Here it is at last. The end to Of slings and arrows. Happy Christmas everyone!

Dear Ginny,

I'm glad to hear that everything is returning to normal in the wizarding world (at least as normal as it ever gets there) Please send my thanks to the twins as well for the package of new WWW products they sent me. Jamie is already planning out an attack against the other new recruits. I fear your brothers have become something akin to idols in Jamie's eyes.

Good luck with next week as well. I was actually pretty close to convincing the professor to fly me back to England just so I could be there to witness it! Now that's a sight to see. A Malfoy visiting at a Weasley household. I expect pictures of course, and Ana wishes you best of luck.

Things are as normal as they can be at the institute. The Brotherhood have moved back into their house across town and Fred is already missing the never ending supply of food from Hogwarts. Other than that, everyone was pretty happy to be back among muggle technology (although some were less than pleased when the 5am danger room training returned). It was pretty amusing to watch Sirius get used to an almost completely muggle environment. However, using the telephone has become one of his favorite pastimes, especially when we get prank calls! Jamie adores my Godfather, and can usually be found wherever he is, most likely plotting some prank. And Sirius isn't the only one to acquire a follower. Rahne and Professor Lupin have become friends, and she is even planning on keeping him company in the Danger room on the full moon.

Its been great having both Sirius and Remus here to help. Together they have been teaching me Defense against the dark arts (though Sirius says I don't need it) as well as helping me adapt my magic to my mutant powers. Professor Xaiver has also hired three professors from the Brooklyn Wizarding Academy in New York to tutor me and the girls four days a week. It seems to be working out well now that the usual hysterics of meeting the 'Famous Harry Potter' has worn off. These teachers are only temporary though. The Professor spoke to me and Ana the other day. He is currently working with the different wizarding ministry's looking for mutants within the wizarding community. He believes there might be quite a few out there that cant be located by cerebro because of magical interference. If we can find them, Professor Xaiver wants to make the institute a school open to both muggle and wizarding mutants. He asked Ana and I if we might consider teaching as instructors once out education is complete, like Scott and Jean now do.

I agreed right away, and Ana said she would as well as long as she could teach potions, and that she would have time to go traveling like Gambit and Rogue who are taking some time off together in Louisiana. We also found out how Gambit was touching Rogue without passing out. His powers allow him to charge objects with Kinetic energy, and when he lets them go, without Remy to control the energy, they explode. With Rogue, he's been charging himself, making a kinetic shield around himself. Her powers cant get through so she doesn't take his energy. Its strange to see Rouge looking so happy all the time. Ana says its romantic, bobby says its creepy.

In other news, I've recently been accepted into the X-men team. That means when they go out on missions, I'll be joining them. Jamie is insanely jealous, but so far there hasn't been any missions to go out on. The Anti-Mutant front has been pretty quiet lately, which is pretty nice, though some of us tend to get hassled by the token idiot when we venture into town. Nothing to worry about though. The Professor is still looking for any trace of the muggle who made the serum that blocks mutant powers. We have the name Nathan Essex, someone who Scott remembers from the orphanage he lived in before coming here, but so far it would seem as though the man had disappeared from the face of the earth. Hopefully it will stay that way but I think that would be a little too much to hope for.

I think that's pretty much all there is to say for now, though I promise to keep you updated, just as I will with Neville. Tell your Mum I'm doing ok, she sounded worried in her letter. I'm fine. I'm home.



Well……… that's it! That's all there is. Yeah, I know, five months and this is all I give you? That's crazy and so wrong! And I agree. But you know what? This was all I was planning on putting out. I know it took more than forever, but I am happy to say that I have valid reasons for taking forever. You see I switched schools, and for the first time in my life I'm doing well AND enjoying what I'm doing. In fact, I'm applying to university for next fall for a four year photography program at one of the best schools in North America! So its safe to say that the last few months have been insane and hectic, though totally fulfilling. Thank you all for reading my story. Thank you for your criticisms and your praise.


For those of you who are unhappy with where I left off and want just that tiniest bit more of story to sate their fanfiction hunger, here are some bits that I wrote out for the ending, but unfortunately I never got to fit it in. I tried, but it was far too choppy.

"Alright, settle down. I have some news. The Prof says that its safe to head back to the institute now that the extra defenses have been put up. We leave tonight. I suggest you all get packing." With that, the burly Canadian turned around and walked back up to the castle leaving his stunned students behind.

There was a loud whoop of joy from Kurt followed by cheers from everyone. Dropping their equipment were they stood, most followed after Logan to pack their belongings.

"Need any help with this?" Scott asked, gesturing to the baseball equipment that lay scattered about.

