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Author Notes: This thing is extremely short (549 words!) and based on the commercial. All the Yanks know what I mean. If you don't then just think of this story! Simple.


Eat a Chocolate Frog, Become Minister of Magic!

Ron's life today was sad, sad, sad, and boring, boring, boring. It was so depressing. He was so depressed. Well, one day, he was hungry, so he ate a Chocolate Frog.

Well, needless to say, Ron felt rejuvenated.

"I feel so very rejuvenated!" he said to himself in happiness.

And then he remembered that Harry was moving to a flat closer to where Ron and Hermione lived.

"I think I will help him!" he yelled heroically.

So he grabbed some Floo Powder, and stepped into the fire. "Harry's ugly old dig!" he bellowed.

Swirly swirly swirly swirly swirly swirly swirly swirly swirly swirly swirly swirly swirly swirly swirly.

He stepped out of the fire, to see Harry trying to figure out how to move his couch single-handedly.

"Swirly swirly swirly sounds so cool!"

Harry turned around in joy, and spotted Ron. "Ron! Can you help me move this couch to my cool new dig?"

"Of course, Harry!" Ron quickly ran over and, bcause he was so rejuvenated, picked up the right side of the couch with ease. Harry smiled adorably and picked up his side of the couch.

They were walking over to the truck that Harry had rented, when Ron tripped over a rock and dropped his side of the couch.

"AHHHHH!" he bellowed.

But, lucky him, there was a talent agent passing by.

"I love your voice, young son! And, what's this? You are friends with THE Harry Potter?" he questioned.

Both Harry and Ron nodded.

"You will be BIG, son! Big!"

The talent agent then helped Harry and Ron pack up everything, then he joined them to adore Harry's Cool New Dig, before grabbing Ron, and taking him to the Talent Agent's Cool Dig.

"Here, Ron, we have--" and he opened up a curtain. "The Weird Sisters. I want you to be their Cool New Boy Singer."

Ron wanted to jump for joy.
"Oh! I just want t jump for joy!"

"Then why don't you?"

Ron then jumped for joy.

"So you'll be the new singer?"
"Of course!"

So Ron was the Cool New Boy Singer.

"Ron! Help us! We need a song!"
Ron then spent the next two hours writing a song.

"I have a new song!"

"Oh, Ron!" they all yelled happily. "Please, Ron, tell us what it is!"
"It's called," he paused for dramatic effect. "I wanna be sinister!"


So at the next concert, they introduced "I wanna be sinister."

"Oh, oh, oh, yeah, yeah, hey, yeah hey you!" Ron sang.

"Oooooooooh.... yeah yeah oooooooooooh..." the rest of the band sang lightly.

"Yeah you! I wanna be... yeah I wanna be.... sinister!"

"Did he just say he wanted to be Minister?"

"Let's vote for him!"
And because Ron was just so cool, they held elections early.

"Who votes for Ron, the big Cheese, say aye!"
The entirety of the U.K., most of America, and the East part of Canada all said 'aye'. Oh, and plus a few residents of Australia.

Ron was now the new Minister of Magic.

"Ron! Any words of wisdom?"

"Chocolate Frogs Rock!"

And now, Chocolate Frogs feature a 'Ron Weasley' card, and the Limited Edition ones have feature a 'Choco Ron Weasley'.

Chocolate Frogs will Lead the Way.