I use Arrested in Shanghai by Rancid later in the chapter. I really recommend listening to it. It's a hella good song.


Chapter 5: Isolation with Company

Two Weeks. That's how long it had been since Beastboy "accidentally" read Raven's diary, and since then, the only thing on his mind was how he was going to make his first move...

"Beastboy, watch out!" Starfire shouted. Snapping out of his daydream, Beastboy rolled to avoid the pieces of the Jump City Ritz that were now flying, across Main Street, at him.

After he recovered his stature he looked over his shoulder to get a better look at the creature the Titans were now facing. It was covered in thick brown fur and had a face that seemed to be a cross between a cat and a monkey. Although humanoid, it seemed more comfortable running on all fours, each limb ending in a hand or foot with six-inch claws. Although it was only six feet tall, it was remarkably strong and incredibly fast.

"Hey Soda Machine," Beastboy, panting from the adrenaline, shouted at Cyborg. "Next time S.T.A.R. Labs decides to play with genetic mutation, tell them not to take their creations out on walks without leashes."

"Shut up Grass Stain," Cyborg shouted, loosening a blast at the creature. The blast missed, hitting a streetlight instead. With the base weakened, the lamp began to fall on top of Raven. Raven, who was busy trying to dodge the slashes the creature was now throwing at her, was unaware of the impending danger from above.

Beastboy, without thinking, dove in order to knock Raven out of harm's way. The lamp instead hit the creature directly on the head, slamming it to the ground.

"You all right?" Beastboy asked. Then he realized how close he was, how he could see her porcelain skin, her amethyst eyes, her very soft lips…

Too close, Raven thought, panicking. She quickly pushed him off her and got up, nervously brushing off imaginary dust. Beastboy stood up as well, whistling anxiously. Both refused to look the other one in the face. Neither noticed the creature get up and jump on them.

Oh damn, Beastboy thought right before blacking out, I guess these things have thicker skin than I thought.


Raven woke up in the infirmary. She could clearly see Robin, Cyborg, and Starfire staring at her. And Robin didn't look too happy.

"What the fuck were you two doing out there? You could have been killed!"

Raven blinked. Two? Then she looked to her right and saw Beastboy lying in the bed next to her. All of a sudden she remembered what was going on. The creature, the lamp, Beastboy landing on top of me...

A blush crept slowly onto her face when she remembered that last thought. I'll just pretend it never happened, she thought before returning her focus to the now raging Robin.

"Not only could you have been killed, but you endangered the operation and the others around you! How the hell could you two be so stupid"? Robin screamed, veins popping from his forehead. "I'm not an idiot. I know that something has been going on between you two that has caused you to avoid each other. I was fine with it when you guys were in the tower; I figured you guys would figure out how to deal with it on your own. But now that it's affecting you in the field, I am going to have to fix it."

"How do you expect to do that"? Beastboy inquired.

"I'm glad you asked," Cyborg said before turning on one of the monitors. On the screen, there were several blueprints of a room neither Raven nor Beastboy had seen before. "While you two were catatonic, we built a room in the basement of the tower. It is built out of 4 meters of a lead and steal alloy. This means the Grass Stain will be unable to break down the walls using some morph or burrow through it. The toxicity of the walls, if consumed, would kill him.

Also, we asked Zatanna, from the Justice League, to put a charm on the room so that Raven couldn't teleport out of it. So basically you two are trapped. We've decided that we're going to put you into that room and leave you there until you settle your differences"

"What"? both Raven and Beastboy shouted, exchanging nervous glances.

Next thing they knew, they were locked in the room, still looking at each other nervously.

"How will they know when we have 'solved' our differences"? Beastboy asked.

"I don't know," Raven answered.



The room was a cold slate color. In the center of the room, there was a steel table with two chairs, made of the same material, on the opposite side. In one corner there were two blankets and two pillows. Their teammates had told them they were willing to keep them in there for days if need be.

Raven had claimed one corner and was busy meditating. Beastboy had taken the opposite one. Drumming a steady beat he began to sing slowly:

"They was sure I was guilty but I committed no crime

They said confessions bring lenience so they put me on the line

So I protest the massacres at the Tiananmen Square

My friends said yo, stay away man, you better not go fucking back there, oh!

"One day I may write about my opinions about the state

And freedom of expression they would never tolerate

And the military secrets that I never did steal

I didn't start no violence, no, and there was nobody that I killed, no.

"So I have a clear account of all the abuses of power

And the memories of my homeland have now gone sour

And I only got one weapon; it's so plain for me to see

My only weapon, I call, poetry"

Raven opened one eye to look at Beastboy to see him completely into the song. She was really turned on.

"And I don't even know why

The truth seems like a lie

In my cell there is no sky

When I was arrested in Shanghai

"Into wealth and privilege, huh, I was not born

But a devotion to freedom and liberty, I was sworn

So every emotion is studied, watched and controlled

Who gets paid, who gets disciplined, who gets rolled

"A transmitter beams my coordinates anywhere on earth

And radio waves, surveillance, satellite burst

Open up your skull and let some knowledge come in

Crack open the cranium and let awareness begin..."

She was starting to notice the little things about him, from the wrinkles around his eyes as he scrunched them up to the way his fang would disappear behind his lip as he sang. She could feel her emotions rising dangerously close to the surface.

"And I don't even know why

The truth seems like a lie

In my cell there is no sky

When I was arrested in Shanghai

When I was arrested in Shanghai

When I was arrested in Shang-oomph!"

Beastboy was suddenly flung across the cell by a black hand. Landing on his butt, he looked up at Raven. "What the hell did you do that for"? he asked irritably.

"Couldn't concentrate," Raven stated. That wasn't a lie. His sheer presence was making it hard to focus. But, because of his singing, her lust was dangerously close to controlling her body. Her feelings were becoming harder and harder to deny.

Something in Beastboy snapped. All the pain and angst he had been holding in since joining the Titans suddenly burst to the surface. "Can't concentrate! You fling me across the room, nearly breaking my fucking neck, because you can't concentrate? At least give me a good reason"

Raven just sat there numbly, completely shocked by Beastboy's sudden outburst.

"I mean you've been acting weird ever since I read your diary—"

That's when Raven got angry too. "You read it! I have a lot of personal stuff in there. I don't appreciate—"

"You don't appreciate what? Me reading it? Or me knowing that you like me?"

Raven gasped.

Beastboy didn't care.

"Yeah, I know you like me. And you know what? I like you too."

"I know," Raven whispered, looking away guiltily.

"You know! You know and you've let me suffer for the past two fucking weeks! I can't believe you!"

"You are so full of shit, you know that BB? I made you suffer? Why couldn't you come up to me and say 'Hey I like you, you like me, let's do something'?"

"What would you have said, Raven?"


"Exactly. You would have said no"

"Oh don't give me that. You don't know what it's like to be the daughter of the devil! I have had to spend my entire life worrying about my powers—"

"Don't give me your powers excuse again. You don't have to let yourself be ruled by your father. News flash: he's not here. Stop using him as an excuse"

"How dare y—"

Raven was interrupted by Beastboy's sudden kiss. Her eyes open wide when she realized what was happening, but she soon closed them, deepening the kiss. It wasn't a great kiss, neither was that experienced, but it served its purpose. When they broke away, both were tingling all over.

"See," Beastboy croaked, "nothing blew up"

"Yeah," Raven said before pulling him into another, deeper, kiss.


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