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The Story of Sasuke and Sakura

Episode One: We meet…Again

"S-Sasuke…" Sakura bit her lower lip, trying to hold back the tears that were forming. He had came back…he had came back for her. 'What are you thinking? He said you were annoying…so why would he come back because of you?' Her inner self asked, trying to make the Genin feel worse. 'I…don't know.'

It had been a week since he had come back. Uchiha Sasuke, the soul survivor of his clan had come back after 2 years and he had finally killed his brother. 'After he selfishly got what he wanted and maintained all that damn power!' Sakura's inner self screamed in her mind. 'But…at least he's back safely.' Her hands laid on her lap; fidgeting with the cloth of her skirt. She had waited so long…tried to change herself to be what he wanted her to be. Sakura wanted Sasuke to accept her, and while the time he was gone…she tried her best to change. Be stronger, braver; hold something that a shinobi needed and grasped.

'But now that he's back…does he pay attention to you Sakura?' Her inner self questioned and the Haruno girl stared at her hands. 'No…but, he just needs time to get use to things here again…he's been gone for two years after all.'

"I thought you had forgotten about Sasuke…" Naruto's words echoed in her mind. He was so dense…how could she ever forget about the boy she loved so much? Her hearted ached as she stole a glance at him…she loved him so much and right now, Sakura was just happy that he was safe. Even though two years had passed without the presence of Sasuke-kun, she tried to stay in control. The young Genin did her best to wait for him, and hold herself together. The girl knew he would return! Of course he would…


"So…you betrayed your village just for the power of Orochimaru and to kill your brother, am I correct?" Tsunade questioned the young clan member. "You know that…within these two years, you were put down as a missing-nin of Konoha Village?"

Sakura winced as she heard the Hokage say these words. Her eyes waited for what Sasuke would say…what he would do to protect himself from this.

"I know."

'I know?! What the fuck, why 'I know'? That's not going to help him at all!!' The inner Sakura screamed, flailing multiple times. The real Sakura just sat there next to the Hokage, looking at him with a painful expression. 'How can he keep that calm face…his interior?' Sakura wondered, "S-Sasuke…"

Sighing, Tsunade rested her chin on her palm. "I want to know…what you will do to make up for the time you've been with our enemy. You almost destroyed Konoha by joining Orochimaru's force!"

Sasuke nodded. "I know that I can't do anything right now, but my words are what I have to convince you that I've learned my mistakes, and my vengeance is over…I don't regret accepting Orochimaru's curse…that is the truth, I just see that…I have no use with him anymore and that; I have nothing left now that my brother is dead."

'He's…being so honest…too honest,' Sakura looked at her Hokage and then at the boy she loved. 'What will happen now…?'

"I'll…discuss this over with our elite shinobi's," Tsunade closed her eyes, "You all are dismissed."

Hearing that, Sakura abruptly stood up and hurried to Sasuke's side. "Do you think…they'll forgive you Sasuke-kun…?"

"I don't really care."

"B-but…" she seemed so timid at the moment, just like Hinata. 'Speak up Sakura!!' "Sasuke…" that was all she could say, it was painful enough to see that he didn't care. At all. "I…what happened these two years…?" the cotton-haired girl was really curious, why had he turned so cold…more isolated…? "Sasuke-kun…please…tell me." She seemed so weak at this moment, but she didn't care.

"It's none of your business."

"But…it is!"

The Uchiha glared at her, "Sakura…you have no right to know. Just leave it as it is and leave me alone."

Her eyes dimmed with tears, "…okay."


"I told you he was the same cold bastard as before," Naruto told her crossly. He didn't want to think about Sasuke at this moment…after trying to search for his comrade over the two years…and then getting an answer from him…Naruto had finally realized that he had abandoned Konoha…and everyone that belonged to the Village. Even though he never spoke about the confrontation he had with Sasuke a few months back, to change the way he thought towards his team mate…whatever it was really damaged Naruto mentally.

Sakura had feared to ask her friend because he seemed really upset when he woke up from his coma…the week after the ANBU shinobi's found him near the forest. He had experienced a near-death fight, not that it was his first time…but this time, Sasuke didn't hold back his strength at all.

Sakura had tried her best to not believe anyone…and she convinced herself that Sasuke was only doing this because he had to kill his brother…but as weeks went by…then months, everything…everyone began to question her. You can say…to her, it was experiencing hell.

"Sasuke doesn't love you…you should be careful Sakura, one day he might use you."

"I told you Sakura, DAMN. Why won't you fuckin' listen to me? Sasuke is a cold hearted bastard, don't trust him!"

"Please…Sakura…don't wait for him."