"It's alright, I'll take care of it. It'll only take me a few seconds to pack anyways." Harry said with a dismissive wave and began to use his magic to swiftly pick up everything. Scott nodded and made his way up the path towards the castle, pausing when he caught a glimpse of two figures standing behind a nearby tree. Frowning, he recognized who they were, but continued on his way. Harry could deal with them.

Harry had been in the middle of shrinking the equipment and placing them in a box transfigured from a twig when he heard someone approaching. Turning around to see who it was he felt a frown fall onto his face.

"Hello Harry." Hermione greeted mournfully. Ron only nodded in greeting, failing to meet Harry's eyes.

"Hello." He returned evenly, not even pausing as the equipment continued to jump into the box. "back to spying on me now have you?"

"We were just curious, and we knew that if you knew we were there you wouldn't have had as much fun." Hermione replied truthfully and Harry found himself agreeing. Hermione seemed to be trying to get something out. 'Here it comes.' Harry thought to himself, already telling his mind to stay calm and try to make them understand. "Harry, please don't go with them. I know that you're friends with them now but don't you think you need to stay here for a bit more?" she asked despairingly.

The wooden box was now full of equipment, and he conjured up a lid for it before sitting down on its top. He sat there and regarded the two for a few moments trying to figure out how he could explain this to them without loosing his temper. "Why do you think I should stay?" he asked finally, genuinely curious.

"You haven't finished school yet, McGonagall said that you're still way behind on lots of things." Answered Ron, who finally looked up to meet Harry's eyes.

"Your education is important! Your mutant friends would understand that wouldn't they?" Hermione argued.

"They do." Harry told them. "That's why we've already arranged to be home schooled by tutors at the institute. It was Professor Xaiver's idea. He didn't think that it was right for me or the girls to choose to be either a mutant or to do magic, and now that I'm not a wanted criminal, it's safe to bring a tutor to the institute." He paused to make sure they understood. "Remus and Sirius are planning on making a trip over to America to visit so they can help out as well." Harry grinned at the thought. Two Marauders at the institute.

"Oh." Was Ron's lame response.

Harry shook his head. "Just tell me the real reason you want me to stay." He asked calmly, knowing exactly what their true intentions were, he just wanted to hear it from them.

Hermione took in a deep breath before looking at him with tear-filled eyes. "We- we don't want you to go. If you leave, you'll never forgive us." She broke off with a sob and Ron wrapped his arms around her for comfort. The expression on his face clearly showed that he agreed with her words.

Harry shook his head. "You would rather me stay here where I would be lonely and miserable instead of returning to the institute were I can finally feel like I belong?" They looked away from his gaze. "You said that that my mutant friends must understand that my study of magic is important, yet you don't seem to think that my mutant training is worth anything." He sighed as he saw Hermione frown. "I am a mutant Hermione, you're going to have to get used to that."

"I know, I am, it's just… do you really need to train anymore? You seem to control your powers perfectly, and they are related to magic. We could help you with that here!" she offered, desperate for a way to tempt him into staying.

Harry smiled. "Logan seems to think I'm a little less than perfect but…" he sighed. This was the part that he wasn't looking forward to. "I'm needed there. Hermione, you know how muggles are taking the presence of mutants. There are terrorist attacks on people who are suspected of being mutants. A war could start, and I need to be there with my kind." Ron looked away at the mention of Harry being other than human. "They helped me when everyone else had turned away." Harry continued. "I am not going to abandon them when we need to stand strong together."

"You just won this war for us! How can they ask you to fight another one right away?" Ron cried angrily.

"They didn't ask me to fight. Xavier asked if I wanted to stay here. It was my decision." Harry explained evenly.

"So that's it then?" Hermione asked miserably.

Harry ran a hand through his hair. "I would like to think that you would understand. I am happy with them, at the institute. I was at the beginning and I have spent the last few months just waiting to return there." He looked them both in the eyes before continuing. "If you were really concerned about me, than you would let me leave."

Hermione let her face fall into her hands as she wept. Her actions when Harry had been framed had lost her one of her best friends, and no matter what she did she could not make things return to the way they once were.

Ron himself looked on the verge of tears but stood strong and met Harry's eyes. "Then you should go." He said with a somewhat croaky voice.

