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Summary: "Lily, you are like the sun to me." James propped himself up on his elbow and looked down at her. "It is true that the sun is but a star, and in all the world there are so many. But to the earth the sun provides life. I am like the earth Lily, without you, I could never be the same person."

When She Smiles:

All Hallows Eve.

"I can now honestly say that I, Lilea Evans, hate potions, not to mention Mr. Kensington, with a passion." Lily and I were running from the dungeons up to the Great Hall at full speed. "I can't believe him! Taking away 15 points from Gryffindor just because I wanted to help Pete cut up his Gilfrine weed! Now honestly! You'd think that he wanted us all to fail his class!"

"Well not all of us," I quickly replied, "He was certainly happy to award Bellatrix with 20 points when she nicely informed him that Sirius was copying his potions homework under the table …ugh… she's such a rat."

"No kidding, I can't believe that the two of them are cousins. Sirius and Bellatrix aren't alike in any remote way."

"Yeah, and thank God!" We had finally reached the Great Hall, we sat down in the closest empty seats at the Gryffindor table. About every other girl in Hogwarts seemed to have the same idea as us. Eat early and leave plenty of time to dress for the dance later. Lily pointed out that there wasn't a single boy in the great hall. (Save Peter, who practically lives in the Great Hall).

"Figures, looking nice is the last thing that any boy would care about."

Soon enough Lily and I were back up in the common room, in a hurry to get our dresses, "Hey May!" Remus yelled, we stopped reluctantly, and turned towards Remus. "Could you come show me how this Instratilous charm works?"

I gave him an exasperated look from across the room, but trudged over to help him. Lily followed behind. "Okay, what is the exact wand motion while you say the charm?"

"Remus, is it really that difficult?" I said it a bit harsher than I meant to. He gave me an odd, helpless sort of look. I rolled my eyes and quickly tried to explain. "See, you start with the right hand stance, looping it upwards and around in a clockwise six motion. Then quickly pull it downward in a jagged cut, squaring the loop-part of your original figure six. Cut the wand across your body in a double backhanded motion while curtly nodding your head at the same time. Understand?"

Obviously he hadn't, not only was Remus staring at me with a dull, blank expression, Sirius and James had now joined him with identical faces. I sighed loudly and prepared myself to explain again.

"This will take forever." Lily interrupted from beside me. "From the looks of this, it will take you at least six explanations, not to mention four visual examples before they understand any of this. May, you'd be better off saving your time and explaining all this tomorrow." I nodded in agreement.

"What's the big hurry?" asked Sirius, "My boy Remus here needs a little assistance, what thing could be ever remotely more important then helping him with this charm?"

"You're forgetting that the masquerade is tonight." Said Lily.

"Yeah, so…."

"Well we've got to get ready!"

"What!" piped up James, "You've got two hours!"

"And we need every minute of it." Lily said defiantly.

"How on earth could it possibly take two hours for you to put on a dress?"

"There is more to it than that, James. Shoes, make-up, hair, jewelry, and roommates. We honestly need two hours."

"I doubt it, fifteen minutes at best, that leaves you plenty of time to help Remus."

"Well if you would prefer that May and I dress up in potato sacks, and go to the dance as vegetables. Fifteen minutes would be plenty of time!"

"What's wrong with that? It's what I'm planning to do!"

Lily laughed and gave him a defeated sort of look. "I give up, James! A potato sack it will be!" Lily skipped up to the dorm while the rest of us laughed behind her.

"Remus, you get one more shot at understanding this…" I started.

"It's okay, May." Interrupted Remus, "Go get ready. Use your two hours wisely. I was only hoping to learn the charm, but instead I've learned just how crazy you and Lil really are! That's more than enough info for tonight." I punched him in the arm, and threatened James and Sirius who were both still smirking at me. Then I started up to the dorms with a smile.

"May, wait a sec," This was James, "tell me what Lily will be disguised as tonight."

"That's cheating!" I teased.

"Please?" I got the puppy dog eyes with this one. "Why?" I asked curiously.

"Well… (silence)… um… There was something that I was hoping to talk with her about tonight." I could tell that James instantly regretted saying this. Remus and Sirius both started whistling and slapping James on the back. He began blushing furiously.