Her friends…the people that meant everything to her hurted her so much…just by saying these words and Sakura only sobbed throughout her time waiting for him. There was hope for him…there had to be hope for him, because…he was Uchiha Sasuke. How many times did he tell her she was annoying? How many times did he protect her? She wanted to convince herself so badly…that Sasuke was still the old boy she had loved…and cherished.

Now that he was back…Haruno Sakura didn't know what to do.

'He's all that I have left…' 'Really…Sakura?' the voice softened… 'Is he really someone that will accept the fact that you love him…? Do you think he will feel the same way? Do you think he will sacrifice himself for you, when you will certainly do for him without hesitation…?'

"Stop it…" Sakura covered her ears, trying to shut the voice up. "Please…shut up…"

"S-Sakura-san…are you alright…?" A voice made her heard shoot up. "Lee-san…" Sakura blinked, trying to wipe her tears away. "What're you doing here?"

"I…just wanted to see how you were doing…I heard, stuff…"

"Stuff?" Did Naruto or Ino talk behind her back…? Did Kakashi-sensei discuss about her to anyone, did anyone really cared?

"Sorry Sakura-san…I just," He walked over to her and knelt down, touching her face. "You're going through a lot of pain…aren't you?"

When he finally said that, she knew that he had opened the key to the door that was keeping her emotional barriers together. Tears finally released as she leaned down to her lap, hugging her stomach as if a darkened warp hole was sucking her in from there. It felt so…empty. She felt so empty…because of Sasuke neglecting her, because of Sasuke ignoring her. "Why…does it have to be this way?!" The jade eyes that were once sparkled with life were now empty, and she sobbed more.

Lee looked down, trying to hold himself together now. Seeing Sakura like this…was painful to him as well. "I'm sorry Sakura…that I can't do anything…but only comfort you."


Mean while, Sakura's teacher stood at the door watching her cry. 'She still…can't let him go.' He sighed, 'At first I thought that, she only had a childish crush for Sasuke…but can it be, that she really loves him…?'

It might've been possible, seeing the conditional state she was in. 'Sakura…did wait for him over two years…but now that he's returned, she finally faces reality.' He pitied his student, 'I can't do anything about it…it was her choice to fall for Uchiha…'

Kakashi had heard that even Ino had even moved on. Sakura's long rival had given up on Sasuke, and went for Shikamaru. That, made him chuckle. But he couldn't at the time like this. If only…Sakura was different. If only she wasn't so stubborn, and just accept the fact that even though Itachi was dead and Sasuke had accomplished his dream…the Uchiha heir would still not accept her.

"Why…does it have to be like this?!" He heard Sakura let out another sob, and Kakashi sighed. "It is…because you won't let go of him."

Her eyes were set on him, and the teacher lowered his gaze. "Sakura…"

She clawed her dress, "At first…at first I thought that there was hope. Two years ago, I let him go without a fight…because I thought that when Sasuke killed his brother…he would finally open up to me. I waited! Two long years, just for him to come back, all I wanted was for him to come back…I was there for him! I supported him! I believe in him when no one else did! I was always…always there!"

Tears splashed down the cement floor.

"But then…he comes back and just glares at me…and when I try and tell him everything's alright, he pushes me away! Then he tells me he doesn't care!"

"I don't care."

"If…if I died, would he finally care…? Would he at least feel the slightest regret or sorrow for me…?" Sakura looked up at her two comrades…hope and anger in her eyes. "Would he at least cry for me?"


"S-Sakura…don't be reckless…" Lee told her, trying to block what he just heard out. 'You wouldn't risk your life for that fool…please don't think about it…please Sakura-san.'

"I'm not being reckless!" The girl stood up suddenly, growling low. 'Your being reckless…admit it.' 'Shut up…I would do anything for Sasuke-kun.' 'You whore…would you even sacrifice yourself for him? This isn't love…its obsession! You are so foolish…thinking that killing yourself would make Sasuke love you…it'll only make him think your weak!'

"I hate a weak person…that's why I only rely on myself." The raven-haired boy's word echoed in her mind.

"N-no…" Her body trembled. 'It's so cold…I feel so cold…'

"Sakura…you need rest." Kakashi inquired and tugged her up, "I'll take you home."

"Kakashi…sensei…I'll take her home if you want…" Lee suggested, looking at the helpless girl.

"No…it's okay Lee. I think you need rest also, we'll be fine." Confirming this, Kakashi hoisted Sakura up so she was in his arms and he walked out the door. The child didn't fight back, because she was so deep in thought. Debating on if she would live or not, if it was right to commit suicide…to show that she loved Sasuke. She was desperate…She needed him. It was unbearable losing Sasuke the first time he left, but now that he's back and the opportunity was so easy to take…he wouldn't accept her…at all. Not even as a friend.

"You know…you really are annoying."

"Sasuke…I'll try my best to not be annoying…please just give me a chance."

