Disclaimer: FullMetal Alchemist belongs to Square Enix and Arakawa Hiromu. This was done for fun.

Author's Note: It popped into my mind last night, at least the last stanza did. I had to rewrite it several times until I was satisfied, and this is the result. It was intended to be funny, I hope I succeeded.

Last Warning by Edward Elric

Did I ask for your 'flattering' insults
Or if I wanted to know my exact size?
Never, so what are you thinking of
To say 'shorty' right in my face?

Call me small one more time
And you shall feel my wrath.
Listen to my words,
Long life won't be in for you anymore.

Maybe I shouldn't have started this.
Especially since I'm running out of ideas.

Al... tell me again... why am I doing this?

So I'll repeat this only once
Hope you'll understand it this time.
Or I'll have to beat some sense into you.
Remember from now on
That by calling me 'shorty',
You've signed your own death penalty.

Edward Elric, a.k.a. Fullmetal Alchemist