"Why James," Sirius mocked. "I was hoping to talk with Lily about something tonight also. What a coincidence! In fact I have something special to ask her…"

"…and you better be asking her about homework." James said seriously. Sirius just laughed and grinned evilly. James ignored him and turned back to me. "Please May?"

I smiled at him. "A star." I said quietly. "She'll be the only one there, I'm sure of it." James smiled at me sincerely, and I could see the thanks in his eyes.

"And May, what will you be disguised as tonight?" asked Sirius comically. I raised my eyebrows. "… you know, incase James has something to tell you tonight aswell." James turned around and punched Sirius in the arm. "Ha, ha. There's no need for violence mate!"

James laughed and muttered something that sounded suspiciously like 'You'll be sorry, Sirius' under his breath. Sirius must have heard it to. "What James? Could you say that a bit louder? Did you just say that you've got something important to tell me tonight aswell!" He didn't even give James time to answer before jumping up, "Whoohoo! James I never knew that you felt that way about me! I'm flattered! WHOOHOO! James Potter FANCIES me!" Sirius ran out of James' reach and darted around the common room, with James chasing behind.

Remus and I laughed at the two of them, and I started up for the girls' dorm. Time to get ready. "May!" yelled an out of breath Sirius, "What can I find you dressed as?"

"Sirius," I yelled back, "If you're determined to find me, then you'll be able to! I'm not telling you what I'll be dressed as!"

"What! That's not fair," He was now cornered by James. "You told James! I should get the same kind of treatment a…" Sirius didn't get to finish his sentence; James had jumped on him from behind, and wrestled him to the floor. I laughed at them, then continued up the stairs to go help Lily.

"Wow you escaped! Bravo May!" cheered Lily as I walked into the dorm. I stopped suddenly, and was taken aback by the massive amounts of clothing that were scattered through out the room. Clothing, shoes, make-up. Everywhere!

"Lily did you get angry or something?" I asked quizzically.

"Nope, this mess is all the work of our lovely roommates. Now you can see that they really didn't have to leave potions class an hour early for a remedial transfiguration lesson. Just needed an extra hour to admire themselves in front of the mirror. That's just like them, isn't it?"

"Yup, exactly. Now how long are they gonna be in the bathroom?"

"Not to worry! I've already got that figured out. We've compromised that they get the bathroom… and ONLY the bathroom, while we get the dorm. They won't be disturbing us any time soon! So good cheer May! Grab one of these root beers and lets get started!"

Lils and I had a blast getting ready! Went through three root beers each, and we split an entire bag of Doritos. True to our word we used every moment of the two hours we needed to get ready. The end result was lovely. Our dresses looked radiant. Lily truly did shine, and I looked as intricate as a real snowflake. We didn't have to worry about the actual masks. Dumbledore puts a spell on the Great Hall so that no one is known, unless they wish to be known. But I must admit that our hair was the most difficult part.

Lily curled my hair into soft waves, then took the top half of it up into a complex bun. A snowflake pattern. We charmed my dark blue highlights into a baby-blue, and placed beautiful (unmelting) snowflakes through the bottom part of my hair. My face was framed in soft waves, and a dainty stone headdress.

We left Lily's hair in curls. And piled it all up on top of her head. Her face was framed with ringlets, and we set amber-based stones throughout her hair. We skillfully wove golden and white ribbons through the top part of her hair. It was my favorite part of her outfit, since Lily didn't have a headdress; the ribbons looked almost like a crown or a beautiful headband.

Our make-up was nothing compared to that of our roommates, so I won't even describe it. Of course they eventually broke their promise and stormed into our dorm. They were all quite the sight to see. Especially Geminey, who decided to be a Muggle lifeguard. It was…well….interesting.

Eight-thirty eventually rolled around. The roommates left, and Lily and I were finally finished. We both looked exquisite. "Ready Lils? Lets do this!"

"Wait May," Lily said as we began climbing down the steps, "Are you really intending to wear those?" She pointed to my feet where my faithful old tennies were poking out beneath my dress. She laughed at me and continued down the stairs. "I'll wait for ya down here."

