Bending time Disclaimer: Not mine so don't sue

Summary: Harry is given the chance to change the past by reliving it.

A/n: In Harry's perspective.

'Where am I? What's going on?'

I floated for an eternity, and for a second.

"Hello Harry."

I knew that voice. From a memory long forgotten. I opened my eyes to see the last person I expected.


The figure I had only seen pictures of nodded. "I'm here to offer you a choice."

I was hesitant, "what's the choice?"

"If you wish, you will be sent into the past to a time when you could affect the most change. There is a catch, you cannot tell anyone about the future. No one can know that you have lived all this before."

All the suffering that had happened because of me, all the darkness I could prevent, it seemed too good to be true. I didn't want to believe it. "Why me? What makes me so special that I get to go back?"

My 'mom' shook her head. "We are intervening now to prevent the utter darkness that will come. Of all the possible outcomes, very few end with you victorious. Those where you win, half have becoming self destructive, the others, various forms of suffering."

I bowed my head, those were bad odds, "what can I do now that a more powerful version would be incapable of?"

"The differences branch from here. In most, you would lose someone who is dearer to you than Sirius and awaken your power, others you awaken to late."

I couldn't believe this, but a part of me wanted the chance. "Who thought this up? I doubt the 'powers' want me to play with time."

"We did, those who have died by his hand. We refuse to stand idly by and leave things to chance."

This was what I wanted, a chance to protect those I care about. "I accept."

Several others appeared around us, they seemed to be focusing on something. One said, "we must hurry, they're trying to stop us."

In front of me were mom and dad. Dad said, "know that we always loved you, we give to you all our knowledge. It's not much but it's all we have."

Mom spoke next, "You won't get a new body, you will have your own that exists. The mental you of that time will simply be overridden. Take care and be safe."

At that point, everyone started chanting. I was beginning to feel light headed, my vision distorting like a really bad dream. I felt lighter, floating free. I started to move toward the light I saw, but felt those chants holding me back. Then I started feeling heavy, I struggled, as I couldn't understand what was happening.

I could hear screams; a part of me realized the other price tag. To send me back, the futures I would have created had to be sacrificed. I would honor them; they would never exist because of my choice. After a lifetime, I slept.

Daily Prophet:

The would is saddened to day as Harry Potter was found dead after an intense magical burst at his residence yesterday. The Ministry is looking into possibilities as to what could have struck down Harry.

A source who wishes to remain nameless said, "The magic burst was very similar to Mr. Potter's own signature. It might have been a suicide." The Ministry disagrees saying that Mr. Potter had no reason to be mentally unstable. Friends of Harry Potter were unreachable at the time of this issue, but we hope to contact them and gain any information possible.

Heaven help us all, for the best chance at our future may have died.

A/n: 591 words. I added this to better explain what actually happened after he went back.