OOH-KAY! Welcome all Tikku fans! I am thrilled to bring you a Tikku fic, because well, there just aren't enough of them! I was inspired to finally sit down and put my story to words after reading the awesome fics by Lyric1 and Demon Eyes, so you can all thank them for inspiring me! Thanks guys!! I hope you will all enjoy my fic as much as I enjoyed theirs. I've enjoyed creating it!! An I promise I'll try to update as much as possible. I'm very excited about writing it, so it shouldn't be too hard. ENJOY!
BTW, this is set after X-2.

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Tearful return

Rikku watched in silence as Yuna jumped from the airship and ran into Tidus' arms. She could see the joy on both of their faces as they embraced. Pure happiness. Rikku felt a pang of envy for her cousin. But Rikku knew she could never tell anybody the way she really felt for Tidus. It would hurt too many people, most of all Yuna. And she didn't want to hurt her Yunie. She meant too much to Rikku.
Paine stepped up beside her and leaned against the door frame as Brother brought the airship in for a smooth landing on the beach of Besaid. She gazed out at the happy couple.
"That must be the infamous Tidus," Paine stated.
Rikku nodded. She couldn't bring herself to speak.
"You ok Rikku?" Paine asked.
Rikku nodded again and forced herself to say, "I'm fine. Just tired, is all. I need sleep, ya know?"
Paine nodded, but wasn't convinced. But it wasn't her nature to interfere, so she dropped the topic. Rikku sighed, and turned her eyes to the floor as Yuna and Tidus were greeted on the beach by all of their friends.


Yuna was glowing with happiness. Tidus had returned! She had thought he was gone forever. She ran up the beach, pulling Tidus along with her.
"Every one will be so happy to see you! We've all missed you so much!" She called to him.
Tidus just laughed. When they reached the beach, Tidus was greeted with hugs and slaps on the back. He was grinning like a fool, but he was genuinely happy to be back. He received a huge hug from Wakka, who nearly knocked him over.
"Heeeey brudda! Its been too long, ya?" Wakka said, laughing.
"Yea.. and I see I've missed a lot!" Tidus said, looking toward Lulu.
"Heh... ya.. that's our son, Vidina," Wakka explained.
Tidus laughed, then congratulated the two of them. He gave Lulu a hug, then turned and high-fived the Aurochs, who had run up while he was talking to Wakka. Tidus looked at Yuna, who was talking to one of the Besaid villagers, and grinned. He was so happy to be back with his friends. He looked around, wondering where Rikku was. He figured Kimarhi was on Gagazet, but he was disappointed that Rikku was nowhere in sight.
"Yuna.. Where's Rikku?" He asked.
Yuna turned to him, and looked a little surprised. Then said, "She must still be on the airship. Over there"
She pointed down the beach, and Tidus saw the airship. He could just barely make out two figures standing in the doorway.
"Sweet! I'll be right back," Tidus said.
He took off in the direction of the airship. As he got closer, he could make out Rikku's figure. She was staring at the ground, apparently she didn't even notice him coming. The other person was leaning against the door frame, watching him advance.
"Rikku!!" Tidus called, waving his arm in greeting.
She looked up sharply, and blushed as she saw Tidus run closer and closer. He ran up the ramp and swept her up into a huge hug that lifted her right off the ground. Rikku giggled in spite of herself.
"Put me down, you big meanie!" She joked.
Tidus put her down, then pulled away to get a good look at her. He nearly fainted when he did. His eyes widened when he saw what she was wearing. He didn't realize Rikku was so comfortable wearing so little clothing. Rikku tilted her head and gave him a confused look. Tidus then realized that his mouth was slightly open. He quickly turned it into a grin, but he knew he was blushing.
"It's good to see you Rikku!" He said.
"You too...."
Suddenly, some one from behind them cleared their throat. Tidus turned around to see a tall woman, her scarlet eyes staring him down questioningly. He scratched the back of his head and laughed nervously.
"This is Paine. She's a Gullwing!" Rikku explained.
"Uh.. Gullwing?"
Rikku groaned, then said, "Riiiiiiight. We're the Gullwings! Yunie, me, and Paine! Y.R.P! We're sphere hunters!"
"Oh brother.. you're a moron." Paine suddenly said.
Tidus just laughed, then said, "Wow, you really remind me of Auron!"
Rikku laughed.
"I never thought of that!"


Yuna watched as Tidus gave Rikku a huge hug that swept her right off her feet. A small pang of jealousy ran through her like ice. She shuddered, and told herself that she had no reason to be jealous, after all, Rikku was her cousin, and Rikku and Tidus were friends. But she still couldn't shake that envious feeling as she watched the two of them talk and laugh. She wanted Tidus all to herself, for the moment anyway. It hurt her that he would run off the second they were reunited. Oh course Yuna realized that he was excited to see all of their friends, but it didn't make her feel any better. She sighed, then forced herself to tear her eyes away from Tidus and return to the hug-fest that was currently going on.


Tidus gave Rikku another bug hug and said, "I should get back to Yuna. But we have to get together soon! Promise"
Rikku was being torn apart inside. She wanted to cry, but instead she pulled her usually cheery face and nodded.
"Of course! I wouldn't leave Besaid without catching up some more!" She said.
Tidus grinned, then took off back down the beach. Rikku let out a sigh, then disappeared inside the airship. Paine watched her go, thoroughly confused.