An omniscient narrator

Lily stepped into the common room. Deserted. 'Figures,' she thought to herself while looking at the clock. 8:17. She slumped down in a comfy looking armchair to wait for Sera. Careful not to wrinkle her beautiful dress.

"Lily?" Apparently the common room wasn't as deserted as she had thought. Lily quickly straightened up in her chair and looked towards the direction that she had heard the voice coming from. Joseph Schulte came walking towards her. He's a 7th year and the Gryffindor keeper for the quidditch team. He was disguised as what looked to be a bear, and carried a long stemmed rose in his hands.

"Hi, Joseph." Said Lily politely, although she was truly terrified. She was pretty sure that she knew why he was here. Now she had to think of something to say…um…"Why aren't you at the dance?"

That had been the wrong question to ask, "Well I was waiting for you actually." Joe said shyly.

Lily pretended to look surprised, "Why would you want to do that?" she could feel her stomach filling with butterflies. This wasn't the way she had wanted to start her night, a confrontation with Joe. She only hoped that the horror she felt inside of her wasn't showing on her face.

"Listen, Lily," Joe took a deep breath and grabbed Lily's hands to hold them in his own. "I know that you don't know me very well, and I know that we are constantly rivals on the quidditch pitch. But I was hoping that tonight you might let me take you to the masquerade… as my date." Lily stared at him in disbelief. But he wasn't finished yet. "I really like you Lily, and I have liked you for a long time. You look so beautiful tonight. Please Lily, say that you will go with me."

Lily was speechless, she couldn't think. Words began spilling from her mouth before she was even sure of what she was saying. "Joe, I'm flattered that you asked me… but I'm not really looking for a date tonight." Joe's face fell and he dropped Lily's hands from his own. "It's not that I don't want to go with you," Lily continued, noticing his disappointment. "I'm just not ready to be in any sort of a relationship with anyone. It's not what I want for right now. I'm sorry, but I hope you understand…"

At precisely the wrong moment May bounded into the common room "These look better Lily?" She stopped abruptly when she saw Joe and Lily together. Joe kept his eyes locked with Lily's for a moment, then broke eye contact.

"This rose was for you, keep it, or throw it away. I don't care." Joe's tone had turned bitter. Lily awkwardly took the rose that Joe handed to her. Then he quickly turned away, muttered good evening to May as he passed her on his way out, and slammed the portrait behind him.

"Well this evening is certainly off to a good start," said May sarcastically while running to Lily's side. Lily was staring sadly at the delicate white rose in her hands. "Lils, you're a heart breaker!" This got a small smile from Lily.

"Lets just forget that this happened. We'll have a wonderful evening all the same!" said Lily, her cheerful spirit returning. "Care if I escort you to the dance?" May laughed as Lily held out her arm. The two girls linked arms and walked to the great hall laughing and smiling the entire way.

The great hall looked beautiful. Jack-o-lanterns with all sorts of different faces were peering out from every corner. Black and orange confetti slowly drifted down from the cloud-covered ceiling, and the 'Shrieking Sisters' were towards the front of the hall playing on their string-instruments. The music was breath taking! The hall was filled with people, all sorts of different costumes. Everything from fairies to hippogriffs, and Sponge fish to wooden spoons.

"Well Lils, now that you've gotten me here, what do you intend to do with me?" asked May.

"I was just thinking about that myself, how about we go find the punch!"

"Excellent idea!" May laughed, silently hoping the night would get a bit more eventful then making constant trips to the punch bowl. Lily and May had hardly walked eight steps toward the punch before two Hufflepuff boys dressed as playing cards came up and asked them to dance. Both girls agreed. Might as well live a little! They all danced together through the first few songs, and eventually May and Lily wandered away again.

"Maybe this dance won't be so bad!" said May enthusiastically. After her and Lily had sat down at a table. "Won't be able to complain about having no one to dance with now!" Lily nodded in agreement. The Shrieking Sisters began to play a slower song. Couples began forming on the dance floor. "Wouldn't it be fun to have somebody to really dance with?" sighed May, "You know, where the only thing that matters is you and that one person." The two girls sat in silence for awhile.

"Hey, it looks like you might soon be getting your chance," Lily pointed to a tall boy who was approaching their table. When the boy reached the table he smiled down at May, offered her his hand, and they went off to dance together. It was a long song. Lily remained at her table and watched May dance with the mysterious boy.

