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I wake up freezing my butt off. I warp the covers tightly around myself. I shiver, where's Dracula? I was so warm last night, but now I'm cold. We probably made love to the break on dawn. I can remember all the details. I close my eyes lightly. I wonder how the others are doing.

Van Helsing's POV

'Where is that wicked tease! Always playing her stupid games!' I think as I search behind the underbrush of the forest. "Oh Rose! Come out, come out, were ever you are!" I sing. I snicker to my self, boy I kill myself!

(A.N.- That's just like Hide & Seek! That movie was freaky! ) "Who are you talking to?" I quickly turned to see Anna. Busted and talking to myself! "Oh no one I was just singing a song!" I lie. Good thing she shrugs it off cause that was a horrible lie.

I follow her as we continue to search. She must have felt my eyes upon her. She hugged her jacket closer to her self. I turned my attention away. Even though it killed me. My breathing became labored. We must find Dracula, and fast.

Rose's POV

I sat up stretching, covering my mouth as I yawned lazily. "Where are my clothes?" I questioned myself aloud. The words bounced off the walls throwing themselves back at me. I smiled. "HELLO!" I screamed. "HELLO! HELLO! HELLO!" They echoed shouting back.

I stood up from bed letting my naked body greet the coldness. I quickly hunted down my clothes. I walked all across the room looking for the scattered articles.

After locating them I dressed. Opening the large heavy door, I peeked outside. No one. I then think about the others.

'Oh Carl! I'm so sorry! Leading him on like that! He'll be heart broken.' I worry. I step into the hall and begin to pace. 'God! I screw everything up!' My inner self mentally slaps me. I stop pacing and stare blankly in a mirror hanging in the hallway.

"You've got to get a grip on your self!" My other half scolds me. "Just tell him the truth!"

"Easier said then done." I tell my refection,

"Just say that you love some one else."

I shook my head. "I can't do that!"

"Why?" The reflection asked. "You afraid?"

I gritted my teeth at the little bastard. "No!"

"'Cause he'll hate you I presume?"

"Yes! That's exactly why!"

My mirror image pondered a moment.

"Well whatever ya do, let him down easy."

I nodded. "Okay."

"Until next time." I nodded again as my reflection turned back to the normal black haired; blue eyed Rose that doesn't talk. I fan myself with my hands. 'Okay.' I write a quick note tacking it to my door and leave the castle. Unfortunately I had to see the ugly the munchkin things again.

Anna's POV

The rain stops. I hold my hand out just to be sure. Yup! I then move my eyes upward. I can see the hat. I glance back at Gabrielle. "He doesn't need it." I muttered to myself.

Rose's POV

I came to a fork in the road. I looked to the left. A rainbow hung in the sky and the plants flourished. The sun shone bright and the birds sang. I looked to the right. It was dark; no light lit anything. The trees lie there half dead and leafless; barely hang on to life. The howl of wolfs echoed throughout the silent emptiness.

I looked to the left again, then to the right. I conjured up an ice sword and went to the right. It seems they'd get suck in a bad situation.

I totted down the dark pathway. I practically flinched at every sound. 'I hope I'll find them soon.' I thought.

Carl's POV

"Anna!" I cried. Damn my foolishness! I lost them. I leant against a tree. I sat down, waiting for something to happen. Next, I saw a figure emerging from the thick fog. Condensation could be a 'B' sometimes.

I silhouette's hair blew in the small breeze as well as her dress. I swallowed hard, afraid of what might become of me. Then she came into view.

"Rose!" I asked unsure if my eyes had tricked me.

Rose's POV

"Carl! Is that you!" I asked squinting into the darkness. My eye's finally adjusting to the dim light.

"It is you!" I squeaked with over joy. I briskly walked over to him.

"I so glad I found you!"

"And I you." He simply said.

"Where are Anna & Gabrielle?"

"I'm not sure, I lost them when we started looking for you."

I pondered a moment. Then, the obvious came to mind.

"Let's search for them, but this time together. Don't want to get lost again."

I told him. He nodded standing. We started the search quietly, even though I had plenty to say.

'Why can't I just tell him!' My mind screamed. 'Why can't I just tell him that I love Dracula? That I fell in love with the devil? I fell in love with the worlds enemy…' I looked over at Carl from the corner of my eye. 'He looks so… Happy? But why?' I looked away. Consumed in my thoughts he noticed I wasn't paying attention. He scooted closer towards me then took my hand in his.

'What the?' I began to question inside my head. I then looked down to see his fingers intertwined with mine. A blush crept across my cheeks as I turned away.

The whole trip was silent until we found Anna and Gabrielle.

"What the hell were you thinking!" Van practically yelled at me.

"Sorry Dad, I'll never sneak out again…" I said giggling lightly. Van glared at me.

"You know what I'm talking about!"

He seemed to grow angrier as the present became the past. I shrugged it off.

"I don't have to answer to you. Not as long as I have my own life. By the way, how has yours been!"

I asked sweetly changing the subject. Dad grumbled.

"Back to our journey."

'Come on! We've been searching for hours!'

My metal self screamed, though it had really only been minutes. I quickly cleared my thoughts of this. I shielded my eyes from my hair as a soft wind tussled it. I smiled to myself as my lover crossed my mind.

"What's this…?"

Gabrielle's voice reached my ears. My gaze went up to see what the matter was.

'A mirror?'

I asked myself. Tim seemed stop so we could ponder, just for a moment.

"Who puts a mirror in the middle of a forest?"

"My thought's exactly Carl." Anna mentioned.

Van Hellsing placed two fingers upon the glass, gliding them across. But he found this action sorta difficult. He pulled back his fingers, as they seemed suck. He looked at his fingers and then back at the mirror. He tried it again this, only succeeding to put his arm all the way through. Soon he stepped through all the way.

"He's gone…!"

Anna said. Carl and I nodded that we too had witnessed it. I looked at Anna, then at Carl. Carl looked at me, then at Anna. Anna looked at Carl, and then looked at me.

"Ladies first!"

Carl announced cheerfully. Anna and I simply glared.

"I'll go."

Anna said just before she stepped through. As soon as she left, Carl took my hand once again.


I nodded to answer his question.

Van's POV

I shivered lightly as I entered the new world. I looked at my nose as a snow flake landed on it. It quickly melted against my body heat. I awaited the others to follow. Anna soon emerged from the other side.

"It's cold."

Anna quickly noticed. Van nodded smiling.

"It's cold!"

Rose stated coming through with Carl at her side. And, hey wait a second! Are they holding hands! I narrowed my eyes. 'I should keep watch on those two…'

Carl's POV

"There it is!"

Anna told us from a short ways away. My vision jolted up, the rest of us running over. There in the distance stood a castle. Darkness it's self always seemed to reside there.

"Everyone ready?"

Van spoke in a low tone. I gulped hard swallowing my fears.

"Let's go."

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