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Author's Note: This is my first fanfic, and I just wanted to say thanks for everyone who helped get me started. Livi for the reviews, and Ashley for the title. This is in Solia's POV.


Dear Johnny,

This is my chance. And I'm going to take it. You told me about him. About Jack Sparrow. He longs for his freedom just as much as I do. With a week till the wedding, I can't find a better time to get away. You know I can't marry him. This is my chance to save him, to save me. They're going to hang him. There's no doubt about it. I've heard the stories, about him rescuing Governor Swann's daughter, and clearing that curse. He doesn't deserve his fate. I don't deserve my fate. This life isn't for me. I've got to get out.

Don't worry about me. I'll be fine. You're the only person I trust, that's why I'm leaving you this letter. I don't know when I'll see you again. Thank you. For everything. Love,


I left him that letter, then I ran into the night. I ran away from my past, away from my potential future, towards what could be. Towards the prison. Lucky for me, the streets were empty. I was dressed simply, to conceal the reality of who I was, just in case someone tried to bother me. Down the stairs, and into the shadowy dungeon that is the prison of Port Royal. I knew him at once. The only person locked away. His hat tilted over his eyes, dark hair covering his face. His look intrigued me. I immediately wanted to know more about him. Praying my plan would work, I called his name.

"Jack Sparrow."

"Captain Jack Sparrow, if you please," He removes his hat, giving me a clear look at his face, as he's able to get a good look at me. "Miss."

"Captain Jack Sparrow, then. I have a proposition for you."

"And what might that be?"

"I'll give you your freedom, if you give me mine." He looks a little confused. He doesn't directly respond, instead dodges my statement.

"And who are you that you could propose something of such magnitude?"

"Are you asking my name?"

"Aye." I hadn't counted on this. Do I tell him the truth, or do I lie? Before I can decide, my lips betray me, it's as if his eyes draw out the truth.


"You do have a last name right, love?"

"Mederas." His eyes widen.

"Mederas. As in Governor Mederas? You're the governor's daughter?" Oh great. I should have lied. There is no way that he'll take me with him now. He already had enough trouble with Elizabeth, daughter of the late Governor Swann, I don't think he's looking for any more. I just nod my head.

"Think about it. My father's planning on hanging you. Will Turner's gone. There's no last chance escape, not like last time. You need your freedom, as do I."

"You're searching for freedom from what, exactly?" He doesn't believe me! I don't blame him, I am the governor's daughter. What do I need freedom from? I'm supposed to have everything. "Me for example, I need to get out of this cell. You need to get out of what?"

"Have you heard of Commodore Norrington?" I know he has, that's why I mentioned it. I know his story, not completely, but enough to know that James Norrington and Captain Jack Sparrow are not the best of friends.

"That stiff? Of course I've heard of him! Can't stand the man."

"Well at least you're not promised to him." His eyes betray his thoughts, and I can tell he's considering it.

"You have to marry him?"

"Now do you see why I'm here?"

"If you free me, and I 'free' you, where will you go?"

"With you. I can't very well stay here can I? And if you stay here, Norrington wins. Not only does he get your head, but he gets me too. Please. I know that you want out of here. I can see it in your eyes." He doesn't answer. He looks out the window of his cramped cell and after about a minute, looks back at me. Praying, inside, calm on the outside. I don't want him to see how much this means to me.

"Love, if you get me out of here, you have my word. I shall take you with me. Are we agreed?" I wave the keys in his face.

"Agreed." I unlock the cell door, and he walks out.

"Follow me." He takes my hand, and I follow him to his ship, The Black Pearl. I follow him, away, away from my past, and into my future.