"We Were Hunters"

By 'Zero: The Dimensional Traveler'

aka, jammin-2099

Hi, Just a little something that came to me just a few moments before I began this, and it wouldn't let me wait.


A podium can be seen on a small open air stage, with dimmed lights shining down onto the stage, giving a shadowy look to everything. The stage is decorated very sparsely, with only a small step at the very edge. A shadowed figure steps forth from the shadows in the back of the stage, and raises an arm in salute.

"I was there when the civilians were being attacked mercilessly by the enemy." The figure says calmly. holding his pose with his arm raised in an angle, his hand straight as a razor, held to his forehead in salute.

"I was there," A second figure, slightly taller than the first, says as he steps forward, "when the children were crying for their lost mothers, and the mothers for their lost children." He finishes as he raises a sword, high above his head, in another common salute.

"I was there," A womans voice says as she steps forward, "When they flew the Skyjets into the Towers." Her voice wobbles out sadly, her posture never wavering.

"I was there," A shorter figure, dressed in a long, thin coat like doctors wear. "When the Towers collapsed in on themselves, taking the lives of most of those left within." He finishes, as he stands to the side completing the line, his head bowed in sorrow.

"I was there," The second figure begins again, "When we stormed the fortress of those monsters, and broke through their defenses." He says, his posture rigid, challenging as he steps into the light, revealing the face of Zero, his face as serious and cold as steel.

"I was there, when the reclamation efforts found the first of the survivors," The woman says, her voice growing less sad as she steps into the light, revealing Celeste standing there.

"I was there when the first of the lucky families were told their loved ones were safe." The doctor says as he looks up from his sorrow and stepped forward, Genesis was standing in the end of the line, his manner muted but still as serious as hes ever been.

"I was there to face the monster that orchestrated it all, and finished him for good, gaining our safety if only for another day." The first figure says as he steps forward, revealing X standing there in his Hunter dress uniform. "We were Proud. We were Strong."

And all four of them are joined by the Hunters of the 17th and 0th units, Standing in a great crowd.

We...Were Hunters.


I've had this Idea wrangling inside me since the Twin Towers incident in New York. It was a tragic occurance. Keep the thoughts of the fallen in your minds. Allow it to carry you on in your lives.

That's about all I have to say about it.

Ja, ne?