Sakura's eyes was lifeless, Kakashi examined. It was more of a dead green color then the sparkling jade he thought he saw two years ago. 'She's losing her sanity…because of Sasuke.'


"Sasuke you bastard!" A boy rushed in, then punched the handsome boy on the cheek. "Ow…what the fuck was that for?!" Sasuke narrowed his eyes and clenched his fist, holding back his anger.

"That was for Sakura! This is yet to be over, Uchiha Sasuke. I will give you as much pain, as much from what you've inflicted on Sakura-chan!" 'Sakura…?' Sasuke thought quickly, but erased her name from his mind. "What about her?" he spit the blood out and glared at him. "And if I had hurt her, which I don't recall, then it is only her and mine's personal business. It does not concern you."

"B-bastard…." The Taijutsu-specialist growled, "Has Orochimaru taken your mind still?!"

A negative feeling struck him, and he opened his mouth to say something but couldn't. Why was he so affected when someone reminded him about Orochimaru? It was obvious that Sasuke didn't want to be remember the hellish life he had gone through…just to kill Itachi.


"I wish…you could understand…" Tears began to quiver at the end of Lee's eyes… "I wish you would realize how much you mean to Sakura-san!" He launched another punch but Sasuke was able to dodge it. "I have always envied you…Sasuke-kun…I have always wanted to be you, because you were a genius…you had everything! But then…I envied you more and grew jealous when Sakura began to devote herself to you…"

"…devote her self to you…"

"I knew that she had liked you, since we met at the Chuunin Exam…but then, after months. I realize that, it was more then that. You are so blind…for not seeing the girl's feelings for you!" He landed a punch at his ribcage. "Then, when you disappeared…I knew I was being selfish, but I was glad that time you had left. At first I thought you would be gone for a few weeks, I wasn't sure why you left…but the only thing that ran in my mind was that I finally had a chance to talk to Sakura…and maybe persuade her who was the better man."

"…" Sasuke still kept quiet, not knowing what to really say. 'She was…supposed to forget about me.'

"…but, no matter how much I tried," Lee continued to bash Sasuke as much as he could with his punch and kicks. Tears stinging his eyes, "I couldn't."

"Sasuke…I love you! Please…stay with me…don't go. I-If you do…then, PLEASE, take me with you! I can't stay here…without you."

Her words began to get to him, but he just paid attention to Lee's attack.

"I failed to get her heart, because she had already devoted herself to you. No matter what I did, she didn't really care…I just felt like a nuisance to her because I only bothered her. She was nice to not reject me…but she didn't accept me either. I know how she feels right now…because she was rejected by you…and I know the pain is unbearable to handle."

"…I know how she feels right now…because she was rejected by you…"

'I rejected her…?' He thought…and finally realized his action was a bit too much. But…he meant the truth when he told her she was annoying. She was always in his way, an obstacle he had to eliminate so he could destroy his brother. Itachi was the only reason why he lived for…he was an avenger. The boy who possessed the sharigan couldn't be distracted…and open up. He had to hate…be fed into the darkness to kill his brother.

"So Sasuke…what will you do once you kill your brother?" Naruto asked one time, while they were on a mission to the Earth Country. He never did give the blonde an answer; he felt he didn't have to.

"Do you know…that Sakura will sacrifice her life for you?!" Lee screamed as he charged a blazing kick at the genius. "-did you know that…she would give up everything for you? For someone who doesn't love her back?!"

Sasuke grunted in pain as he was caught off-guard, and the thick-eyebrow boy's feet met Sasuke's stomach. "I wish that…Sakura never loved you."

A tinge of pain was felt… 'What…?' It wasn't the pain from where Lee kicked him…but it was what Lee said.

"I wish that…Sakura never loved you."

Memories began to flash in his mind.

Sakura hugging him when he first was hit with the curse seal. She cried for him…and stopped him.

The pink-haired shinobi again…crying every time he came back injured. "S-Sasuke-kun…I'm…so I'm happy that you're alright…" She was the only person that cared for him, the only person that cried for him…be there for him.

"…But then…I envied you more and grew jealous when Sakura began to devote herself to you…"

The scene of when the last met two years ago, her standing helplessly trying to persuade him to stay…or take her with him. "Please…Sasuke…if not, then take me with you! I don't know how I can help you…but I'll do anything!"

And then…the scene they had a few hours ago.

"I…what happened these two years…?"

"It's none of your business."

"But…it is!"

'She really wanted to know…I guess…I was too harsh on her.'

"I love you Sasuke…"

Reality finally came forth and he felt a surge of pain as Lee pushed his opponent up and kick him again in the stomach with his knee. "L-Lee…" Sasuke grunted in pain, "Stop…I understand."

To be Continued…

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