Summary: Hermione finds out her entire life has been a lie during the summer before her 7th year. How is she going to react to the news once she finds out who her real father is? Will Hermione and her father get along? Read and find out.

The Family Ties that Bind

Disclaimer: I by no means own any characters from the world of Harry Potter. They belong to the wonderful and talented J.K. Rowlings. So, please don't sue me, because I have no money.


Snape Manor was decorated beautifully. Flowers, garland and silk bunting hung throughout the manor and the grounds. In the back yard, Albus stood at the alter wearing a happy smile. A beautiful tune filled the air. Down the aisle walked the Matron of Honor and four bridesmaids along with the Best man and Groomsmen.

Finally the wedding march filled the air. The happy bride made her way to her waiting fiancee. The bride and groom faced Albus, both wearing brilliant smiles. Albus winked at the couple the began the ceremony.

"We are here to bring this Witch and this Wizard together in the holy union of marriage. Love is strange. Once in a while it blesses a person with a second chance when the first is taken away. Such is the case of these two before us. They have been brought together by those above who saw fit. Will the bride and groom face each other and place their left hands together." Albus said.

The bride and groom faced one another, their left hands joined. Albus removed four silk ribbons. He began tying each one around their joined hands. Each color representing each of the four elements. Earth, Air, Water and Fire. A golden glow surrounded the happy couple.

"Those above have blessed this union. You may now kiss your bride." Albus said happily.

The groom gathered his new wife into his arms and kissed her. The crowd clapped and cheered. They newly weds walked down the aisle, followed by the wedding party. Everyone moved into tone of the many ball rooms of Snape Manor.

"Oh dad. I'm so happy for you and Rosemarta. I know you two will be as happy as Draco and I are." Hermione Malfoy said as she tearfully hugged her father.

"I hope so." Severus said.

"Oh Rosemarta." Hermione said as she turned and hugged her new step mother.

"Hermione. I promise I will always love and take care of Severus." Rosemarta said as she tightly hugged Hermione.

"I know you will." Hermione said.

Hermione and Draco had been married for five years now and had a beautiful one year old daughter they named Jocelyn. Severus and Rosemarta had gotten engaged six months after the final battle. Severus had retired a year later and now he and Rosemarta ran the Three Broomsticks. Hermione and Draco were now teachers at Hogwarts. Hermione was the Potions Mistress and Draco taught Ancient Ruins.

Harry and Ginny had gotten married a year and a half after Hermione and Draco. Ron and Padma were engaged and their wedding was in four months at the Burrow. Neville and Parvati had been married for two years now and Lavender was now seeing Dean Thomas. Life was good and so it would remain.

The End!