Chapter Twenty-Six: Not Really a Chapter, But Read Anyway

One Last Author's Note:

So I was reading some reviews (which rock, by the way—I'm so flattered) and people hated Selene and Remus breaking up or Sirius and Estella not getting together. Well, here's the answer to those questions:

Selene and Remus had to break up because… I'm thinking about doing a sequel for them. Or for Sirius and Estella. But for Selene and Remus, it would go with my story and it would stick with canon. For Sirius and Estella, it would be AU, because I hate sad endings, and am a big fan of happy ones. So… which one would you guys rather have? Sirius and Estella, or Selene and Remus? Your pick. (If I'm lucky, I may do both sequels, but which one should I start with?)