Harry felt his eyebrows rise in shock. He hadn't thought that they would actually agree. He gave his once best friend a thankful smile; it would be so much easier to leave knowing that they understood, even just a little. He stood up and tucking the box of equipment under his arm, he began to walk up the path to the castle. Just as he was about to pass them, he stopped and regarded them with an even look. "I'm not mad anymore." He said, startling Hermione out of her tears. "I'll never forget what happened, and nothing can undo what you two did, what it did to me. I was broken for a long time." He sighed remembering those hard nights at the institute. "But, I can understand why you did it and I'm not mad anymore. I cant forgive you, I don't think I ever can. Understanding is one thing, but nothing can excuse how you two acted, especially to my friends." He said with a hard look at both of them. "You were both stupid… but I am not going to waste my life feeling angry or mad at things that I cant change anymore. Especially when I have life to move onto now. I thought you might like to know that." He resumed his walk up the path. "I might write." He called over his shoulder before the distance between them grew too great. He made it all the way up to his dorm room without interruption where Jamie was attempting to throw piles upon piles of clothes, un-folded, into his suitcase. He let out a weary sigh and leaned up against the closed door. 'That will do.' He thought to himself before smiling to his room mate who had four duplicates sitting on the suitcase in an effort to get it closed.


"I can't believe we're really going back!" exclaimed Jamie happily as they did a last search of the rooms to make sure nothing had been forgotten.

Harry just couldn't seem to keep the grin off his face. The institute had become his home, and he was finally happy to be leaving Hogwarts.

"Internet!" Jamie listed off happily all the parts of the muggle world he had missed. "And all those Saturday morning cartoons we've missed! And movies! We're going to have to rent them all and have a Marathon!"

"Light switches!" giggled Jubilee joining in and soon others added their own missed appliances.

"Comic books!"

"Soap Operas!"


"Videos Games!"

"Halo 2!"

"That is a Video game moron!"

"Halo 2 is its own definition of video game!"


"The NFL!"

"The Danger Room!"

Everyone paused to look at Scott weirdly. "You are one sick and twisted individual Summers." Lance commented dryly. There were a few assorted giggles before Storm took charge.

"Alright, I assume everyone is packed. Have all the rooms been checked over?" There was a chorus of "Yes's" "We have an hour left until the train arrives to take us to London. From there we will be traveling to the institute with the X-jet. If there is anything you wish to do before we leave, I suggest you do so now." Giving a meaningful looks in Harry's direction she turned and left to prepare for their departure.

"Toad! What are you doing?" shouted Kitty, drawing everyone's attention to the boy who was crouching by the wall near the fire place. Stepping back to admire his work the others could see that he had taken some ink from either Ana, Moyra, or Harry's bag and had drawn his codename on the wall.

"Just makin sure I'm remembered yo, can't let 'em forget the Toad was here!"

Harry could see Scott frown and prepare to admonish his friend. More than a few of the gathered mutants dropped their jaws in shock when Scott stepped forward and took the ink bottle and quill from Todd only to write 'Cyclops' in on the wall nearby. He turned around to face the shocked group. "What? It's a good idea." Grinning, Rogue stepped forward and took the offered quill. Soon there was a line to sign 'the wall'. When they were finished, Harry sealed it with a spell so that the wizards who attempted to remove it would be hard pressed to find a spell that would take the ink off. Everyone was so busy talking about their added art, no one noticed as Harry slipped out.

ANNNNNNNND as a final goodbye and farewell, I would like to post this list, which I made to show all the little details that had history that you may not have known about.

Throughout my fanfic, there are tiny little things that seem like
they are just part of the story to everyone else but a precious few.
So now, I will tell you all about the LITTLE INSERTS!

1) "A shocking discovery this morning, ministry Aurors
discovered the bodies of the muggle family the Dursleys, killed by
an Unforgivable. Also found on the scene was Harry Potter, whos wand
was found to be the caster of the three Avada Kedavra¡¦s. Potter
himself was found unconscious and drained of all magical energy.
Potters fate will be decided this afternoon in trial.
Erin Brunette

The reporter of this article is none other than an old
university 'chum' that prided herself on gossip and talking
behind others backs, Mine especially, and especially when I was only
three feet in front of her and could hear her perfectly! And so
heres to you erin! You old cow!

2) The prologue was written in English in a frenzied rush as
inspiration hit me like the cafeteria food! It was that night that
my insomnia started because I started writing and couldn't stop.
I wrote ten chapters that night!

3) Sound the bugle now, by Brian Adams was one of the biggest
inspirations for this fic.

4) "Magic. Its so 'pretty' " totally inspired by dory the fish
from "finding nemo"

5) "To be or not to be, --that is the question, Whether 'tis nobler
in the mind to suffer The slings and arrows of outrageous fortune Or
to take arms against a sea of troubles, And by opposing end them?"
It might be totally obvious to who ever read this, but incase it
isn't, this quote seriously influenced the fic. My mum loves that
quote and she had been reciting it one day, while I had been in one
of my Harry daydreams, and it hit me how that would fit with our
favorite angsty boy who lived! Basically, what the quote is saying
is that is it worth it, to suffer life and all its miseries? What is
he living for? Is he going to defeat all the evils of the world? of
course not! So why bother, what is he holding on for? These are the
thoughts that were going through dear Harry's head when he was in

7) Don't worry, you'll be meeting them all tonight at dinner." She
had told him and upon seeing his nervousness, she asked him if he
would like to learn how to play 'Ratchet and Clank: go Commando' on
the playstation 2.

