Chapture 1: Loyalty Shattered

By: DeathIsOnlyTheBeginin


Sequal to Blinding Light, Save Me From Thy Lovely Darkness

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Loyalty: Staying faithful (the act of faithfulness) to a specific person, duty, etc.

Loyalty, something that every being on the earth has to deal with once or more in their lives. To be loyal to something is the most rewarding and wondrous thing that one could ever bestow upon themselves, sometimes.

There is always that singular draw back: sometimes.

It's true, only sometimes will you feel full, loved and complete. There are others where you might feel neglected and, regretfully, alone. Sadly, the second happens more than the first. Of this, a certain Teen Titan can, most definitely, assure you....

The alarm clock blinked, 3:02 a.m; the lighted numbers casting a red hue on Robin's bare skin. A stern look played across his features as he stared at the wall in front of him, elbows resting on his parted knees as his sweating hands dangled between the gap. With a silent sigh, Robin closed his dark emerald eyes, each one shining with an irregular rouge glow before becoming hidden by his lids.

One year. One year that day, and he was still dreaming of her.

Robin shook his head, his sweat soaked black hair dancing with it. Another sigh escaped his mouth and he glanced over at the beautiful alien beside him.

Starfire's naked body was curled cozily under his covers, one of her pale orange hands resting a top the yellow pillow beneath her head. A soft snore slipped between her rosy lips and Robin felt a weird feeling turn over in his stomach.

Guilt. He mentally cursed and looked away, his eyes glazed and faraway. In a way, he felt angry towards Raven, in fact, he almost hated her. It was as though she had cast a spell on him, a terrible spell that made him feel sick if he even looked at another female. But, he couldn't loathe her forever, after all, he loved her.

Robin gasped and snuck another glance at the girl beside him. No...he had once loved her. How could he continue love someone who was dead? Why should he continue to be loyal to someone who was no longer there with him, and would never be again for that matter. The very thought both angered and confused him. But the most confusing question of them all, was the reason as to why he still harbored the need to do everything he had just stated he shouldn't have to.

Robin inhaled deeply and laid his forehead against one of his palms. It was true, and he knew it. He knew that whether he wanted to believe, or even accept it, he still loved Raven.

With a defeated, slow shake of his head, Robin's shoulders began to shake and tears began to leak from his eyes. He let himself go, for the first time sense her death, he truly let himself go. And he cried and cried.

The minutes slipped by and still the tears came, each one more menacing than the last. Finally, after a draining twenty minutes, Robin was reduced to nothing more that dry sobs and sniffles. Quickly, his fingers curled into fists, the fingers capturing some of the sheets. With no hesitance, he lifted the cloth to his face and wiped the tears away, somewhat ashamed for crying.

At that thought, he couldn't help but snort a laugh. A year ago, he would have considered himself weak for crying, now he found it a relief.


Startled by the soft voice, Robin glanced over at Starfire, who was now sitting up strait, her green eyes filled with worry.

"Are you alright friend Robin?"

Robin smirked at the alien girls innocence, his eyes skimming over her body. In a lustful, ans selfish need to rid himself of all his emotions, Robin lavished in Starfire's appearance. And for the second time in two days, Raven was instantly shoved from his mind. A moment later, Starfire was being held to his chest, all means of cloth covering her, gone. Without hesitance, Robin pressed his lips against hers and lost himself in his passion. In that position, he lowered Starfire to the bed, leaving behind all thoughts of loyalty and guilt.

The screeching of an alarm clock woke Robin instantly, and in return for the annoyance, he silenced it with a clenched fist. Seconds later, he had his feet on the floor and was heading for the bathroom. Suddenly, remembrance hit him hard and he turned his head in a sleeping Starfire's direction.

Yes, this was right, it was right for him to be happy. Robin felt his eyes stretch wide, it was true. He was happy. A small smile stretched across his face at that thought and he continued on his way to the bathroom, a happy tune escaping his mouth in a high whistle.

Cyborg passed Robin in the hallway, his one real eye wide with disbelief. His leader figure appeared to be in a good mood, and that was something to be noticed. Robin nodded a curt hello in Cy's direction before entering the bathroom.

The robot boy shook his head and smiled, his feet heading towards Beast Boy's room. If they were ever going to decide on breakfast, the changeling had to get up.

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