Seed of Chucky: The Unofficial Telling

Part 1.

Rated PG-13 or light R for violence and &$ words.

So, I haven't actually seen the movie, but based on my powers of psychic reception, I'm pretty positive that this is exactly how it goes.

It begins with Glen, the she-male doll sitting in a circus cage and trying to converse with his drunken keeper, Richard. Richard has lost his latest bottle of vodka so he starts cursing Glen out at the same time Glen is trying to talk to him and recite poetry. Richard accuses Glen of stealing the vodka, calls him a shead, and walks out.

Glen starts to weep, but then a little mouse named Fievel comes into the room dragging a huge bottle of vodka behind it! The mouse crawls into Glen's cage and warmly offers him a slug of vodka. Glen is delighted to have found a companion, so he takes a drink. Soonafter, Glen gets very drunk and Richard walks back into the room to see him boozed out and talking to himself, the empty vodka bottle in his hand. Richard rips open the door of the cage and grabs the bottle.

"99 bottles of Tang on the wall, 99 bottles of Tang...HEY, WAIT, DON'T!!" says Glen, as Richard lifts the bottle and slams it across Glen's head. Glen's head goes flying across the room.

Fievel becomes enraged and crawls up into Richard's pants. Richard runs out of the room, screaming, as he's bitten, and is driven over the edge of a cliff. Fievel leaps off at the last minute and runs back in to see Glen. "Glen! Glen! Are you ok!?" says Fievel.

"I wish I could find my real parents so I didn't have to live with that rat bastard." says Glen's head. Glen wills his body to come over to his head. "Don't worry about him, anymore, Glen, he's all been taken care of!" says Fievel. Glen puts his head back on his body. "Really?! Then does that mean I'm free?!" says Glen.

"YES!!" cheers Fievel. Glen screams in excstacy and jumps up, his head bouncing off and rolling across the room.

The next day, Glen and Fievel are hitchhiking, but nobody will pick them up because they're a doll and a small rodent. "What are we going to do?!" panicks Glen. "Look on the bright side, kid! We've got eachother! We'll pull through!" says Fievel. "Really?" says Glen.

"I've got an idea!" says Fievel. Fievel and Glen run for a really long time, and finally they end up at a diner. Glen brushes himself off and puts on his best smile. Fievel crawls into his pocket, and Glen lays there outside the diner, on the ground. A little girl comes up and shrieks. "Oh, I have to have that doll! It's free, it's just laying there!" says the girl.

"EEEWWW!! Well, if you insist." says her father. Soon, Glen has a new home.

"You really helped me, Fievel." says Glen, once he and Fievel are in their new home. "Don't mention it, Glen!" says Fievel. Then, the next moment, the girl's mother comes into the room and starts screaming because there's a rat in the house. She starts trying to beat the mouse to death with a broom. "There, I've got it." says the woman, and she picks up the body with a tissue and throws it in the trashcan.

That's when Glen loses it. His bottled up, deranged temper flares, and he lunges straight for Mrs. McKensey's throat. McKensey is too strong to be killed by a doll, but she's so frightened that she runs and flings herself out the window, along with her child's Tickle Me Elmo doll that she grabbed in fear.

Glen looks down at the body. "Oh, my God. That felt GREAT!!" Glen says. Glen then sits down on the kid's mattress and clicks the remote, turning on the tv. "In other news today, the movie Chucky's A Maniac opens next month, delighting horror fans. But one woman is not happy about this new movie, a woman by the name of Karen Barclay. Karen claims that she actually was terrorized by one of the Chucky dolls from the eighties. Let's take you to Karen now." a reporter on tv says.

Glen watches as a frazzled blond woman begins ranting about a doll that tried to kill her and her son. "I'm telling you that thing is real! Not now, Ruthie! Shhh! Mommy's on tv!" the woman say, as one of her many children tugs at her arm.

Glen becomes bored and is about to change the channel, when suddenly he perks up. His eyes widen and he sticks a finger in the air. "A LIVING DOLL?! Well, that could be my father!" says Glen. Glen starts jumping on the bed, and that's when the parasail that was in a storage compartment of the ceiling falls out on his head.

"A parasail! Now I can transport myself where I need to go!" says Glen. Glen packs a suitcase full of the girl's stuff and is about to leave, when the little girl comes back into her room. For a moment of only dead silence, the two stare at eachother. "Those are my things! What are you doing alive?!" says the girl. Glen quickly stammers and explaination and then leaps out the window with the parasail, holding the suitcase with his feet.

The next day,Glen glides down on Hollywood and begins walking around the movie set where Chucky's A Maniac is being filmed. John Waters comes out and begins snapping his picture. "Are you one of the stars!? Oh, you're fabulous! Let me take your picture a million times!" says Waters, snapping shot after shot and blinding Glen with the light.