An excellent game! One of the only video games I actually enjoy!

8) Ana herself was just finishing tacking up her find, which
displayed a large man in a trench coat, only the man was red and had
a tail poking out of the back of his coat, and on his forehead were
two stumps of what used to be horns. Ana was looking at the poster
with a huge grin on her face, and Harry just looked at Kurt

"He's a comic book character. Ana loves him, says he's
brilliant or something." He flashed Harry one of his fanged
smiles, "She even has a doll of him!"

"HES NOT A DOLL¡¨ yelled Ana who had turned away from the
wall to tell Kurt off.

"He looks like Ricky Martin!"

"THAT'S IT! That's the last time your going to make fun
of him!¨ She made a lunge for him and Kurt bolted happily out the door all the while singing livin la vida loca¡¦

This bit was shameless self insertion. I love Hellboy, I have all
the Darkhorse Comics, the movie, the book from the movie, and
indeed, the poster. Actually, the day I had written that chapter, I
had just bought my Hellboy poster. And the Hellboy plushie¡K
Indeed, I have one of those too, and my house mate insists that he looks like a red ricky martin. So I put that little bit in there for her.

9) Ana and her favorite purple silk housecoat. This is actually my
house coat. I got it for my birthday and it is the best house coat
in the world. so soft and soothing! So Ana wears my Fav purple

10) Hayley Westerna, the CD they were looking for on Harry¡¦s
birthday, is a classical singer who is 17 and had the most gorgeous
voice! Unbelievable! I highly recommend her!

11) They stood in silence for a while before he asked, "So how
long did the bottle say it would last?¨

Six to eight weeks I think.¨ He nodded taking in the
information. "You know I think Blue is a great colour on you!¨

"Oh? Thanks, I don't suppose I could use my magic


"Yeah didn't think so.¨

"Its against the rules.¨


Tee hee! Harry was Dared to die his hair blue!

12) Vergeben, the name of Kurts Village, actually means
forgiveness¡ K..yeah

13) One of the big things I wanted to include in this fic was
Remus' reaction to Rahne and her powers. I always thought it would
be amusing! And Rahne had a history of being hunted as a werewolf
before attending at the institute. So she is able to sympathize with
poor remus. ALSO! Remus is also a lot like mutants! Totally unable
to control his genetic situation, he is forced to be an outsider.
The public does not pay attention to his personality or how safe he
is, just that he HAS the potential to be a killer, so much like the
human perception of mutants! So yeah, that¡¦s my two cents on that

14) the thing with Gambit being able to put up a kinetic shield is actually taken from the comics, not the television show, but the theory is not mine.

15) The first thing Harry felt was the soreness in his body. It was like every muscle, tendon and bone was aching. He struggled to open his eyes and the sight that greeted him was shocking. 'Mum?' Beautiful red hair, green eyes, and a warm, proud smile was on her lips. 'But if mum is here, then I'm…dead.' But he couldn't bring himself to feel sad. His mother was right there in front of him. He closed his eyes as she put a hand on his cheek and he savored the warmth of her touch. However, when he opened his eyes again, her face had changed. There were worry lines and her eyes were no longer as green. "Mum?" He rasped out, hoping to understand what was going on. His mother frowned for a moment and squeezed his hand. 'But wasn't her hand on my cheek?'

….. yeah, read that over, tell me who you think he really saw! Cause that's so who it was!

Alright. That's the end! Now, I'm going to say this, though don't go checking my profile everyday cause its not going to happen for a while, but I have been working on a possible story line for a sequel to of slings and arrows waits till the audience quiets/ yeah. To be honest, it surprised me to. I had never, EVER in my daydreams ever planned for a continuation, but I got so many reviews asking that the idea just got stuck in my head! So there you go. Its there and getting planned out. If there are any of you out there who are pretty familiar with the x-men universe (evolution, ultimate, new, etc.) who might have some ideas or suggestions, just reply or e-mail me (e-mail is in my profile) I would love the help and I love to discuss marvel! (I am currently on a fantastic four high. Strange eh? I got this weird thing for ben grimm aka, the thing….. crazy….)

Right, so have a great day, live life your way, help those in need and love without boundaries. Peace.

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