Chapter Nine

A bright green light emanated from the crystals many shards. Everyone took a step back, their memories immediately rushing back.

On the sidewalk, outside the store, Tara's eyes opened. "Tara," Willow said happily.

Tara's eyes started to water. She didn't keep her promise. Tara quickly rose from the ground. "All you had to do, was stay away from magic. I guess I was asking too much." She turned her head and walked away, tears falling down her face.

Willow sat there in shock, ashamed of what she'd done. Anya and Giles thought they were engaged. Spike thought his name was Randy and he was Giles's son. And Tara… Tara. I'm so sorry.

Anya and Giles looked at each other, realized their arms were still around the other's back. They remembered what they did and immediately removed their hold. Anya moved over to Xander and put her head on his chest. "Oh Xander."

"Anya." He placed his hand on her head. Xander looked up and saw Giles's horrid face. "Oh god! You two…"

"All we did was kiss," Anya finished. "Can we go home and have sex now?"

"You kissed Giles."

"Yes, may we stop bringing that back up. Sex. Now."

"Can't say no to that. G'night Giles," Xander said, a little freaked out to look at him.

"Yes. G'night," Giles leaned over the counter.

In the alley Buffy awoke. She looked up and saw Spike leaning over her. "You all right?" Spike asked.

Buffy, with a disgusted look on her face, stood up and walked away from him. Spike watched her turn the corner, waiting for her to turn around and say she was kidding. She didn't. Spike inhaled deeply and pounded the hard cement ground three times.

Buffy walked down the road, folding her arms. Her emotions were in overload. I can't believe all the crap I have to deal with. I need to clear my head from this day, this year. My whole life would be nice. Buffy found herself in front of 'The Bronze', the only place for teenagers to go to get away from their parents and rules. Well, not the 'no drinking until you're twenty one' rule. She walked inside and sat at the bar.

There was a new act performing tonight. Someone named Michelle Branch. She had long black hair and was playing the guitar. She was singing about leaving someone. Join the club, Buffy thought.

Giles gathered his things from his house and went to the airport. Alone. There was no one there to bid him a good send off. They were all too busy trying to forget what happened.

Willow was crying in the bathroom while Tara packed her bags. It was hard for her to think she wouldn't be able to talk to Willow for a good length of time, but she had to do this. Willow was doing too much magic for Tara to put up with. Maybe with me gone she'll be able to get better.She put her light blue shirt in her bag. I just didn't think it would hurt this much.

Spike took a deep sniff of the air, trying to catch Buffy's scent. He ended up being led to 'The Bronze.' He went inside and saw her sitting at the bar. There she is. Not looking especially happy, but she never did look happy before she started snoggin' me. Spike promenaded over to her. Buffy's head turned, knowing who would be there. Spike just stood there, taking a breath. Come on Buffy. Buffy turned away. What the- Sod it! He turned abruptly and treaded away.

Buffy looked down at her drink. Giles is probably on his plane to England right now. In the sky, thinking about how now he doesn't have to worry about watching over me any more. Him leaving isn't gonna help in any way. All it does is hurt. He's been my father and watcher for six years and now he decides I need to go on without him. Watcher's are supposed to stay with their Slayer's until they die! Why don't I get any respect from him?! Buffy finished what was left in her cup. She looked over and saw Spike sitting next to some teenage bimbo with black hair. What does he think he's doing? Trying to make me jealous. Well, that's not gonna workShe looked back over and saw her laughing and touching his arm.

Buffy stood up and walked over to him. She grabbed the arm of his coat and pulled him over to the stairs. "What are you-" Spike's sentence was cut off by Buffy's lips meeting his. She put her hands on his shoulders and pulled him closer. Spike wrapped his arms around her back. They parted for a second to catch their breath, before continuing their make out session.

Author's Note: Je fini. AKA, I finished. I finished! I'm sorry to those who want it to continue but the episode does end there and I just wanted to make it longer with Spike and Buffy mackin' it. Please review so I don't stain my pillow with tears. I do promise a new story that's all funny and pure Spuffy.