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Full summary: Syaoran is a new Student at Tomeda High who immediately gains popularity, though he can have almost any girl he wants, he just can't resist the most hated, strangest, most feared girl in the school, Sakura Kinomoto.

CHAPTER 1- misunderstood

It had officially been a week since Syaoran started going to Tomeda high, his rise to popularity was unexplainable and rapid. He didn't know what made people interested in him but he liked it. All the girls practically drooled when ever he would walk into the room; it was as though a Greek god had dropped in from the sky. There was no one single person he knew so far who didn't like him even the teachers had a blast teaching him.

Sakura Kinomoto on the other hand was misunderstood and frightening to most students. She had no friends, not even one, she was rude and obnoxious. Everyone feared her; they wouldn't even dare to come ten feet within her. She never spoke unless spoken to or mad. She seemed as though she was anti social.

It was a rainy Friday around noon when he first saw her. He was at the popular kid's table in the cafeteria with his new friend Eriol. So far he thought that Tomeda High was boring, it was not like all the other schools he had ever been to, nothing much happened. He picked up the milk cart and opened in.

"Hey Syao-ran" A girl with hazel eyes and blonde hair said in a slow seductive tone.

Syaoran smirked.

"She likes you" Eriol said grinning.

He didn't say anything; he just carried on opening the milk cart.

"That was Tish…practically the hottest girl in school; she doesn't go for anyone you know."

"U-hu." He said drinking the milk.

"If you two hook up guys would envy you."

"Okay." Syaoran said.

Eriol rolled his eyes "Are you even listening to me?" Eriol asked surprised with Syaoran's reaction.

"Yeah…I'm going to get a drink. I think this milk is stale" He said getting up.

He walked over to the vending machine; before he could get closer to it someone caught his attention. Her hair was tied in a ponytail, it was brown and messy, she wore old brown boots which had the shoe tongue sticking out and untied shoe laces. They looked as though they belonged to her great, great great, great Grandfather who was a farmer. They did not match her uniform which was surprisingly tidy. She was thin but not too thin. Out of all of her features the most that stood out were her emerald eyes, they were like non he had ever seen. He smiled astonished. She kept kicking the vending machine with her boots as though she was battling it. She kicked and banged in incessantly, she dented it here and there but she didn't care. "Ahhh." She muttered continuously beneath her breathe. He just couldn't drop his gaze, he had been to many schools but not once did he come across a girl in old brown boots battling a vending machine.

She forcefully hit it again then the drink finally fell out. She grabbed it when she noticed him looking at her. She angrily glared at him as if he had done something wrong. Syaoran dropped his gaze and smiled "You won that one." He said teasingly.

Her face expression did not change.

"Sakura Kinomoto!" the lunch lady said coming in their direction.

"What have I told you about damaging school property?"

Sakura sighed "I wasn't damaging it, I was just disciplining it." She said.

The lunch lady was annoyed "If there is anyone who needs discipline it's you, your brother is going to be hearing about this." She warned.

"Whatever" she muttered.

Sakura walked past Syaoran and mad her way to her lunch table, his eyes followed her. She went to a table far from everyone where she sat by herself. He stopped gazing at her and walked back to his table.

"I thought you went to get a drink?" Eriol asked.

"Change of plan, I need to ask you something, what's up with that Sakura?" he said seriously.

"Sakura, oh she's one of the many gorgeous people in school."

Syaoran nodded "She must get in trouble a lot?" he commented.

"Oh, then you must be talking about Sakura Kinomoto." Eriol said in a sickened tone.

"Is she always that aggressive?" he asked.

"Yeah, don't go near that freak. Nobody really likes her you know. She would kill you just by looking at you. I feel like vomiting just by saying her name"

"Really?" Syaoran asked interested.

"I was just being sarcastic but don't even think about going two feet near her. I bet she doesn't even bath not to mention she's not attractive."

For some reason, Syaoran felt no need to believe him. He turned around and looked at Sakura then back at Eriol.

"Is she always alone?" he asked.

"As long as I can remember, who would go near her? She probably cursed that table she's always sitting on. No guy would date her he has to be just as crazy as her or brave." Eriol laughed to himself.

"Have you ever talked to her?" Syaoran asked.

"No, but I've heard rumors. Hey listen forget about that outcast."

Syaoran nodded though he knew he wouldn't be able to, she was different and mysterious.

"So, a bunch of us are going over to Tomoyo's for a party this Saturday, you want to come?"

"Um sure." He said.

Suddenly the bell rang and from the moment it did a bunch of students walked in. All in one group, perfect posture, perfect skin, everything about them was perfect.

Syaoran looked at them then back to Eriol, "What was the second bell for." Though he had been there for a week it was the first time he heard it during lunch.

"It's for the popular kids, you know us." Eriol said.

That afternoon on his way home he saw Sakura on a bench under a tree, she appeared to be reading a book. He decided to talk to her. He walked toward her with a smirk on his face.

"Hi…" he began.

She didn't look up at him in fact she didn't move she carried on reading her book.

"Are you Sakura?" He asked craving for her attention.

Sakura close her book then finally looked at him "You're the new guy right?" she asked.

"Yeah, I'm in your math's class."

"Never seen you." She answered opening her book. She turned a page then looked at him.

"You want hear a story?" she asked.

Syaoran sat next to her. "Sure."

"I once killed a person." She said.

He grinned "You're kidding, right?"

"He was 16, tall, amber eyes and chestnut hair." She said eyeing him from top to bottom.

"So how did you kill the guy?" he asked suspiciously.

"The easiest way ever..." She took out a pocket knife and waved it about "I stabbed him, and stabbed and stabbed till he couldn't breathe. His guts practically exploded out of his body, I can still smell his blood" She grinned licking her lips

"Didn't you feel guilty?" Syaoran asked fascinated by her weirdness.

"Not at all, in fact after killing him I got hungry, I cut out one of his legs and fried it." Sakura expected him to look at her disgusted and walk away but instead he said.

"Did it taste good?"

Sakura frowned "You're not from around here are you." She said.

"No." he replied.

She got up "Figures." She opened her backpack and put the pocket knife and the book in; she folded her hand and shot him a killing look.

"Stay away from me." She muttered walking away.


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