"I have at have surgery?!" Raph asked in shock.

He had thought this was just like any other injury they had sustained throughout their lives. Now it was painfully obvious that he had been wrong. Raph sighed and placed his head in his hands and directed his attention to his lap.

"Donny, are you sure that's the only solution?" questioned Leo, trying to find any other option to help his brother.

"Not if Raph wants to continue to be a ninja," Donny whispered. He hated having to tell his brothers this kind of news, but it obviously could no longer be avoided.

Leo looked at Raph and studied him as he focused on his lap. His leg was propped up and wrapped with ice. When Donny said he would no longer be able to continue practicing ninjitsu, without the surgery, Raph's head shot up and he stared at Donny with huge eyes. Leo knew there was no way Raph could discontinue his ninjitsu practice. He was a ninja at heart and it would kill him to not be able to continue with his brothers. Raph may not have been as dedicated as Leo to constantly practicing and perfecting his skills, but he knew no other way to live. Being ninja was how Raph and his brothers had always been raised.

Raph then looked at Leo, pleading with his eyes for Leo to do something and fix this for him.

"All right, well Raph quitting is no option. He's part of our team and we need him to continue with us. So, Donny, how would we go about getting this surgery, and what happens after it?" Leo asked.

"Well, I've done a lot of studying and reading up on these types of injuries previously, preparing in case something such as this ever did happen, and am confident that I can successfully perform this procedure," Donny said. Leo nodded his approval to Donny's answer as Don continued. "After the surgery, full recovery could take a while to get him back to one hundred percent. There will be extensive rehab and from then on Raph will have to wear a brace when we practice or are out on patrol and stuff, for extra support and protection," Donny said looking at Raph.

Raph sat and pondered this for a few seconds finally realizing he had no choice. He refused to quit. "Okay. I'll do it. Surgery, rehab, the brace, I'll do it. I don' like it, but if it means I don' hafta quit, I'll do it," Raph said.

Hearing that had greatly improved his previous mood, as he now knew he wasn't going to retire being a ninja early.

After figuring out what was to happen with Raph, Donnie cut Raph's ice off and re-wrapped his knee he went to get the crutches he had just finished making for Raph before Raph had yelled for him. He also decided he should let Master Splinter and Mikey know that Leo was awake.

As Donny walked in carrying the crutches for Raph, Master Splinter and Mikey followed him in.

"Hey dude! Nice ta see you're awake," Mikey exclaimed while giving his big brother a hug.

"Leonardo, I am also pleased to see you are awake. How are you feeling , my son?"

"I could be better. My head is killing me and my arm and stomach don't feel great, but I'm more worried about Raph," Leo told Splinter.

"And what is it that worries you for Raphael?" Master Splinter asked, and edge of concern in his expression. Splinter knew that Raph had indeed injured his leg, but Donatello had been unwilling to give any further details at the time.

As Leonardo glanced at his sensei, he found he was unable to explain what Donny had earlier, regarding Raph. He was suddenly feeling guilty for what had happened to Raph. While trying to decide how best to inform Splinter, many scenarios began playing through his head as to how Raphael's injury could have been prevented.

Leonardo then got very pale and began to sweat profusely, with a blank stare on his face, no longer concentrating on Master Splinter. He was getting dizzy and nauseous with the realization that his mistake the previous night may have very well cost his brother his career and could have cost his life.

"Sensei, I…I…my…it's…I…" Leo began stuttering with a far away look still in his eyes.

This had Master Splinter very worried, something was not right. "Leonardo. My son, you must concentrate on me, look at me Leonardo," though he could not get Leo to focus. He decided to get Donatello's attention from where he was instructing Raph on how to use the crutches.

"Donatello. Come over here immediately. Something is not right with your brother."

Donatello looked over at Master Splinter and instantly noticed how Leo's condition had altered.

"Master Splinter, what happened?" Donatello asked as he looked Leo over and checked his pulse and other vitals. I heard sensei ask about Raphael, must have cause Leo to stress out, therefore raising his blood pressure and making his symptoms worse. Definitely has a concussion though.

At this point Leo's head lolled to the side and his eyes began to slide closed.

