I don't own HP. And I blatantly ripped off bastardized quotes from Shakespeare and TS Eliot.


After Harry Potter went dark, he only ever once lost a duel.

He beat Dumbledore and left Voldemort broken in the dust. The Order never had a prayer; the Death Eaters were easily crushed.

No one, no one stood a chance against him, not even Ginny Weasley.

And yet...

She challenged him, but without any expression of hatred or betrayal; not even pity colored her words.

He accepted. They faced off.

And Harry Potter, for the first time in his life, knelt. He knelt, and set his wand on the ground, and looked- just looked- up at Ginny.

At the girl he had, once upon a time, loved.

Maybe he still did. Maybe, in her, he saw his chance at salvation.

Oh, he knew he couldn't live any longer. He was too broken. But a person can die a good death, even if they've lived a bad life.

She knew what he wanted; she'd planned on it, expected it. Because Ginny Weasley understood love, and so she understood Harry.

Harry was love; he was full of it. Even dark, he was full of love...for what is love, but a delicate balance of hatred and desperate affection?

She didn't use a Dark spell. She simply sent him to sleep...forever.

Not with a bang...

The world would have let him rot. But Ginny Weasley loved him, even as she hated him. So she dug him a grave and carved him a stone, strong enough to outlast eternity.

Here lies Harry Potter

Who loved with all his heart

And hated with his soul

May he find peace in dreams to come