"Morning y'all," yawned Cyborg as he entered the main room. He received a nod of acknowledgement from Robin, who was busy flirting with Starfire on the couch in front of the television. Starfire, who was giggling shamelessly, didn't hear him. Rubbing the sleep out of his one real eye, he continued to walk down the stairs and head towards the kitchen. Beastboy was already there scrambling egg substitutes and cooking tofu bacon. Cyborg lifted an eyebrow in disgust but continued to walk towards the fridge. He had long ago decided that an argument with Beastboy on vegan issues would never end. Robin had mediated an uneasy truce that as long as neither of them tries to force his dish on the other, they would stop the constant bickering.

Hearing the whirring of the sliding doors, the cybernetic teen looked up from the fridge to see Raven standing in the doorway with her hood up. Uninterested, he returned to scanning for a suitable breakfast.

However Beastboy continued to gaze at the young woman slowly gliding towards the coffee machine. He watched her pale, slender hands reach out from the folds of cape and gracefully place tea leaves in the strainer. Her face remained hidden beneath her hood.

I wonder why she's not showing her face, Beastboy thought. Raven should take her hood off more often and flaunt that pert nose and those sexy eyes…whoa!! Did I just think the words "sexy" and "Raven" in the same sentence? And the scary part is, this isn't the first time! It's official. I'm crazy. He looked slightly below her face and cocked his head to one side. Then on the other hand, she's got a nice rack and ass—

His thoughts were suddenly interrupted by a large fire that had erupted from the neglected eggs and bacon. Flames were sprouting from the pan and licking at his hand. Giving a loud shout, he pulled his hand back and used the other to try and contain the fire. After Beastboy flailed around for a couple minutes, Raven covered the stove in a black aura, suffocating the flames. Then she came over to green changeling and took his burnt hand in hers. Soon a black glow was transmitted from her hand to his. Beastboy felt a cool tingling sensation overcome the blistering heat. Looking up he saw how close he really was to her face. By the time Raven was done healing, a dark blush had taken control of Beastboy's face.

"Uh...thanks Rae," Beastboy managed to stammer out, laughing nervously. Raven simply left without acknowledging his presence.

Damn these stupid hormones, Beastboy thought before turning to see how his breakfast had fared during the fire. All that remained of his breakfast was ash. "Shit."


"Sincerely, Beastboy," the changeling murmured to himself as he signed off in a black leather book. Given it was more like faux leather. He would never dream of using the skin of a fellow creature for a book. The horror.

He had been writing in his journal on one of the large boulders that were sprawled around the shore outside of Titan's Tower. Closing the book, he began to trek back towards the Tower. As he was walking through one of the hallways that lead to his room, his shoulder connected with something, causing him to drop his journal in the process. Looking up, his eyes connected with two lavender orbs.

Beastboy and Raven's eyes held for a brief moment before they both scrambled to recover what they had dropped. Beastboy handed one of the books back to her, loosing himself in her eyes once again. "Thanks," Raven mumbled softly before walking briskly in the direction of her room.

Beastboy stood there for a few seconds, mouth slightly agape, before he continued walking towards his room. Once there, he threw the journal on his desk and jumped onto his bed with a flop. He stared at the ceiling for awhile, unable to get the mysterious girl out of his head. All of a sudden, his stomach grumbled. He sat up, clutching his gut, and remembered the breakfast he never had.

I am sooo hungry! Maybe there's a candy bar or something in my room. With that he turned into a blood hound and started sniffing through the large piles of dirty clothes and magazines scattered throughout the room. That's funny, he thought, something smells like leather. He started sniffing around, searching for the origin of the smell. Finally he settled on his journal. That doesn't smell like my journal...Oh no!

Hurredly he changed back into his human form and opened the book. On the first hand, written in very neat script, said:

The Diary of Raven

Beastboy paced around his room, weighing his options. He could just return it to her, but she would get mad and accuse him of reading it. So then, why shouldn't I just read it? She's going to get mad at me anyways, I might as well get something out of it. Like maybe who she likes...

Beast boy turned over the first page and started reading.