"So tell me, which house are you from?" the boy asked quietly. May was taken aback by his voice. It wasn't the one she had been hoping to hear. She pretended that she hadn't heard the question and kept dancing. "I'm a Slytherin, 6th year." The boy continued. "You look really beautiful tonight." May gave him a small forced smile, but remained silent. She couldn't concentrate on what this boy was saying to her, she didn't really care. Where was Sirius?

Lily continued to watch May dance with the boy. She was amazed by how much May had opened up in the last couple months. Seeing May dance comfortably with a stranger was defiantly a first. It was also apparent that May seemed disappointed with him. Lily smiled to herself, she knew exactly why May was saddened. He hadn't ended up being the boy that May had hoped to be dancing with. Lily could practically read May's mind, they knew each other so well.

"What's there to be smiling at?" a voice asked from behind Lily. Lily turned around to see a tall boy disguised as a stag leaning on the back of her chair. "And why is a pretty girl like you not out there dancing?" The boy sat down in May's empty seat. Disguise or not, it didn't take much for Lily to figure out who this was. She could recognize that hair anywhere, dark brown and sticking up on end. Lily laughed.

"I'm actually quite surprised that you're not out their dancing either…. James…"

"That obvious is it? Well believe me Lils, it wasn't too hard to pick you out of the crowd either!"

"How so?" demanded Lily.

"With hair as red as yours, it'd be harder to spot an elephant!"

Lily laughed, "Well I guess that our hair will be both of our downfalls."

"That's for certain!" James smiled at Lily. She looked so beautiful; he couldn't help but to wish that she was his girlfriend. Lily was so different then any other girl he had ever known, there always seemed to be something new to learn about her. Lily was truly exquisite. "So what are you doing sitting here all alone Lilly-Billy?"

Lily nodded her head towards May, who was still dancing with the Slytherin boy. "It's so amazing, how she's opened up this year…I love just watching her, she has so much confidence now."

"So have you." Said James. While silently taking notice of May's costume, so that Sirius could be informed later.

"What?" asked Lily confused.

James directed all of his attention to Lily. "You've opened up! Lily, until this year, I hardly noticed that you existed. But now I have this wonderful new relationship with you. And it's almost scary to think about how I lived without you up until this point. I never knew what I was missing out on."

Lily looked deep into James' dark brown eyes, and she could tell that he meant every word that he just said. "James, do you want to dance?" Lily shocked herself when she heard the words coming from her mouth. But James eyes lit up immediately, and he began leading her onto the dance floor. James led Lily to a less crowded area of the dance floor, and put his arms carefully around her small waist.

"Hey Prongs!" James looked over to see Sirius standing by the wall.

"Padfoot!" James yelled back, he reluctantly pulled away from Lily for a moment to talk with Sirius. "Wow, what are you up to? It's really not like you to be standing around."

"Oh, I was just getting ready to contaminate the punch." Said Sirius while he smiled evilly and pulled out a potion vile from his cloak filled with a purple liquid.

"Jasnin potion Sirius? That's brilliant! Looks like everyone who will be drinking the punch will have a lot of unwanted facial hair tomorrow morning."

"Yeah, so just a word of warning… don't drink any punch, I'm gonna sneak over there now to slip this in… and, uh, have you seen May?"

"Yeah Padfoot, she's dressed as a snowflake. She looks great, I'm sure that you won't have any trouble finding her."

"Kay, thanks. Have fun with Lily tonight." Sirius gave James a wink, and headed off towards the food stands, while James went back to dance with Lily.

Lily couldn't help but to feel secure, locked in James arms while they danced. This all felt so right to her, yet she didn't want to believe it. She couldn't. She remembered what she had told Joe earlier that evening. She wasn't ready for a relationship, with anyone. Lily seemed to lose all sense of time, the song seemed like it would last forever, and she had no objections to that.

When the song finally ended Lily led James back to their table. "Listen Lils, It's getting sort of hot in here. Do you wanna take a walk outside?"

"Of course," said Lily, getting to her feet "but I want to tell May first." May was on her way back to the table. She looked plenty relieved to have escaped the Slytherin boy.

