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By: Ryuuen


Getting up at five o'clock on a Sunday morning had been one of the most difficult things Ban ever had to do in his entire life, short of going a week without smoking. Half-past five found him walking down deserted streets, silent save for the random early morning cabs. And he wondered absently what the fuck he thought he was doing up this early.

He stopped by a lamp post near the park, took out a cigarette and lit it, secretly enjoying the way the early morning breeze was combing through his unruly hair, slightly damp from the shower he had just taken. The sun was beginning to rise in the horizon.

A heartbeat, and the silence was finally broken.

"You're late."

A soft voice, teasing. Familiar.

He shrugged, not needing to turn around to figure out who it was.

"Stop complaining. At least I made it this time."

"Indeed." Amused. "It must have been difficult, pulling yourself out of bed this early, Ban-kun."

A gentle hand slipped into his own, entwining their fingers together, its owner a warm presence by his side. The weight upon his shoulder was a welcome one, brown tendrils spilling upon his shoulder like silk.

Silence, and then...

"Thank you."

Ban sighed, exhaling smoke and watching it rise towards the lightening skies.

A smile was upon his lips as he looked down at his companion.

"Only for you, Kazuki. Anything for you."