Slings and Arrows

July 31

The Daily Prophet


The boy-who-lived a Murderer?

A shocking discovery this morning, ministry Aurors discovered the bodies of the muggle family the Dursleys, killed by an Unforgivable. Also found on the scene was Harry Potter, whos wand was found to be the caster of the three Avada Kedavra's. Potter himself was found unconscious and drained of all magical energy. Potters fate will be decided this afternoon in trial.

Erin Brunette

To say that the inhabitants of Diagon ally were frenzied would be an understatement. People were passing between groups sharing the news and rumors. Many were saying that they had seen it coming, that the boy was obviously not right in the head, others were furious that the headmaster had let a murderer like Potter in Hogwarts with their children. None however seemed to humor the idea of the boys innocence. And so the rumor mill turned and the people of the wizerding world anxiously waited for the trial that was set for that evening.

November 12th

Months later and miles away from the goings on in diagon ally, sat the boy-who-lived, curled away in the corner of his own personal hell. Rats and other foul creatures fed on the 'food' he had not touched. Pale, painfully thin arms tightened around similarly pale thin legs, as the rest of his body stiffens.

'Kill the spare'

'Lily! Take Harry and run!'

A small wimper was released into the space between his knees.

'Not Harry! Please! … have mercy!.... Please!!

A single tear fell down a gaunt cheek as the boy relived his mothers dying words.

Finally, after what felt like an eternity, though it was only an hour, the dementors drifted away from his cell to feed on another wretched soul. And The Boy-who-lived was left to his misery.