"Where are the two of you going?" teased May.

"Just for a walk." Replied Lily innocently. "It's getting kind of warm in here.

"Ohhhh" said May finally figuring out what James was up to.

"Do you want to come with us?" asked Lily.

May smiled as James's eyes locked with hers. He was pleading with her. "No, I don't think so." She said, while giving James a wink. "I think that I'll stay in here and look around for Sirius."

"That sounds like a great idea!" James quickly responded. "I'm sure that will make Sirius happy, last time I saw him he was over by the punch bowl. You might find him over there."

"Okay, thanks James, I guess that I'll see the two of you later!" May rushed off into the crowds of people to look for Sirius, while James took Lily's arm in his and lead her outside.


The night was absolutely gorgeous. The clouds had cleared out, and now the sky was now painted with stars. The cold night air made Lily shiver and draw her shawl closer around her shoulders. Lily could see other couples walking around in the courtyard. Some sitting on the benches and kissing. Lily was positive that James hadn't taken her outside for that though.

They walked along the stone walkways for awhile, talking about basically anything that came to mind. Lily felt so comfortable talking with James; so far her night had been wonderful. Lily led James to her favorite spot by the willow. The branches hung low, and you could see a beautiful view of the lake. James collapsed into the grass, and lay looking through the branches and up to the stars. "You fit right in Lily, you're more beautiful then any of these stars." Lily sat down in the grass next to him, then laid back and gazed up at the stars aswell.

"There are so many," replied Lily, "How can one be any more beautiful then another. In all the universe there seem to be so many."

"Lily, you are like the sun to me." James propped up on his elbow and looked down at her. "It is true that the sun is but a star, and in all this world there are so many. But to the earth the sun provides life. I am like the earth Lily, without you, I could never be the same person."

Lily felt tears prickle in the back of her eyes, nobody had ever said something like this to her before. She had never felt so beautiful.


Meanwhile May was inside the castle searching for Sirius. 'He's got to be in here somewhere,' May thought to herself, 'it can't be that hard to find him. Tall, dark shaggy hair, probably surrounded by girls…. Why was this so difficult.

She suddenly felt a strong pair of arms wrap around her waist from behind. May smiled and turned around. She had found the one whom she had been searching for… or rather he found her. The tall boy was disguised as an eagle, but May could see small bits of dark hair poking out from his mask. She smiled into his eyes, "I've been looking for you!"

"Why, I've been looking everywhere for you too!" said the boy.

"I was afraid we might have to send out a search party for you Sirius, I was beginning to think that you had died." May wrapped her arms around Sirius's waist and gave him a hug. The boy froze and looked down at the girl wrapped in his arms with confusion. Sirius? What? She had to be mistaken, but he quickly regained his composure after he noticed how beautiful the girl was.

"Well luckily for both of us I haven't died. Yet." He laughed, "Do you want to dance, beautiful?"

"Of course!" May said with a smile. She led the boy onto the dance floor, and spent the next two hours of the evening locked in his arms.


Lily and James spent nearly an hour together looking up into the stars. James had carefully put his arm around Lily's shoulders and had her head resting against his chest. As Lily was laying there against him James looked upon her beautiful face and was reassured of the original reason he had brought her outside. She looked so peaceful, her beautiful eyes closed, and her lips curved upward in a small smile. "Lily?" James said softly. She opened her eyes slowly. "There is something that I've been meaning to talk with you about for a long time."

Lily sat up a bit straighter and gazed into his eyes. "Yes, James…"

"I meant what I said earlier, about you meaning the world to me. Meeting you, and getting closer to you has taught me so much. I'm hardly the same person anymore."

Lily stared up at him and remained silent. She could feel the dread building up inside her. This speech sounded oddly familiar. Hadn't she just heard this earlier the same evening? "James..." started Lily

He ignored her and kept going. "I'm always learning something new with you, and that's why I have been thinking that we could be more then friends. It would work out, I'm positive of it…"

"James," said Lily a bit louder. This time she got his attention. "I can't…"

"What do you mean Lils? I'm sure that you can see just as well as I can how we would fit together perfectly, it will work." Lily believed him too, a relationship would be perfect, but…

"James its not that I can't, I just won't… things are more complicated then you realize."