"You moron, that's not an actor, it's an animatronic!" says Jennifer Tilly, storming over. Tilly grabs the doll and walks off. When Jeniffer Tilly gets back in her trailer, she sets Glen down. "What a nasty lookin' doll!" says Tilly. Redman beats on the door.

"Who are you?" says Tilly. "I'm Redman. I'm makin' a new movie about Joseph. It's gonna be called, Joseph and the Technicolor Joint." says Redman. "What the hell does that have to do with me?" says Tilly. "I don't know, I just thought I'd tell you." says Redman. "Well, goodnight." says Tilly, about to close the door. "WAIT!!" screams Redman. Redman spots Glen, sitting on the counter. "What is that thing?" says Redman.

"It's a doll. It's part of my new movie, I guess. I've never seen the damn thing before." says Tilly. Tilly sighs and lets Redman in, throwing her scarf over her shoulder as she walks over to the cabinent. "So what are you doing in Hollywood?" she asks. Redman is hypnotised by Glen, and he walks forward, his mouth open slightly. He keeps going towards Glen as Tilly turns around. "What are you doing?! Hey, hey, answer me!" says Tilly. "I am in Hollywood because I'm trying to break into movies, and find actors for my new movie Joseph and the Technicolor Reefer." says Redman, momentarily snapping out of his trance. Glen secretly glares at him, but pops his face back into its smiling position before Redman can notice.

"Uuuhh, that's great...just what the world needs, another rapper in movies..." mumbles Jeniffer Tilly, as she rumages in her cabinant for some crackers. Redman goes closer to Glen and bends down to look him in the eyes. "Jeniffer...I've been struck by inspiration!!" says Redman. "WHAT?!" says Tilly, turning around. "This is it!! This doll is my artistic soul mate! There's something in his eyes, something in his face, that's connected with me like lightening!" says Redman. "You're nuts! What are you talking about?!" says Tilly. "This doll...would be perfect as my Joseph! I want him to star in my movie!" says Redman. He reaches out to reverantly pick up the doll. "Hey, no, no, no, no, no, no. He's mine. I found him first." says Tilly, grabbing Glen just as Redman does. "No, no, you said he wasn't even a part of your movie. He's probably a fan doll somebody left around!" says Redman. "NO F&$IN WAY, HE'S MINE NOW!!" screams Tilly. They get into a tug of war with Glen and Glen's head rolls off. Tilly and Redman are too busy yelling at eachother to notice. Glen's head rolls out the open trailer door.

Glen's head sees a man opening up a trunk and pulling out the messed up bodies of two dolls. "Yes, yes, everybody, you can see the original Chucky doll along with another weird doll we found called Tiffaney! Aren't they frightening!" says the man. He shows them to a paying crowd of spectators. "The whole movie is based on this doll, and sort of somewhat on this other doll." says the man.

Glen realizes immediately that the two must be his mother and father. He sheds a tear and then goes back into the trailer.

Redman and Tilly are still shouting at eachother as Glen's head rolls back into the trailer, stopping nearby their feet. Tilly and Redman shout at eachother for a long time, and then finally Glen knows he has to take care of them both. He rolls over to the door and pulls it shut with his teeth. Then he sets up a trap of knives all pointing up and duck taped to the ground. (it's never explained how he can move around so much with just his head). Glen then bites Tilly on the ankle. She looks down, screams, and then Glen wills his body to shove them both over. They fall onto the knives. Glen reattaches his head to his body and heads outside. Once out there, he hears the guy with the two dead dolls talking about how Chucky was brought back to life with Voodoo.

"Voodoo." whispers Glen, wide eyed. That's when he finds Redman's skateboard outside the trailer. He hops on it and takes off, heading for the local library. Using alot of very shadowy manuvers, he manages to steal a book on voodoo without being noticed, and sneaks away.

Glen returns to the Hollywood set. He follows the guy with the two dolls home. The door is slammed in Glen's face, so he shimmies up a tree to crawl into an open window on the third floor. Glen finds the guy's bedroom, sits down on his bed, and grins evilly.

The guy comes in and sets down the trunk with Chucky and Tiffany in it. Humming, he starts taking off his tie. He suddenly spots Glen and jumps. "Oh, my God. Where'd you come from?" says the guy.

The guy stares at Glen for a moment, then slowly walks over to him and reaches down to pick him up. At the last instant as the guy is reaching towards Glen, Glen, comes to life, roaring, and kicks the guy in the gut. Glen shoves the guy up with his feet and sends him flying over Glen's head, screaming, and then through the glass window. The guy goes flying to the ground and lands, dying.

More coming soon...

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