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Chapter 25: In the End…

Roughly two years later….

Luke Skywalker slowly made his way through the boras forest on Zonama Sekot. He did this more often alone, then with anyone else. He and his body were trying to strike a compromise with the remaining venom from Shimrra's amphistaff. Jacen had healed him the best that he could, but only time could tell if there was going to be any permanent damage.

As he walked, he reflected on all that happened in the past five years. The galaxy had once again been torn apart, yet also united more then ever. The new Jedi order had been tested time and time again. Close friends and loved ones had passed on, but also there were reunions. But most importantly, many people had grown up.

Jacen, to many, seemed much older and even looked it. Then Jaina was calmer to an extent. His niece and nephew had truly come into their own over this war. They had lost a friend and a brother, been installed as Jedi Knights, and found their destinies and fulfilled them. Luke couldn't be more proud of his niece and nephew.

But the one who seemed to grow up the most was the one that Luke didn't want to grow up at all – Caylee. His precious daughter was almost nine years old now. When the war started she was a lively four year old, without a care in the galaxy. But now…now something was different. It was as if Caylee had discovered a deeper meaning to the galaxy around her. A deeper meaning that she shared with no one; not him, not her grandfather, not her grandmother, or even Jacen.

Luke had also noticed that Jacen and Caylee had grown closer. And he doubt that it had anything to do with Anakin Solo's death. They had grown closer on a spiritual level. When Jacen had returned suddenly with the Vergere to Mon Calamari, that was when it had started to happen. And it was after that, it seemed that Caylee wasn't scared of the Yuuzhan Vong, but instead she pitied them. But that was a secret that he might never learn.

But these changes weren't the only ones going on. The Jedi were now being more accepted through out the galaxy, as well as by the government. Cal Omas and the leadership had thanked them time and time again for finding a solution to the war with the Yuuzhan Vong.

Also Courscant had begun to rebuild. But even that was going to take decades to do. So for now, the Galactic Alliance had moved their capital to Denon.

Denon was a heavily populated inner rim world that had been untouched by the war with the Yuuzhan Vong.

Also there were changes to be done with the new Jedi order…

All the remaining Jedi Knights, Masters, and children had finally arrived from across the galaxy and the Maw. Roughly sixty people were present. Once everyone had been gathered, Luke stepped into the center and began to speak.

He took his time speaking. Mainly he spoke about what the Force wanted each of them to do. He told them that the academy on Yavin 4 wouldn't be rebuilt. But then there were also several other worlds to look at including Ossus, which was a Jedi world in the Old Republic. He also suggested that they explore the "unifying force" as a step towards rebuilding.

Luke went on to explain how he was stepping to the side in teaching and allowing others to pursue that path. Yoda had told him, long ago, to pass on what he had learned and that was what he was doing. But that didn't mean he still wouldn't help them if needed.

Caylee sat next to her grandfather and listened to her father's words. The more he talked about the will of the Force, the more she began to understand her destiny. Recently she had learned that she indeed was the child of light while Cray was the child of darkness. And that one MUST destroy the other to make things right. And she knew that there was something else that she had the ability to do, that no other Jedi could do. She could see everything in and out of the Force. She learned of this ability shortly after she met the Vergere for the first time almost two years prior to then. There was only one other entity in the galaxy that knew about this gift of Caylee's.

"We're leaving tomorrow," Caylee said as she sat by the tranquil pool.

"That is why I called you here," Sekot said speaking through Jabitha. "You know that you a very special little girl."

"I know.' Caylee said looking into the water. Sekot was the other entity that knew of her special gift.

"That is why I want to give you something."

Caylee looked up at Jabitha with a look of confusion on her face. "What's that?"

Jabitha held out her hand and revealed a golden crystal. "Use this crystal when you forge your first lightsaber. It is a very rare crystal."

"I can't take it then! It's yours."

Jabitha took a hold of Caylee's hand, placed the crystal in it, and closed the little girl's hand around it. Caylee immediately felt warmth coming from the crystal.

"Thank you," Caylee whispered.

Jabitha smiled. "Promise me one thing."

"What's that?"

"Come back and see us. That's all I ask."

"Don't worry I will." Caylee said standing up.

"You better get going before your father begins to worry about you."

Jabitha stood and watched Caylee run back the way that she had come. "She is the future…"

The next day, the Jade's Fire was the last ship to leave Zonama Sekot. As Luke and Anakin said their goodbyes via transmission to Sekot and the others that were staying behind, Caylee stood behind them in the doorway of the cockpit and watched. Padmé gently moved behind her granddaughter and placed her hands on her shoulders. After Sekot said her goodbyes, Tahiri, Danni, and Tekli all said their goodbyes at the same time.

When the transmission ended, they all waited until Zonama Sekot headed back towards the Unknown Regions.

"Goodbye, child of light. Return to us soon."

Caylee smiled and clenched the crystal in her pocket tighter. She made a silent vow to return someday.

Within a few days, the Falcon and Jade's Fire, had both made their way to Kashyyyk. There they were going to have a long overdue, formal memorial for Chewbacca.

Surrounded by friends and family, Han tearfully thanked Chewie for allowing Anakin enough time to fulfill his destiny. Then he took Anakin's lightsaber and buried it deeply into the tree branch that marked a memorial for Chewie. After that the Wookies who were present all covered the memorial with leaves and braces.

"Here Caylee." Han said handing her a tiny, dried pink flower. "Put this on top."

Caylee looked up at her uncle then took the flower from his hand. She walked up to the memorial and set the dried flower on top. "Goodbye Chewie," she softly whispered.

The rest of the day was spent relaxing and figuring out what they were going to do next. Leia and Han were going to take a trip to the CorpSec and repair the Falcon more. Anakin and Padmé were going to return to Naboo and for once, live in peace. They had long deserved that. Then the Hendrixs were going to go back to Naboo, pack up their things and move to Denon, where the new capital was going to be. Cal Omas had given Joel and Nakota positions within the Galactic Alliance. This also gave them a chance to be closer to wherever their children would be training with Kam and Tionne Solusar. And most likely that would be on Ossus.

As for Luke and Caylee, they were going to go to the CorpSec with Han, Leia and the twins for a while before heading to Ossus and meeting the Kam and Tionne to figure out where a new academy would be started there. Tara Binks was also going with them, since Caylee and Tara had grown to be inseparable at times.

When Lowbacca and Waroo told Han that they were taking over Chewie's life debt, everyone began to laugh at Han's reaction. During the laughter, Caylee felt something. She turned and looked over her shoulder. Standing off in the distance were two Jedi spirits – and Caylee knew who it was. She smiled gently at her mother and cousin, Anakin.

"Come on Caylee!" Kyler called out. "Let's play hide-n-go-seek!"

"Ok!" Caylee said as she got up from her seat inbetween her father and uncle.

Luke watched happily as Caylee ran off and joined Kyler, Caitlyn, Tara and some Wookie children in the game. He knew that she had to grown up someday and he knew that it would be soon.

Her destiny had been laid out.

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