Glen looks around. Glen is at first elated, but then he starts to feel bad about his killing. Glen is stricken by guilt and is confused by his conflicting emotions. "I must revive my parents, they'll guide me and help me understand everything!" says Glen. He pops the trunk and gasps quietly as he sees the bodies of his parents. Glen, with shaking hand, pulls the Voodoo book out of his pocket.

"Abdula, jamala, concarna, del munday, mekaleckahi, mekahiney ho, hidey, hidey ho, ama, jama, ding dong...SHABAM!! GIVE TO ME THE POWER I BEEEGGG OFF THEEEEE!!!! AAAAAHHHGGGHHH!!! YIIPPY SKIPPY AARREEVAA ARREEVAA IYIYIY!!!!" says Glen. Suddenly, Chucky and Tiffany sit straight up in their trunk. Slowly, they look around.

Chucky coughs up a pebble and blinks as he sees Glen. "Who the f& are you?" says Chucky. Glen is overjoyed at meeting his parents. "I'm your son!! Or daughter!!" he gasps, locking his hands together and jumping up and down.

"Yheah...ok..." says Chucky, pulling a knife out from behind his back. "Chucky, noooo!! He just brought us back from the dead..." says Tiffany. "So what?! After I knock him off, I'm gonna knock you off! Don't think I forgot what happened last time, you b&$!" says Chucky. "Don't talk to me mum that way!" wails Glen. "Oooh, Chucky, he's so sweet! He sure as hell didn't get it from you!" says Tiffany.

"He didn't get NOTHIN' from me, 'cus he ain't my son. But screw it, I've got better people to kill. Dolls are too hard to take out, anyway. Thanks alot for reviving me, see you around." says Chucky, climbing out of his trunk. Tiffany climbs out as well. She looks at Glen.

"Wait a second. Where the hell am I?" says Chucky, looking around the room.

"You're in Hollywood, Dad! They're making a movie about you!" says Glen. "They ARE?! Really?! Well, it's about time!" says Chucky. "Yheah, it's called Chucky's A Maniac, and it--" says Glen. "WHAT?!" says Chucky. Tiffany starts to laugh, then puts a hand on Glen's shoulder. "Glen, it was so nice of you to revive us, but I don't think you could be our kid, I mean, I DID get pregnant last time, but then I died." says Tiffany. "You got PREGNANT?! BY WHO?!" says Chucky. "By you, moron!" says Tiffany.

"But who else could be my parents?! I've always considered myself a freak. I'm a doll, a living doll. Then there's the fact that I don't know if I'm really a boy or a girl, I don't even think I'm anything." says Glen. He drops his drawers and shows that he has no reproductive system. "Oh, that's nice." grumbles Chucky. Glen pulls back up his pants and looks at Tiffany, sadly. "I need guidance." says Glen. Tiffany thinks for a moment. "Oh, my God! Now I remember! I came back to life for a minute just to give birth! Chucky, he really is our son!!" says Tiffany. "Oh, please. That is the dumbest idea since I transferred my soul into this doll! There's no way, Tiff." says Chucky. Tiffany starts fighting with him, insisting that Glen really is their son. "Well, if you gave birth to him, then he's YOUR son. That wussy ain't my kid! He doesn't look anything like me! He looks like Steve Buscemi or something. F& you both, I'm outta here." says Chucky.

"Don't worry, Glen, I'm going to take care of you!" exclaims Tiffany.

Chucky goes over to the window, trying to decide whether or not to climb down the tree. He then spots the dead body. "Heeeyyy, d'you do that?" Chucky says to Glen. Glen looks down in shame. "Atta boooyyy!! Not bad! Errr, not that I care, considering you're not my kid..." says Chucky.

So then Chucky sees some people outside crowding around the dead body. "Oh, &$! I can't get out that way!" says Chucky.

"Why do you kill?" asks Glen.

"WHAT?! Cus most people deserve it, you little punk! Anyway, you just killed someone too!" says Chucky.

"Yheah, but I regret it. I'm so confused!" says Glen. "You're confused?! I've been a doll for the past f&in' 15 years! I've been killed 5 times!! Don't talk to me about confusion!!" roars Chucky. "Chucky, Glen is just trying to reach out to you!" says Tiffany. "Uuughh...what kinda namby pamby...screw that!!" says Chucky. He charges at the closed door of the bedroom and rams through it with his head.