"No, no Leo…Leo! Leo! Leonardo, stay with me! You have to keep your eyes open and talk to me buddy," Donatello said while gently patting Leo's cheeks trying to get him to come to.

Hearing Donatellos voice raise while trying to get Leo back, drew Mikey over and following him Raph clumsily hobbled over on his crutches.

"Donny what happened? What's wrong with Leo?" asked a panicky Michelangelo. Donny however didn't answer as he was frantically trying to get through to Leo.

Just seconds later Donny noticed Leo tense. His eyes shot open and his head jerked up as he jumped out of bed yelling his brothers name.


Though he wasn't up long because as soon as he tried to look around a wave of dizziness and pain hit him all at once and he collapsed, but Donny was there to catch as soon as he realized Leo was out of the bed.

Donny, with the help of Michelangelo, got Leo back in bed and began rechecking Leo's injuries, so as to be sure he hadn't disturbed them too much when he leapt out of bed.

"Mikey, run and get me a cool washcloth, a glass of cold water, and some acetaminophen," Donny said as he was checking Leo over.

"Wash cloth, water, and aceta…what?" Mikey asked.

"Tylenol Mikey, Tylenol."

"Right Tylenol, I knew that," Mikey lied as he ran off to get what he had been instructed to retrieve. Sheesh, why can't he just be normal and say Tylenol?!

Mikey ran back in with the requested items and handed them to Donatello, sitting the glass of water on the night stand.

Donatello took the cool washcloth and wiped the sweat from Leo's face, then placed it on his forehead.

A couple minutes later, Leo began to regain awareness. His eyes fluttered open and he slowly tried to sit up, but Donny kept him lying down.

"No Leo. I just want you to lay here and take it easy, okay. You gave up quite the scare. Can you tell me what happened?" Donny asked gently.

"I…Raphael, I'm sorry…I'm sorry I failed you," Leo said sadly as he turned his head away from everyone. He couldn't bare to look at them. He was the leader, their big brother. They looked up to him, and he had let them down by making a careless mistake, which may have very well cost Raphael his career.

Raph was shocked. Leo though he had failed him, when Leo was the one laid up in bed?

"No Leo. You've nevah failed me. So ya made a mistake. It happens ta all of us. I evidently made a couple myself ta be standin' here on these damned crutches," Raph explained to Leo.

"Here Leo, take some Tylenol for the pain," Donny said handing two pills and a glass of water to Leo.

"Donny you know Tylenol is never strong enough for me," complained Leo, staring at the pills in his hand. His head, and actually everything, was killing him.

"Yes, I know Leo. Though I'm pretty certain now that you do have a concussion, and it really isn't a good idea for you to take anything other than Tylenol. So, I'm sorry, but it's the best I can do, and it should at least take the edge off your pain," Donny explained as Leo then swallowed the two pills in his hand.

"All right Leo. We'll leave you here now to rest. You really need it. In a couple hours I'll bring you some food and check up on you. And don't be alarmed if you notice someone keep coming in, we'll be checking in on you periodically," Donny said as he shooed everyone out of the room.

Once out of Leonardo's room and settled in the living room, Donatello went to get more ice and pain relievers for Raphael, as his had now worn off, and he was quite miserable. As Donny wrapped the ice back on Raph's leg Master Splinter decided to restate his question from earlier.

"Now that we are all settled and Leonardo has been attended to. Would you care to tell me what is your conclusion on Raphael's injury, Donatello?"

Donatello gulped and looked up to Raphael for support. Raph locked eyes with Donny and nodded his approval, so as to let Donny know it would be fine. It had been hard for Donny to tell his two brothers, but now he had to tell his beloved father and sensei, that one of his sons may be unable to continue practicing ninjitsu.

Once Donatello had told Master Splinter everything he had told Raph and Leo, all was quiet until Master Splinter spoke.

"I hold full confidence in you Donatello, that you are completely capable of repairing Raphael's knee. I am sure you both should have nothing to worry about," Master Splinter said while looking back and forth between the two brothers, as Mikey looked on, shocked at everything that had happened.

Then before Donatello or Raphael could respond to Master Splinter, they heard a thud come from the direction of Leonardo's room and all rushed to see what had happened.