Suds in the Bucket: Part 1

I should have known that if my folks, my mom at least were less than reasonable about their daughter having a relationship with an autobot, that Alyssa's would be some where next to psychotic. I was hoping how ever that she might neglect to mention it to her folks. No such luck. I have to give the girl credit though; she did possibly the smartest thing she could have done in breaking the news to the folks back home. She told her Dad before she told her Mom and step Dad.

Wheeljack was there with her in the com center, fortunately shrunk down to human size,as she punched it in on her cell phone.

"Now remember Jack, my Dad's family is more than a little bit strange."

"This coming from a girl who's dating me," he grinned at her.

"Point taken," She agreed as she turned back to the phone.

A few seconds later some one finally answered on the other end, "Hello?"
The response was instantaneous.

"Hey there, how are you? Your Mom called the other day and asked me if you were down here."

"Well as you can see I'm not," She grinned into the phone.

"No kidding?" He paused and shifted the phone around some, "So where are you any how?"

"Well starting off I was with Angel, she needed some one to look after her."

"Oh you mean ya found her?" her dad asked.

"Oh yeah I found her, and yeah she's okay and everything."

"So where are you at now?"

Alyssa took a deep breath, "Well I'm in Oregon."


"Well to be honest I wanted to come here, with my…"

"With your what Alyssa?" her Dad prompted.

"Well I wanted to come here with my friend and my new boyfriend."

She proceeded to hold the phone away from her ear and count down.

"Ten… nine…eight…seven…six…five…"

"YOUR WHAT!?" he got out.

She put the phone back up to her ear, "That was good four seconds early."

"You have a boyfriend?" He sounded amazed, "Since when do you have a boy friend."

"Well since Angel got married." She looked over at Wheeljack and grinned.

The engineer turned his eyes sky ward and shook his head.

"Your friend got what?"

"Married ya know, man and wife, the ole ball and chain?"

"I know what married means Alyssa, its just you told me that this Angel girl is as bad as you were when it came to getting on with life."

One thing you all out there should note, Alyssa's family have always been very traditional southerners. Thusly, they think that women need to run off and get married and have kids as soon as possible.

"Well what can I say, she found the guy she was looking for like a bolt out of the blue dad. One of his friends met me and gave me a ride out to find her when she went missing and it's been love ever since."

"Don't lie!" Wheeljack hissed.

"That is so unlike you Alyssa," He father was getting more and more pleased by the second. "Okay then, tell me what this prince charming of your'sis like."

"Well he's not a …"

Her Dad interrupted her, "And when are you two gonna tie the knot and make it official. Ya know when you do your Grandma is gonna have to plan the wedding for you. You don't let that woman plan your wedding and we are gonna be hearing about it from now till the end of time."

"But Dad we're not even sure….!" Again she was interrupted.

"How many kids are you gonna have by the way? You are gonna name the first boy after me right? Make sure you pick out a good name for the girls too. We need some names in this family with character."

"But…!" She was now being almost completely drowned out.

"Oh yeah, and you gotta bring this guy down here to Texas so all'a us can meet him down here."
He paused for breath and she finally managed to get something in edge wise.

"Well Daddy, I'd love to bring him down there, its just I'm not sure what you guys will think when you meet him. Not to mention the fact that Chris and mom are gonna go bonkers when they see him."

"Oh hunny, how bad can it be? I mean it's not like you went off and married Hitler. 'Sides as long as your really in love with him dose it really matter what any one else thinks? I mean you are a grown woman after all."

"You try telling that to them." She sighed.

"Now don't worry about it, your Mom goes nuts your family here will help you deal with her."

She looked at the phone, "I don't believe you."

Her dad laughed, "Don't worry about it. Now then let me talk to this wonderful guy who managed to convince my girl to finally have a normal life."

"IF you only knew dad," She held out the phone to Wheeljack, "Here jack, my Dad wants to talk to you."

Wheeljack looked at the phone she was holding out to him for a moment like it was radio active and then gingerly took the thing from her.

"Hello? Sir?"

That was all it took to get her father going. Twenty minutes later when Optimus and I finally headed into the com center to see what happened to them, we found 'Jack there with one of the most embarrassed looks on the planet in his eyes and Alyssa standing not to far off doing her level best to try and not crack up at the treatment he was getting from her family.

"No sir," He flushed into the phone, "Well to be honest I don't know if that's even possible… I mean… What I mean is its not that I wouldn't… it's just that… I'm not sure how…NO WAIT that's not what I meant it's just…"

I giggled at his predicament. "So I see you've introduced Jack to your dad?"

"Not that obvious is it?" She grinned at me.

Optimus looked at him, "And just how long has he been on there?"

Alyssa shrugged. "I dunno, what time is it?"

I shook my head at her, "Hadn't you better rescue the poor guy? You don't want his audios fried."

She gave a very theatrical sigh and finally agreed, "Oh fine, Ruin all of my fun." Then she grinned and reached over to pluck the phone out of the exasperated Wheeljack's grasp and started talking to her folks again.

"We have to go Dad, Jack has to go back to work. Yes, yes, I promise to call you later and let you know what's up." She paused, "Thanks again, you take care… Love you too."

Wheeljack shook his head at my self and Optimus, "I've never seen any sentient being that talks that MUCH!"

Alyssa closed the phone and looked back at him, "You haven't met the rest of my family love. They are just this side of impossible to get off the phone."

"No kidding," I grinned.

"HEY! What's that supposed to mean?" She glared at me.

"Not a thing dear not a thing." I smiled and then sobered up a bit, "So have you called your mom yet and let her know?"

"No, now I have to do that," Her face contorted in a manner that made her look like shed just swallowed some kind of insect.

"Well you'd better get it over with," Optimus advised, "The sooner you get it over with the less time you have to worry about it."

"I worried that there wont be any thing left of me of me to worry about it when my mom and step dad get done with me."