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The Story of Sasuke and Sakura

Episode Six: Regret but Happiness

"Sakura has her memories back!"

"…I heard there was something up though…"

Tsunade sat down at her desk; she tapped her finger against the wooden furniture. "So…how's Sakura?" It was an unexpected question, but Kakashi stood there with a grim expression. "She seems to remember everything…except…"

"…except?" The Hokage stared at the Jounin's dull eyes. He was wearing his mask again, and so she couldn't tell if he was actually frowning or his cloth was wrinkled.

"For some reason…she doesn't remember Sasuke."

"Eh? That's a surprise…" Tsunade smiled slightly, "I don't even know if it's a good or bad thing."

"It seemed to have scarred Sasuke though…he's been training ever since his last confront with Sakura. So I guess Sakura and Sasuke's emotion have suddenly switched. Sakura is now the one inflicting pain on Sasuke."

"Ah…I see…" She knew that this opportunity for her student to forget about her past-lover was a good thing…after what Sasuke had done to her…it was impossible to think that she would ever give up on him or they would get together. But now that Sakura didn't know him, or have any feelings for him, she was able to start over…have a better life than before.

"So…it seems like you're not up to trying to help Sakura bring back her missing memories…right?" Kakashi exclaimed, and Tsunade looked at him surprised. "I don't think it's my job to do that…I think that…Sakura is stopping herself from remembering."

"Oh…? But why would she do that…Hokage-sama? When you have seen that she has loved Sasuke for so long…it would kill her even to give up her love for him. No matter what…I'm sure she would've wanted to keep her memories of Sasuke."

"You seem to know your students…Kakashi-san."

The man just chuckled, "They are my students after all. And I think this would've caused some problems if Sasuke and Sakura were put together in training and missions…don't you think? It's better off to have her get back her full memories…even if she did get it back, and it caused her pain…it'd be better then having her live in the dark."

"I guess so…but I'm not sure if my full potential of being a Medical-nin would really help in this condition. I've never met someone who was able to lose every memory of the one she loved…everything about him in her mind…as if the events never have happened."


'I hope Sakura-chan likes these flowers…' Lee thought as he held a bouquet of pink roses. "Ino-chan said that she liked these…but…" he felt a bit of doubt. It had been a week since he had last seen the girl he was so high over heels in love with. And that was at the hospital…she seemed to remember him right away, which made the boy happy.

"Sakura-chan my love! Wait for me!" It was a lame phrase, but Lee was a specialist about saying super-dramatic statements. '…and I've also heard the rumors…about her not remembering Sasuke. Pure luck it seems.'

As he approached her house, he also saw Naruto heading the same way. 'Naruto…my rival! Trying to get to my Sakura-chan first, not gonna happen.' Lee put on his confident face and raced toward the Haruno household. As he passed Naruto, Naruto blinked and finally knew what was going on.

"Oi! Hey! I'm not going to let you get to Sakura first!"

And so they raced, pushing and shoving to their beloved Sakura's door. "Oof." "Hey!" "Ouch, that hurt!" It was filled with complaints and cries. "Sakura-chan!" The two boys called out unison, waiting for her to open the door. "Sakura's gonna like my flowers…" Naruto stuck his tongue out. "No! Sakura-san is going to like my flowers!"

"Oh…um…" a girl walked up to them. "If you're looking for Sakura-chan…she just went with a man awhile ago…"



"Um…what did you need from me Kakashi-sensei?"

"Nothing, just wanted to see how you were."

"Ah…well, I'm doing great!" Sakura grinned happily.

"Do you feel like something's missing…?"

What did her sensei mean? It was like one of those conversations she had seemed to have with her friends as well…except Lee and Naruto. All they were doing was sending her tons of flowers and asking her to train or eat ramen.

"What do you mean…Sensei?"

"Nothing…though, you've heard those rumors…right? Everyone has seemed to be concerned about your health…mostly with your sudden change towards Sasuke."

"Oh…that…" Sakura sighed, "I really don't know why everyone is asking me about this. I don't remember Sasuke – at all. And there's no trace that I've seen him before. Sure, I like him but like…something's stopping me from liking him any further. It makes me feel bad that everyone is talking about it…" She was holding her Konoha headband tightly. It wasn't placed on her head as usual...Sakura just felt like holding it instead.

"I want to ask you a question…if you really wanted your old memories back…would you accept them…? Or are you fine with your life now…?"

Kakashi stood before her, patting her on the head like a child. "Think about it…"

And before she could answer, the teacher had disappeared with a 'poof'.

Everything was so confusing! Sakura scowled at herself, why couldn't she remember? 'I thought everything was going to be back to normal…but now…' To Kakashi's question earlier, she did feel like something was missing. It felt wrong when she was having fun with her friends, hanging with Naruto or Lee so care-freely. It seemed like the girl had to worry over something…or had to think of someone.