"But why Lily, I don't understand…"

"James, a serious relationship just isn't what I want right now… and honestly, I don't want to be one of those girls that you just play around with, then put up on a shelf…"

"Lily, that's not the way I feel about you at all… a shelf is the last place I would put you."

"I'm sorry James, I didn't mean it in that way. I do like you, a lot. And I do believe that something could work between us…but all that I am asking you, is to- to wait… I'm just not prepared."

James understood how she felt, and he didn't press the matter any further. He looked down at this amazing girl with a new respect now. This was the first time that he had ever been rejected. Lily hadn't been afraid to speak for what she wanted. "I understand Lily, I will wait for you." James pulled Lily into his arms and gave her a big hug.

"Thank you James, I think I'm going to go back to the castle now. I had fun tonight, and I'm truly sorry that things can't be how you want them right now."

"Good night Lily. I guess that sometimes, the best things don't always come easily. But I won't give up either."

"Good," replied Lily with a smile, "Good night to you too James."

May's night had been amazing. Sirius had been fairly quiet all evening, but equally devoted to her. The dance was nearly over; only about half an hour remained before curfew. "I have a surprise for you…" May looked up at the boy with surprise. "Come on, let's get out of here."

The boy led her by hand out of the Great Hall, and up the steps. "Where are we going Sirius?" May asked innocently.

"That's the surprise, close your eyes…." May gave him a questioning look. "I'll lead you there. You trust me, don't you?"

"Absolutely!" responded May, she willingly closed her eyes and allowed the boy to lead her through the halls.

James trudged back up to the castle. After Lily had left him he stayed under the willow tree, just thinking and trying to figure things out. Oddly enough, he hadn't felt too crushed about Lily's rejection, instead he felt hopeful. 'Next time,' he thought to himself, 'I will give her a reason to say yes. There won't be a doubt in her mind.'

The courtyard wasn't quite as crowded as it had been when James had brought Lily out before. He could only see a few couples scattered here and there. James continued walking through the courtyard when he spotted someone familiar.

Sirius, disguised as a large black dog was sitting on a bench with his arms wrapped around a girl that he was kissing. "Sirius…" laughed James, "I see that you've found May…." James stopped what he was saying immediately when he saw the girl. It wasn't May. James recognized her as a Ravenclaw girl, in the seventh year. What was going on?

"James!" Sirius yelled back to him, he kissed the girl he was with one last time, then got up to join James. The girl straightened out her dress then ran back inside the castle, waving goodbye to Sirius as she ran.

"What on earth was that?" asked James seriously. "I thought you wanted to be with May?"

"Well I did," said Sirius a bit harshly, "but when I found her she was already with a boy. She's been with him all night; I doubt that you could get her away from him if you had a dump truck pulling her in the opposite direction. Forget it James, May didn't want to be with me tonight. At least I'll know the truth now."

"That doesn't make any sense," said James, "when I last saw her she was looking for you, and wanted to dance with ONLY you…."

"Well obviously that changed."

"No, I don't think so, let's go in and try to find her… or at least see who she's dancing with."


The great hall held no signs of May... "Well she's got to be here somewhere." Sighed James in frustration.

Remus eventually came to join the two boys. "Who are you guys looking for?"

"A beautiful, giant, snowflake… that's what." Said Sirius, "Have you seen May anywhere Remus?"

"Yeah actually…I talked to her about ten minutes ago, said that she was leaving with you."

"What!" asked Sirius in shock. "With me?"

"Yeah, but seeing as you're not with her… I'd guess that I'm pretty safe as to say that she's not with you."

"Wow, Remus, you're a quick one… captain of the obvious we shall call you!" laughed James.

"Listen Rem, which way did she go?" pleaded Sirius. Remus pointed to the left doors, towards the transfiguration wing. And Sirius quickly ran off.

May had been walking for quite awhile, she could feel herself climbing up the fifth flight of stairs. Where on earth was Sirius taking her? She couldn't think of anything that was up this way except for empty classrooms. What sort of surprise did Sirius have planned?

The boy kept leading May through the deserted halls. Finally she felt him bring her to a stop and open a door. He led her inside, and she could feel cold, drafty air blowing against her face. "Sirius, this surprise better be good." Teased May.

