Van Helsing

Some Say You're A Murderer

Some Say You're A Saint

Which Is It?

Trying To Rid The World Of Evil

But What You Don't Know Is That You Yourself

Is Evil

The Way I See It

You're Not The Saint

You're The Murderer

"We don't need your help!"

Anna sneers at the Great Van Helsing. His head is bigger than his ego. I watch from a near by rooftop. My bright but dull eyes flicker as I sense another presence.

"Oh really?"

Van Helsing points his arrow-shooting thing at Anna and she ducks to revile the vampires attacking. Everyone springs into action and jump to the ground.

Van Helsing shoots like crazy trying to hit his target. After hitting one he turns his weapon to me.

"Who are you?"

He simply asks.

"Now is really not the time!"

I answer. I leap from the ground into the air. Marishka, Aleera, and Verona terrorize villagers.

"Over here!"

I yell to get their attention. They quickly recognize my voice and heed my call.

"Well if it isn't the princess."

Verona hisses. They have that really cool act sent. I land on a roof.

"You've troubled our master long enough!"

She darts toward me. As fast as my reflections in my legs snap into action, I too do the same. I jump over her spinning in the air. Marishka and Aleera attack. Now my powers come in handy. As fast as I can, my hand produces an ice spear. I slash Aleera's side and shortly after Marishka's arm.

They hiss in pain as I land on the ground. Their wounds heal quickly, in a mere second, just as I thought.

"Aleera! Find the girl1 And Marishka quit playing around and go kill Van Helsing. I'll take care of you!"

She glares at me hovering a long time in the air as if planning a strategy.

"Some time this week."

A slick remark escapes my lips. She sneers at me and once again dashes toward me. I ready my grip on my weapon and prepare. She strikes my arm and I, her back. The only thing is I won't heal as nearly as fast as she will. She will heal before my very eyes.

She starts from above again. Dang, She has the advantage. She soars again toward me. I quickly hop into the air. She crashes into the ground but instantly revives and flies after me. We meet in mid air and her claws clash with my ice.

Her talon greet my ice for the last time as at the same time we push forward, sending her sailing through the air and my to the soil.

Again I jump into the sky and we meet. We clash and clang. I turn in the air striking her one last time. This time we go to opposite sides. These actions repeat a few more time before I fall to the dirt and she the sky. I fall to my knees.

She got me good the last time. I clutch my side in pain.

"Not to bad for a half breed."

She laughs. The huge gash on her face covers with skin and it heals. My spear is in very bad shape. No, not even bad. Worse. Let's just say I won't be using it again.

Let's See How Marishka Is Treating The Great Van Helsing! "These aren't working Carl!"

Van Helsing screams.

"Try aiming for her heart!"

Carl screams back throwing him some new ammo for his arrow –shooter. He reloads the gun thingy and fires away. Still the arrows have no affect on her.

"Here, try holy water!"

He tosses him the vile but, being evil and not wanting to die, she catches it and throws t in the town well. She lands on a building and snickers. Van Helsing looks at the church and some water dripping out of a small spout.

"Just maybe but I'll have to move fast."

He thinks to him self.

"Oh, to bad I have to kill you. You are so cute."

She laughs and takes off. Van Helsing scrambles to his feet and dashes for the church. Aleera, being stupid, doesn't notice his plan. She just flies after him. He makes it in just mere seconds.

He drowns the head of the gun in the water. He quickly turns around and fires a round of arrows. Only feet away from him Aleera jerks back and flies back into a roof of a house. The arrows pierce her stomach and pin her.

She shrieks a blood-chilling scream as her body begins to dissolve right before every ones eyes. Her body turns to ash as flakes of her pull away from her. She disintegrates in to a skeleton and her lower jawbone falls off.

Now To Anna "Aleera, have I done any thing to upset you in the past life?"

She tries to apologize.

"You know what you did!"

Aleera yells and backhands Anna to the floor. Aleera leans over her.

"Now, to finish the last of your family."

She bares her sharp teeth. She suddenly stops. The screams from Marishka catch her attention. She too begins to scream and retreats to out side.

Now To The Ice Master

Verona readies for the final blow and she speeds toward me.

"Take this."

I whisper. I raise my hand in font of me and make an ice barrier. Verona tries to stop but just a little to late. She rams head first into the ice and fall back. The ice shatters at my knees.

Verona prepares to attack again but the blood-curling cry pierces the air. Verona flies off screeching.

Van Helsing, Anna, Carl, and Ice Master Lady "Are you okay?"

The frail and timid Carl kindly asks me.

"Yeah, I fine."

I live. My eyes widen as Van Helsing again points his weapon at me.

"Who are you?"

He repeats his question from before.

"sigh I'm Rose, Rose McCabe."

"So you're the daughter of Roy McCabe."


"But they said you where dead."

"No, I just walked out."

"Why would you give up that perfect life?"

Anna asks.

"Because nothing happened. It was the same thing every day. I my powers are getting much more work and helping more people."

I look p at the sky. It might rain tonight.

Millions of town people surround us and goad us to tell them who the man is.

"He's Van Helsing. Your reputation precedes you. He was the first person to kill a vampire in 100 years."

The towns people cheer and yell.

"I think that earned him a drink."

She smiles and they go inside their homes and about their business.

"Come inside Rose, you need some medicine."

Anna holds out her hand to help me up and I except. We all go in side her house. I get some medical attention from the friar and drift to sleep.

I walk into my room getting ready for the ball. I sit down at my mirror and begin to brush my hair. The sound of the door opening and closing grasps my attention. I lift my head and the mysterious stranger appears in my room.


I smile at him and turn around to continue brushing my hair.

"Will you ever tell me your name?"

I ask running my fingers through my hair.

"If you knew…"

He doesn't finish the sentence. I stand and walk over to him. I stare in to his pitch black eyes. Every time I look at them they seem to engulf me, and force me to be captivated.

"If knew what?"

I ask innocently.

"Never mind."

"Come on tell me! Please!"

I ask giving him the sweetest smile I can muster.


I sigh and walk back to my dresser. I look myself over in the mirror. I turn to the side and suck my stomach in.


I whisper. He, he was just there. I stare at the mirror. I touch the cold glass. I turn around to see if he's there. That's impossible. How can he be standing behind me but not have a reflection. I blink my eyes a few times and stare at him then the mirror again.

He's a vampire! He notices me staring at the mirror and then at him.

"Rose I-"

"Get away from me!"

The words I yell stop him in his tracks. Again he begins to move toward me.

"Please just leave. And never come back."

I tell him. He understands and closes the door behind him.

That explains why I never saw him in daylight hours and he never told me name. That night I didn't go to the ball and I rarely wanted to leave my room. It was so strange because I think I was falling for him and hard.

I snap awake from that terrifying dream. Count Vladislaus Dracula, my love. I should have never left you. My breathing comes to ease as Van Helsing rushes into my room causing the hinges to squeak.

"Are you all right?"

He asks. He looks around for anyone or thing else.

"I'm fine thank you. Go back to bed and get some sleep."

He looks around one last time, his perfectly toned muscles tense. Finally he leaves the room. I lay my head back on my pillow. I'd close my eyes if not in fear of the dream reoccurring.

I was once happy, with him. Darn you Van Helsing! Why must you pursue killing him? He only kills when he eats. Dracula. Please, I wish it didn't have to be this way.

Fresh tear begin streaming down my face. Eventually I cry myself to sleep.