It never occurred to her that as she put the puzzle together, the person was Sasuke.

It had been a week since she last saw him…and that was when he seemed mad at her and left, slamming the door in her face. Through-out that week, Sakura had asked everyone about the things that were going on between Sasuke and her in the past. But…everyone just hesitated to answer her. Why though? It's not like the reason was serious…right?

Walking back to her home, the kunoichi passed the training field; she remembered that she had always met up with Naruto and Kakashi-sensei here for training.

"How…could you forget…? It's just not possible…something must've happened! I'm Sasuke, Sakura! We've known each other since we became Genins! Probably longer! You tried to help me kill my brother, remember? There has to be a chance that you remember!"

Was what he said was true…? Why did she feel like she was missing something huge? 'It can't be possible…' the girl told herself and walked on. 'How could it be possible? Memories can't just be erased…and not so efficiently!'

Her feet then stopped against her command and she looked up to see a boy on the other side of her path. "Sasuke…"

He heard her say his name and the young shinobi sighed; "Sakura."

"I…" She wanted to say something…figure out what was going on. No one seemed to want to talk about her relationship with Sasuke. Was there something really wrong with them?

"…do you think its fate that you can't remember me?" Sasuke breathed those words out, glancing at her.

She felt the tears forming again against her will unexpectedly. Why was this happening to her? Why did he have to ask?

"I…don't know. I don't even know why this is happening."

"Of course…you lost your memories…about me." Sasuke's voice was low, but anyone could tell it was getting crackled from the pain he was going through. The boy never cried ever since his parents had died, and he wasn't going to break that habit now. So the only evidence of his hurt was through his behaviors.

The hands of the Uchiha boy were badly injured from punching so many times. Sakura could tell that his stamina was wasted from all that training. It made her feel…hurt. "I'm sorry…Sasuke. I guess…I can't make everything better when I don't know how…" a tear fell and she continued to cling to her Konoha headband.

"You don't need to cry…Sakura. I guess it's really fate, I should've known better. Maybe I should've reacted sooner before you lost your memory…but there's nothing I can do then regret."

She knew the boy in front of her had made sense…and she shouldn't be feeling depressed just because of this. But…for some reason, Sakura had to cry for him; it just made it feel like she had so many times before…crying to her was a habit already.

And then…Sakura could feel his cold hands brush against her cheek. He wiped away the tears and she stared at his angelic face. His mouth was etched into a smirk, which fitted his feature. "Don't cry Sakura, crying doesn't help."

"I don't…even know who you are." The girl began to say in her sobers, "but for some reason…it seems like I've known you forever. I don't know what you're doing to me…but it hurts so much to just see you. I should've been having fun with Lee-san or Naruto…but I can't. Now that I don't have any memories of you…it just seems worse!" She collapsed on the ground, digging her nails in the wet dirt. Her tears splashed down and Sakura continued to cry, "Everyone begins to say that it was the best that I lost my memories of you…but at times, I just feel curious about why I don't recall knowing you…or why was it that I don't remember you…"

"Hey Sasuke-kun…will you go out with me?"

"No thanks."

"Is the pain I'm feeling right now…the same pain as from what I've caused you…?" Sasuke leaned down on one knee and held her chin with one hand…having her look at him. "I guess it's worth it that you've forgot about me…maybe your life is better that way." As he said so, his other hand caressed her hair. "It's okay Sakura…your memories are only your memories."

He was right…and if those were her memories, she had to be able to remember. Just a little bit…

"I love you Sasuke-kun!"

Sakura's eyes widened, "Sasuke…kun."


Naruto ran to the Hokage's office, searching for Kakashi. If that little said was true, Sakura had gone with that perverted teacher. Lee did the same; following Naruto and still holding the flowers he had for Sakura. "Why are you following me thick-brows? Go look for Sakura yourself."

"No way am I going to let you find Sakura," Lee told the blonde. "…and I mean, I don't know why you're even looking for her. You know she doesn't like you."

"And you think she likes you?" The Chuunin snorted, "I don't think so."

"But I'm sure she will fall for me someday! I have a chance now that she doesn't remember Sasuke-san."

Naruto slowed down and stared ahead. "Do you think…it will be that easy?"


"Sakura-chan…has loved Sasuke for so long and so much. I don't think it'll be that easy for her to forget that Sasuke-bastard…no matter what, she will remember him again." Naruto didn't know why he was telling Lee this, but the boy thought it was better for him to know.

A few days ago, Kakashi-sensei had given him a lecture about Sakura. Hearing this, Naruto had agreed that no matter what…she would find a way to remember Sasuke…and as soon as that happens, the old painful emotions would return to her. "So that's why…I'm doing this…I'm trying to have fun with Sakura-chan as much as possible because I know that one day…she'll cry again. The memories will hit her…and she won't be able to enjoy the happiness again. I want to cherish these moments with her…"

Lee was speechless to hear these words from Naruto. The boy seemed so immature, always care-free that he didn't know Naruto cared that much for Sakura.

