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It started out like any other night in New York City. Unbeknownst to the city below, high up on the roof tops sat two brothers, bickering as had become routine over the years, while out on their nightly patrol of the city. Unfortunately, the brothers were unaware that they were indeed being watched.


"Master Shredder, we have spotted the red and blue clad turtles just across town, shall we attack sir?"

Oroku Saki briefly considered this proposition, just presented unto him. For little over a year now they had brought Saki much trouble. Ahhh…I could attack these two now, who have been a great annoyance , but no, what would be the fun in that?

"No. Hold your attack. Tatsu, fetch my armor, I shall go myself and pay those two freaks a little surprise."

"Yes Master Shredder," said Tatsu as he bowed and hurried to get his masters gear, as the Shredder just stood their smiling while he thought of his sweet revenge.


"Raph, if you would just let us know where you're going before you leave we wouldn't have to go through this every time," Leo lectured as they stood at the edge of the roof, both oblivious to the impending doom drawing upon them.

"Just stay the fuck outta my business Leo. You got no right, I don' go stickin' my nose in everything you do!" yelled Raph, " An' I don't need ta hear one a yer damn lectures every time you deem necessary. Hell, I'd swear ya do it jus cause ya like listenin' to yerself talk!"

"Raph, it's not…" But Leo never finished his thought, as he spun around slicing the air with one of his katana, interrupting the path of the shuriken aimed to impact Raphael's head.

Senses now on full alert, Leonardo drew his other katana from its sheath, secured to his carapace, as Raphael drew his sais. The only thing to be heard in the deadly silence of the night being the hiss of Leo's katana as it slid from its sheath, as both Leonardo and Raphael got into their fighting stance, prepared for anything. Or at least that's what they thought.

Standing, shell to shell, weapons drawn, ninja senses tingling, Leonardo and Raphael began to see the dark shadows appear on the surrounding rooftops as they slightly, though only to the trained eye, stood out against the moonlit night sky. One form however, let the brothers in red and blue know just how much trouble they were in. Shadow looming over the other figures, as he stood perched on the ledge of the roof, across from the one Leo and Raph stood on, it was the glint of the metal spiked armor he wore that gave away just who it was the ninja brothers were facing.

"Oh hell no," sighed Raphael, as every muscle in his body tensed in anticipation of the battle he knew was just seconds away, which may very well be the end of him and Leonardo.

"Shredder…" Leonardo gasped as the realization hit him of exactly who he and his hot-headed brother were up against. Thoughts began to run through Leonardo's head of just a few months before, when they had defeated the Shredder on the docks behind the night club. How could he have survived that? There's no possible way. Even we barely made it home in one piece. It was because of that night that Leonardo and Raphael have been patrolling, just the two of them, the past few weeks. Donatello was still recovering from a broken foot, and Michelangelo a fractured wrist.

" Hey Leo, got any bright ideas ta get outta this one?"

" We wait until they give the order, then we fight to the end. And if we should go down, at least it will be with honor."

Raphael had to smile at that. It was nothing short of what he had expected from Leo.

"Only you could think a 'dat at a time like this, fearless leader." Though in all honesty Raphael would have to admit that he loved times like this. The rush of adrenaline, knowing that you are better skilled than all those you take down and you have the scars to prove that, and even the brush with death when you let a potentially deadly strike get a bit too close for comfort. One thing Raphael would not tolerate however, is anyone hurting his brothers, and he would be damned if he didn't kill every last one of them to let his brothers live in peace. Though since Raphael was quite sure that wasn't happening, he decided he's more than willing to do whatever it takes to protect Leonardo, be it putting his own health at risk. Then it came, the command that would change the two brothers forever.

"Foot ninja, attack!"