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Going down the only road I've ever known…

Willow sighed: reincarnation was a bitch.

She wished for the hundredth time that she'd been reincarnated as something other than a sentient computer program. In the 5,000 years since she'd 'died' the Powers That Be had brought her back more than a dozen times, always in order to save the world.

Even Buffy hadn't gotten it this hard.

She'd just gotten the hang of her new life when the rug had been well and truly pulled from under her feet, leaving her confused by a radically different world to the one she'd known.

Still, a smaller crew reminded her of the Sunnydale days, even if she could sense the touch of the Powers that be in at lest one of them…

A Nietzschean missile slammed into her hull, bringing her back to reality with the proverbial jolt. She returned the favour with interest, turning the last of the attacking fighters into so-much space debris.

Life was hard in an uncaring universe, but as either a human witch or A.I to the toughest ship in the Known Worlds, she was ready for it. She smiled at the universe in general.

Bring it on!

The End