"…I know that, that Sasuke-bastard may not show any emotions toward Sakura-chan…but deep inside, he loves Sakura-chan as much as she loves him."

"W-what…?" Lee followed along, stumbling with what Naruto had said now. "How do you know that?"

The caring shinobi clenched his fist, "I've been in the same team with Sasuke for so long…of course I'm able to tell. Especially from Sasuke…he cares for her a lot with how she treats him. He's a guy that has never had anyone love him or care for him so much…so he needed someone and Sakura was that person."

"So don't you feel jealous Naruto-kun?"

"Hehe…of course I do. But I have someone who cares for me a lot too! And I won't let that go unnoticed," The boy grinned.

"Ooh…you mean Hinata?"

"Well, yeah. A long time ago, Sakura-chan always pestered me about how much Hinata-chan liked me. I guess I was sorta touched…because I never really paid attention to her. It's good to know that I have an admirer," Naruto laughed. "It's just hard for your feelings to move on to someone else…"

"You've liked Sakura-chan for some time now, right?" Lee asked, "Because I've liked Sakura-chan since the Chuunin Exams…"

"Heheh, I've liked her longer! Since the Ninja Academy!" Naruto stuck his tongue out, letting Lee feel defeated.

"But I love Sakura-chan so hah!" Lee gave Naruto his 'flashy' smile and walked on.

Naruto shrugged, "It's not worth loving someone with their heart dedicated to someone else."

"I have always envied you…Sasuke-kun…I have always wanted to be you, because you were a genius…you had everything! But then…I envied you more and grew jealous when Sakura began to devote herself to you…"

"I know…" Lee's voice began to shake, "I know it too well…"

"Then why…?"

"Sakura can't stop loving Sasuke…but I can't stop loving her; unrequited love, right?" Lee laughed sheepishly and sighed, "I thought I had a chance for Sakura to return my feelings…but I guess not…"

"In Sakura's world…everything revolves around Sasuke." Lee seemed to be listening to a different Naruto as the boy began to speak. What had brought this boy to act and say these words…? "She cares for Sasuke, thinks of Sasuke, will risk her life for Sasuke, sacrifice her life for Sasuke," Naruto began to list the number of things Sakura had done for Sasuke on his fingers. "You've known and seen how Sakura-chan was when Sasuke left."

That time…was the most painful time in Lee's life. It was so hard to see her…because she was always hiding in her room or training in the field. Either that or the depressed girl was with Hokage-sama, graduating to become a Medical-nin. She always tried to smile, hiding the painful face she had away from the public. But Sakura didn't trick him; Lee knew that she was suffering inside…deeply.

"I know…but that's a good reason for Sakura to not regain her memories about him. Do you think it'd be right for her to go through that all over again?"

"I think…" Naruto patted himself, "this time things will change."


"Sasuke…I love you! Please…stay with me…don't go. I-If you do…then, PLEASE, take me with you! I can't stay here…without you."

"Please…stay with me…"

He looked at her with such sincerity she had ever seen in his eyes before. These eyes had looked at her once before.

He lied on top of her, one of his hand touching her cheek. "Maybe…I can really open up to you…Haruno Sakura…" The warmth of those words made her so happy…enough for a few strands of tears to escape from her eyes. "Sasuke-kun…"

'Please…let her remember…' Sasuke tried to smile at her, though it only lasted a few seconds as he stood in front of her. He wanted to hug her so badly. It hurt so much to see her like this, and it hurt to know that she didn't remember him. How many times had he blamed himself for this? 'If only I wasn't so careless…'

The memories…each were slowly coming back…but slow enough for her to feel as if she was going to cry again.

"Let me be with you…"

"Sasuke-kun…Sasuke-kun…Sasuke-kun!" Sakura cried his names multiple times, suddenly flinging her arms over him and sobbing on his shoulder.

The wind blew softly as Sakura held her embrace on Sasuke. "I remember…please…stay with me…"

"She remembers…"

Slowly hearing her words…Sasuke carefully wrapped his arms around her waist. She seemed so fragile, crying against him. 'She's crying all her pain out…' He rested his head on her shoulder and began to breathe the cherry blossom scent.

Her headband lied beside her, dropped on the ground revealing the symbol of the leaf. '…since the ninja academy…she's loved me this long.' He tightened his hold on her delicate form. She was like a weak flower, she could die anytime. And Sasuke was here to protect her…to never let her hurt again.

"I'm sorry…Sakura."

The kunoichi had stopped crying, but she began to sniffle. "It's…okay Sasuke-kun. I'm just…happy. I remember now…and I'm glad that I remember…no matter what happens, I will always love you and remember you…Sasuke-kun."

To be Continued…?

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