwwwwww.", went the children as they saw hobgoblin and kobold necromancer smash into the iron maiden with the door to it slamming shut behind it.

"Hey, where did the bad guy go?", Minsc said as he stuck his head through the door.

Viconia followed shortly behind, quickly looked around and seeing that Ranma and the others appeared safe, walked over to the iron maiden and opened it. Looking briefly, she gave a disinterested snort and slammed the lid shut, producing an even larger 'squishy' noise than before.

"How disappointing, I was so looking forward to killing the useless creatures.", Viconia thought to herself as she walked towards the children.

As she reached the children Viconia first thought that the girl behind Ranma was Marlena but quickly realized that it was the dear 'friend' Kimori's child.

Marlena soon reappeared, quite literally, and looked over Cassandra to see if the little halfling girl was alright. A quick check by Viconia confirmed this to be true.

"So you are Amelia, Kimori's child?", Viconia asked the little demon, while feeling somewhat ill as ease at how close the little creature was standing next to Ranma.

"I know you, mommy talks about you all the time.", Amelia said.

"She does?", Viconia said in surprise.

"Mommy said she regrets letting you get away and something about you having the nicest little butt she has ever seen on an elf, or something like that.", Amelia said as everyone stared at the little demon, then at the now blushing Viconia.

"Minsc not sure he want to ask.", Minsc mumbled while sounding somewhat out of sorts.

"(Squeek, Squeek, Squack), I don't know, it sounds like an interesting story to me.", Boo squeaked out.

Any further discussions were put on hold as Viconia and Minsc led everyone out of the kobold lair. As they began the climb up to the surface Suzanna couldn't help but notice how empty the place was, She wondered if all of the kobolds ran away or something.

Ranma, now holding the still unconscious Cassandra in his arms,
was wondering the same thing.

"Strange aren't there any more kobolds left around here?", Suzanna said in a confused tone of voice.

"Not any more.", Viconia replied causing more than one person in the group to shutter involuntarily.

Bringing up the rear, the goblin, Grovel shook his head and wondered for the 100th time how his life had become so different from other goblins, not that he was complaining of course.

Upon reaching the surface the group noticed what could only be Amelia's mother step out of a portal, this time without her two 'companions'.

"Mommy!", Amelia exclaimed as she glomped onto her mother, Kimori.

"I told you not to do that in public child.", Kimori said while trying to keep a stern appearance.

"There's no demons around here, just this nice boy.", Amelia said as she pointed to Ranma.

"My what an interesting magical aura this boy has.", Kimori whispered in the demonic tongue.

"Magic aura? What's that?", Ranma replied in what sounded like the demonic language.

After a quick explanation by Viconia as to why the boy could speak demonic, Kimori began to form a portal to send herself and her daughter home.

"Can't he come with us mommy?", Amelia asked.

"No, child he is not a pet, besides it looks like he already has other girls interested in him.", Kimori said as she watched Cassandra snuggled in his arms and the other girls standing quite close to him.

"Can I stay here for a while then?", Amelia asked.

"No child, you may not. You would not be accepted among the human. I am surprised that they even allow a drow in their village, even if you are a cute little thing.", Kimori said while glancing at Viconia.

"Oh well, maybe we can see each other again.", Amelia sighed as she flew over to Ranma, and quickly kissed on the cheek again, before flying into the portal, which closed behind the little demon and her mother.

Ranma was once again so distracted by the kiss that he forgot to ask the little demon girl why she was dressed in such a strange outfit.
It did make her look cute though, Ranma thought as everyone began to walk back towards the village where everything would be quiet for a while, or so they hoped.

Author's Note:

Well once again this chapter has taken far longer than I thought it would. I suppose I could blame it on writer's block, but if truth be told, I haven't really felt all that interested in writing as of late.
Perhaps that will change in the future, but for now I have several other hobbies that I am trying to work on as well.

Now as for what will be written next, I can almost guarantee that it will be another story, unrelated to anything that I have written so far. I have thought of several Ranma and other anime short story ideas, so more than likely they will be written next. Until next time...