Chapter One: Enter Carrot-Top and Four-Eyes

(Lily's POV)

I was convinced that every great romance started out one way: the characters would meet and instantly fall in love. Sparks would fly and their passion unstoppable, their love invincible.

I still don't know if that's true, but when I met the love of my life, sparks definitely flew… just not the ones I was expecting…


I remember my first day of my first year quite clearly. I was nervous—I would be starting school, and it was no ordinary one. You all know the name: Hogwarts: School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

We all know what it takes to get there: the train ride, the boat ride, the carriages…

Well, the train ride and boat ride went rather smoothly. I had already made a friend, Alice Eaton. We bonded instantly, whether it was the fact that our last names began with E, or maybe something less frivolous, I don't know.

Anyway, we had just stepped out of the carriages. My eyes settled on Hogwarts for the very first time. I was in awe. It was magnificent—a castle out of a fairy tale.

I hadn't realized that everyone was walking towards it until I heard, "Hey Carrot-Top!" I snapped my gaze to the speaker. He had unruly hair as black as night and hazel eyes, with glasses. "Come on! Wouldn't want to be late on our first day, would we?" He said this in an arrogant manner, as if he already knew everything about this place.

I was instantly enraged. Being a red-head was always a sensitive issue when I was younger, and being called names like "Carrot-Top" infuriated me. I narrowed my eyes at him and swept past him. "No we wouldn't Four-Eyes." A very lame comeback, I know, but I was 11… who really is witty when they're 11?

I could feel his glare on me but ignored him and pretended to be engrossed in what a stern woman—who I later found out was called McGonagall—was saying.

And so it began.


(James' POV)

I still remember her first words to me. I think back on it fondly, amused. I still remember her enraged expression—she never could hide her emotions very well. "No we wouldn't Four-Eyes." I admit, I hated that name as much as the next glasses-sporting kid would, but what could I do?

I was a proud little bugger, not wanting her to have the last word. So I pestered her mercilessly between our 1st and 4th years. She lost her cool most of the time—it's true: red heads have ferocious tempers—and I found this amusing and that alone compelled me to go on. I was winning. And if there's one thing I liked more than anything, it was winning.

But I didn't know that she would unknowingly turn the tables on me during 5th year.


Lily Evans was never a bad-looking girl. She had been gangly and skinny, and her curly red hair was always tangled—she was a tomboy—with freckles across her sun-burned face every time I saw her right after summer at Diagon Alley or Platform 9 3/4.

That description fit her very accurately… until 5th year.

When my best mate Sirius first told me how good-looking she had become, I didn't believe him. Although by now I should've learned that Sirius never lies when it comes to girls.

"Oh James mate!" Sirius seemed to squeal, his dark eyes bright. He was fidgety, not being able to stay in one place for long.

"Calm down Sirius," I said disgustedly. "You're acting like a girl." Interestingly enough, it was a girl who made him act this way, I was sure.

And I was right.

"She's bloody gorgeous!" He whispered to me. "Good god, if I had known she would turn out this way… I would've started to charm her starting from 1st year…"

"Who are you talking about?" I snapped. I always kind of envied Sirius in that he could get any girl he wanted. But he had promised to help me "get a chick".

He didn't answer. He looked past me suddenly. His eyes wide with lust and he licked his lips. I looked over my shoulders.

Oh. Dear. Merlin.

It was Lily Evans, as you all probably figured out. …Oh boy, where should I begin?

She had once been a popsicle-stick, she was so skinny. She was still slim, but she filled out her semi-clingy clothes in all the right places, with curves that I knew some girls would envy. Her hair—while still curly—wasn't tangled at all, but smoother now, falling past her shoulders in sleek ringlets. Her skin wasn't sun burnt, but she had a very light tan, all her freckles gone.

And right there, on Platform 9 3/4, I fell in love with Lily Evans.

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