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The Flash

By: Mrs.HarryPotter12

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It was near ten, I was getting ready. I loved my Saturday nights. It had become a sort of ritual for me because all day I would sit at my boring desk job at the daily prophet and then come home and sleep. But not on Saturday. It's my day to unwind and I love it. Every week my two girlfriends, Bree and Valerie, go out to the Silver Curse club and have a very good time. It's filled with flirting with all the men that want to sleep with us but turning them down, a lot of dirty dancing, a fair amount of alcohol, and a few tons of make-up and new clothes.

Everyone at the Silver Curse knows us. But not for whom we really are. We never give out our names. We go by an alias. We're known as the flash. We earned this name by our uncanny ability to appear out of nowhere and disappear just as quickly. We always wear silver and enough make-up to sink the QE2. Tonight was something like the 50th time we've ever gone so we were planning on making it extra special. Bree and Val had been over for a good few hours getting ready.

Bree is 21 like me but with deep chocolate hair and eyes to match. Her hair is long and always curls just right. Sicking I know. She also has legs I'd die for and the entire male population would love to see. But Bree is a true sweetheart. Val on the other hand is a complete vixen. She flirts shamelessly and has had to change jobs three times because of bad breakups with her boss. She's 22 and what people might call a heartless bitch at first sight. But I love her. She has black hair and blue eyes.

Then there's me. I have, of course, Weasley red hair. I'm 21 and have hazel eyes. I'm rather pale but I don't really notice it. But everything's different on Saturday night.

I slipped my newly pedicured feet, red polish, into a pair of strappy black stilettos. They cost me 100 galleons but it was worth it. I'd been getting ready for over two hours and I looked stunning if I say so myself. I was wearing a short black skirt, my black heels, and a gorgeous silver top. It was made out of a sliver flowly material that reminded my of Harry's invisibility cloak. There's someone I haven't thought about in a while. Harry Potter. The resident player of the wizarding world. He's dated and messed around with anyone with a name. Including his recent, and ugly, breakup with the Minister of Magic's niece, Susan Bones. Susan is your typical blond. She came out of her shell once her aunt became MoM and now she's a right out scarlet woman. I guess Harry found out she was cheating and he left. But Ron and Mione have been married for a year now and see Harry occasionally. I haven't spoken to him since their wedding. He's change from what I can tell. The war really messed with his head. But after his defeat of Voldemort I thought he might change back but he didn't as much as we all would have liked. He plays quidditch with Ron while I'm stuck working at the prophet. But he's still hot as ever. '

Now back to the night. Val was wearing silver kind of go-go boots and a micro-mini black skirt. She was also wearing a tight silver top with her hair cascading down in tight curls. Bree was wearing black leather hip huggers and sliver stilettos with a black halter-top. We were all wearing silver eye shadow with silver glitter sprayed on our skin. We looked hot. About eleven was when we usually arrived so around ten thirty we left in Bree's silver BMW convertible. We pulled up and the bouncers immediately surrounded our car. They opened the door and we got out. We entered through the back door and started down a hallway that met up with the main hallway. The main hallway was covered in mirrors. Floor to ceiling. It's truly amazing. But we played it cool as usual, strutting down the long hallway like a catwalk. And that was when I saw him. I walked into the bar and dance area and there he was. There he was with those green eyes and sexy black hair. It was enough to make a girl melt. But I kept my composure. I linked arms with Val and Bree and we made our way to the bar.

"We'll have two martinis dry and one gin and tonic on the rocks" I ordered but the bartender already had them prepared. I took my tonic and waited for midnight when our song would come on. I listened halfheartedly to Bree.

"And oh my god Gin isn't that black haired man drop dead gorgeous?" she asked pointing to Harry. I nodded. He, after all, was gorgeous. But then Val went of on a story about her current beau and I sipped my drink. One good thing about being a Weasley was our uncanny ability to hold liquor. I can have about four drinks with out even becoming tipsy but anymore than 7 and I'm drunk as a skunk. It was nearing twelve and Bree tapped me on the shoulder.

"Wha?" I asked jumping out of lala land.

"So who are you going to dance with tonight?" Every week we each picked a man our of the crowd to dance with. This week I had no idea. I really wanted to see if Harry was as hot on the dance floor as everyone said he is.

"What about Mr. Hot Stuff over there?" Val asked pointing to Harry. "He hasn't been able to keep his eyes off you since we got here." I was sure Harry didn't know who I really was or he'd never look at me like that. I nodded at her suggestion and got up and walked over to Harry.

"Hey there…" I said sitting down. "I know you've been watching me since I got here…" I decided to play it smooth and flirt a bit.

"So what'll it be Mr. Green Eyes? Are you going to get you're lazy arse out on the dance floor for my song?"

Harry chuckled.

"You are really a vixen you know that right?"

I nodded and stood up.

"So are you coming or not?"

"Sure! How often does a man get to dance with the Flash?"

I giggled.

"This is a very prestigious honor…"

He nodded. I pulled him toward the dance floor and forgot who he was completely. Then the announcer came on.

"hey hey hey beautiful ladies and handsome gents! It's midnight on a Saturday and you know what that means… IT'S TIME FOR THE FLASH! This song's for you ladies!" We nodded and the song started.

'Make your way through mirrored halls
See the boys with all their dolls
A pretty maze, like candied streets
U feel a thrill when your eyes meet
U pick the one with the feathered hair
But I'm the one that makes the boys stare
There's a room, or so I'm told
Where the DJ rocks and we don't grow old
Would u like 2 take a ride?
All u have 2 do is come inside'

All I thought about was bump, dip, flip, grind, kick, spin, flip…

'Say hello 2 the room where the party's jumpin'
Where the boys all freak 'cause boots are bumpin'
Where the girls are naughty and always saying
"Yes u can, yes u can, yes u can"'

I spun and dipped in Harry's arms. We danced like there was no tomorrow…

U got on your money rags
And Papa's got a brand new bag
And Mama's got her hot pants on
While in the back, the beat goes on
Would u like 2 come along?
Then shut up and sing this song

I'd danced with a good few men but Harry was one of the bests. We flowed together like lightning and thunder in a storm.

Say hello 2 the room where the party's jumpin'
Where the boys all freak 'cause boots are bumpin'
Where the girls are naughty and always saying
"Yes u can, yes u can, yes u can"

Dip, swing, bend, grind, shake, swivel…

The boys are pale
The girls are soft as nails
The band strikes up and it starts 2 wail
There's a price on everything
It's not cheap 2 buy your dreams

Bend, stomp, swing, dip, shake, grind, kiss…

Say hello 2 the room where the party's jumpin'
Where the boys all freak 'cause boots are bumpin'
Where the girls are naughty and always saying
"Yes u can, yes u can, yes u can"

Kiss? Oh god I was kissing Harry Potter. The Harry Potter…

And I liked it… it was for sure Harry didn't know who I was…

Okay I was writing this and decided it was longer than anticipated so it's going to be 3-4 chapters. The more reviews I get the faster you'll get more…