"Trust me," he responded, "You'll love it."

May felt herself being lifted from the ground, and set on top of a desk. "Sirius, what on earth?" May opened her eyes, she couldn't stand the secretiveness any longer. Her eyes were greeted with darkness. But from the little that she could see of her surroundings she could tell that Sirius had taken her into an empty transfiguration classroom. May pulled the mask off her face and looked up at Sirius. He hadn't removed his mask yet.

" May." Said the boy, as if he had just figured out some valuable piece of information.

"Yeah, so what's the big surprise?" May asked innocently. The boy moved in closer to May and put his arms around her waist. He leaned in against her and pressed his lips onto her cheek. 'Something's not right,' thought May with panic, this wasn't like Sirius at all. "Take off your mask." May demanded.

"If that's how you'd like it," said the boy. He pulled the mask away from his face…. It took May's eyes awhile to adjust in the darkness, but she could already see the boy's unfamiliar features.

"Sirius?" She was now positive that her question had been in vain, this boy defiantly was not Sirius.

"I can be who ever you want me to be…" said the boy, as he moved closer to May.

"No," said May quickly, trying to move farther away. She begged her eyes to recognize who this boy was. She almost had it, her eyes had just about adjusted. Amos Diggory.

May's stomach dropped in horror. How had she ended up in an empty classroom with Amos, how could she have let herself be so ignorant, so stupid? She had fallen for Amos's trick. "Amos, I want to leave. I don't want to be here with you…."

"But you only just got here May." He leaned in closer to May. She tried to move away from him, but he caught her arms and pinned them down to the desk. "…And it looks like you won't be leaving for awhile."

Sirius raced towards the transfiguration classrooms. He had no way of being sure that he could find her there, but he could feel the constant pang in the back of his chest. May was in trouble, somewhere, he could just feel it. The entire hallway was completely dark… five doors lined each side of the hallway. Which one would May be in? He had to find her.

He tried the first doorway…locked…. he raced to the other side of the hall, third door down… locked. "Darnit! Sirius yelled in frustration. He continued trying the doors.

May couldn't escape him. Amos' strong arms held her down with such a massive force that she never could have guessed he possessed. "Please Amos, let me go." May pleaded desperately.

Amos pinned her arms to the desk harder. May screamed in pain, but was silenced as she felt Amos' cold lips press against her own. She continued to struggle against him, but couldn't get her arms free. Amos tried to kiss her again, but she jerked her head away just in time. May yelled for help. "You stupid ho," Amos grunted. May raised her feet up and kicked him in the stomach.

Amos gasped in pain, and let go of one of May's arms. She lifted herself off the desk with one arm, and tried to protect herself. But not before his hand flew towards her. Hitting her right in the side of the face. The impact of the blow made May fall back onto the desk. She yelped in pain, and stopped struggling. She let the darkness take her.

May remembered little of what happened after that. Except that Amos had been confronted and challenged by someone. The two boys yelled at each other a bit, and then Amos was hit with a stunning spell, he fell to the floor with a thud. Unconscious. May felt someone trying to prod her awake.

"May, are you alright, May..?" asked a familiar voice. May muttered something softly, then fell back into the comforting darkness.

Sirius carried May back through the halls and up to the Gryffindor tower. Her face was beginning to bruise from where Amos had hit her, and dark red marks had formed where he had been holding her down. Sirius couldn't help but to think that she still looked beautiful, he wished that he could take away all of the pain that she felt right now. If only he had gotten to her sooner….

Sirius found Lily in the common room; she immediately helped him take May upstairs to the dorm. Where they put her into bed and she slept.

"My word, I can't believe this happened!" screamed Lily furiously, when she was back in the common room surrounded by the rest of the marauders. "Amos hasn't seen anything yet until he hears from me." James held the shaking Lily tightly in his arms. Lily let herself collapse into him. His warmth felt so comforting to her right now. She wanted to cry. This night had turned horrible.

"Don't worry Lils," said James comfortingly. "Sirius is up there with her right now. She'll be fine…. And you will be too…just relax." Lily took his word for it, and closed her eyes, allowing herself to fall asleep in James' arms.

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