"Damn, that door was hard!" says Chucky. He looks out into the hallway, then starts climbing through the broken wood. "The door was unlocked." says Glen. "Think you're a smartass, don't you?" snarls Chucky. Glen goes over to where Chucky has climbed out the door. "Where are you going, Dad?" says Glen. "Where do you think I'm going?! I'm getting the hell outta here!!" says Chucky, and he takes off.

Chucky charges down the hall at full speed, intent on getting out of the house. Some police who have discovered the dead body outside appear in the hall. Chucky ducks into a spare bedroom and hides behind the door, listening. "Did you hear something?" says one of the cops to another. "Yheah, I think it was in there." says the other cop, pointing to the spare bedroom. They kick the door in, bashing Chucky against the wall. "Aaagghh!!" says Chucky. "What was that! There's somebody in here!" says a cop. Chucky sticks his knife through the door, into one cops leg. "Ow!! Oww!! What the hell's down there?!" says the cop. Chucky's knife is stuck in the door. Chucky flies around the door in a rage and lunges onto one of the cops. The other cop shoots him and Chucky soars back through the air, landing behind a very large potted plant.

"What the f& was that!!" says one of the cops. "It's that doll! It's alive!! What do we do?!" says the other cop. "Shoot it!!" says the other cop.

Chucky, hiding behind the plant, hears them. "Oh, God, nooooo..." says Chucky. Just as the two cops walk over and start peering behind the plant, Glen comes FLYING into the room with his foot in the air! He karati-kicks one of the cops in the neck, knocking him unconscious, then raises a foot and slams the other cop in the nuts just as he is shot. Glen flies backwards just as Tiffany frees Chucky's knife from the door, and sends it flying through the air towards the standing cop. The cop falls dead to the ground, and Tiffany walks over.

" guys saved my life!" pants Chucky. Tiffany smirks. "You're a doll!" says Chucky, jumping up and grabbing Tiffany for a kiss. Then, Chucky turns to Glen. "Glen, maybe there's hope for you." says Chucky. Glen smiles a bit, perking up in hope. Then Chucky takes the knife and finishes off the other cop. Glen blanches, but doesn't say anything. They all sneak out of the house and start sneaking around the set.

"Hey, look, Redman's still alive!" says Glen. "Huh?" says Tiffany. "I, well, killed him earlier." says Glen. "Really?! Alright!!" says Chucky, patting Glen on the back. Redman was being wheeled towards an ambulance. Nearby, Jeniffer Tilly's body was being put away in a body bag. "Did you kill her too?" says Chucky. "Er...yheah." says Glen. "Chip off the old block!! Too bad you couldn't finish off Redman." cackles Chucky. There's a pause as they all walk onward. "Where are we going?" says Tiffany. "Just a minute, I'm tryin' a think!!" says Chucky. Suddenly, they see John Waters trying to take pictures of Redman and Jennifer Tilly's body. "HEY!! GET OUTTA HERE!!" says a cop. "The public wants to see it, get out of my way!" sniffs Waters.

The fam decides to follow Waters and then get him to drive them to his house, where they'll have him call over three people who's bodies they can jump into. Waters hears Chucky laughing just as he's about to get into his car. "Hiya, John. Don't move, I wanna get a shot!" says Chucky, holding up the gun he stole from one of the police officers. "Oh, oh, AAAAAHHHH!!!" screams Waters. "Shut up! Get in the car!" says Chucky, kicking Waters' ankle. Chucky and company climb into the back seat. "Now, just drive home, real smooth, and real cool." says Chucky. Waters start driving, and Chucky thuds into the back seat, pressing back against it with Tiffany and Glen. "And don't drive so damn fast!" snarls Chucky. ", yes, Master!!" shrieks Waters.

Ten minutes later...

"Damn it, I told you drive SMOOTH!!" roars Chucky. But Waters can't keep his cool under the circumstances and he crashes into Brittany Spears' van, which she just happened to be riding in down the road. Waters car turns upside down and Waters climbs out. Chucky shakes his head to clear and and sees that Waters is getting away. "NOOOOOOO!!!" says Chucky. He gets out and runs after Waters. "Dad!! Dad!! Where are you going?!" says Glen. "Oh, that's just your father, dear, he can't let anything go." says Tiffany. "But he'll be seen!" says Glen. "Oohh. That's a good point." says Tiffany. "CHUUUCCKKYYY!! GET YOUR ASS BACK IN THE CAAARRR!!" yells Tiffany.