Why did you save me?

Author: essenceofthedark

Pairing: RanmaxRyoga

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Chapter 5: Offering help

:Akane's view:

Stupid, stupid Ranma. Stupid Ukyo. Stupid Genma. I was climbing up the little hill and was by now sweating; after all I had laid a lot of terrain behind by now. Why couldn't they have told me? I thought angrily.

"Yomogi valley… it's right up ahead" I told myself loudly, trying to encourage myself with that thought. I wish they had asked me to come, after all I'm his fiancé, I felt kind of dejected as I stopped a second to catch my breath.

"Ranma…" I was worried about him, I had to admit that. Of course I knew that he was capable of taking care of himself, he had had to be able to with a dad like that. Genma might have the best intentions for his son, but everyone could see that he just wasn't the ideal father figure. Far from it… and this Ukyo… the nerve of that girl… I am his rightful fiancée dammit, I, not that… that… that bitch! No, I wasn't worried that he would get hurt by himself or that something would happen to him on his own, but with the two others there… who knew what could happen to him?

A small popping sound was heard and I looked up in wonder as a tremendous light lit the sky brightly, hurting my eyes in the process, casting long shadows on the ground. What the…?

"Fump!" something, or rather someone, landed beside me, a half millimetre from landing on top of me. When I opened my eyes I think my heart started to beat faster as I saw who it was. Relief flowed through me and a small smile of happiness made it to my lips upon the sight of the boy I had been worrying about.

"Ra… Ranma!" I exclaimed happily, not really noticing that he might have been hurt. In the same moment his eyes opened and for a moment I let myself daydream a bit, something I normally wouldn't have allowed myself to do.

Ranma opened his eyes and their eyes connected at once and the seriousness and depth in his eyes seemed to swallow her. For a while he was only staring at her with a stunned expression, obviously not quite believing his own eyes. Then his eyes softened into a gentle smile, just for her.

"Akane… did you come here, for me?" he asked dreamily while a little heap of bubbles and flowers were swivelling around in the background. Without waiting for an answer he embraced her tightly as a teardrop ran down his cheek. Hugging him back she couldn't help but smile happily because she was in the arms of such a handsome boy, and for once he was behaving nicely, just like a gentleman.

"I'm so happy that you came…" he began touched by her concern. "I thought I would go mad out here in the wilderness with only the two lunatics with me" he squeezed her a bit tighter before he released her from the hug and looked lovingly down at her.

"And I'm so happy that I found you…" she replied, tears of happiness in her eyes as he leaned down and was about to kiss her.

I snapped out of my daydream. This wouldn't do, after all, it was Ranma I was talking about. The boy wasn't exactly known to be romantic towards anyone, except on those few occasions when he was forced to. Not only that, but he also wouldn't ever show me that he cares for me unless I'm in danger, I thought gloomily, conveniently forgetting that I could be just as bad as he, sometimes worse.

"Heaven Blast of the dragon" Ranma exclaimed as he suddenly jumped to his feet startling me "that was amazing! I can win! I can beat the old pervert!" And with that he was off. I could only stare dumbfounded after him for a while when what had happened finally dawned on me.

"But…" I protested as I got up"Ranma!" I was very upset now but soon the sadness turned to anger. How could he… how could he? How dared he? Oh I was so going to beat him into a pulp the next time I saw him. No one, and I repeat; no one ignored me like that, not even him. Especially not him, he was my fiancé for Chrissakes.

"Honestly…" I said loudly to no one in particular as I sweatdropped "he didn't even notice me…"

When I finally reached their camp it seemed that Ranma was already off busy practising with his dad and that withered looking… thing, Cologne (when had she turned up?) Well, at least Xian Poo(1) wasn't with her, that would have been unbearable. That vain beautiful looking Chinese girl was too much to handle on the same time as Ukyo as she would have been battering her eyelashes at my Ranma and flirted shamelessly with him. But oh well, they all seemed to be fine, not even Ukyo could put a stop to my good mood now.

"So, Akane, you came because you're worried about Ranma-honey?" Ukyo asked turning to me with a calculating look in her eyes. I guess she don't like the competition, just like me, even though we are friendly most of the time. If it hadn't been for Ranma we could have been good friends.

"Not really" I shrugged, trying to be nonchalant. Of course I hadn't been worried, had I? No of course not, I reassured myself; wanting to check up on how things wasn't a crime! But still…I mused I'm glad they all look well and yes, I even included Ukyo in my thoughts. In fact… I'm glad I came I smiled, satisfied with my decision to go after them, it had definitely been the right thing to do.

"Okay then!" I exclaimed genki(o) as I started to make a stew, wanting to impress them with something good for this evening, humming slightly to myself as I was working with the food.

:Ryoga's view:

I couldn't believe it. Of all the places I could have wondered off and gotten lost during my vacation I just had to choose the same valley that he was training in. This vacation was only to escape him and to try to make up my mind about that boy and then of course I had to encounter him. I watched from the top of a height as the boy got all flustered down there because of something his father showed up his, Akane's and that other girl's face. What is her name? Ukya? Anyway, she'd better keep her hands off Ranma. I blinked at the thought. What the hell? Shouldn't I be encouraging their engagement? After all, unless he converted to Islam and moved to the Middle East or something Ranma wouldn't be allowed to have more than one wife and if he married that girl he would have to leave Akane alone. Then why did I feel my stomach sink at the thought of him married to that girl? Dammit, this was exactly why I was trying to avoid him. I had started to feel weird and uncomfortable in the other's presence lately, I couldn't deny that and it made me even more keen on avoiding him.

I don't know what he's training for… I thought as his two fiancées beat him up from something he had just done, although I wasn't sure what. Nothing extraordinary at all! …but it will do him no good, not in his condition. I watched the boy for a moment more, feeling a prickly, churning sensation in my stomach. Trying to ignore it I turned away, wanting to get away from him as fast as possible. Looking into the forest I listened to the wind as I lowered my head in defeat, it was simple, it was obvious: I would not be able to find my way back to the city like this. Whereas I would appreciate a lot of distance between me and the pig-tailed boy I had to admit that I was not looking forward to weeks, even months away from him, I corrected myself quickly; of course I had meant Akane, fighting with whatever situations fate had in store for me along that road. No, being lost was not appealing at all. I turned back and felt somewhat relieved, wait, relieved? Because what? Because I had to spend some time with Ranma? No way, I snorted, just the thought was ridiculous.

Cautiously I went closer, now that the fighting, or training, was over, making sure that they didn't notice me until I could hear what they were talking about. "… then it's pointless to continue." I heard that old woman say "Unless, that is… we can find an opponent who can attack without holding back." Ah perfect, now I could beat him to a pulp, even though he's still weak. If it happened while training and because he wanted it, it wouldn't be like picking on someone weak. I still tried to convince myself about that as I walked forward a bit and sat down on top of my backpack, crossing my arms over my chest.

:Ranma's view:

Gods, it was so frustrating, where could I find someone out here in the wilderness that was willing to fight me without holding back anything? Especially in my state… I clenched my hands and teeth, I was not about to give up. Perhaps I was weak in body, but I was not weak in will or mind, I would not give up, no matter how futile it seemed. Just then my thoughts were interrupted by a very familiar voice, a voice I had quite missed a bit in those days I had been away from home.

"I can't guarantee that I won't kill him, but…" I lifted my head to see where the voice came from, almost not believing my own ears. He couldn't be here, could he? Could he? However, his bandanna and that cute fringe of his were unmistakeable and I felt happiness surge through me from seeing him again. "…but if you still don't care…" the bandanna-clad boy continued "I'll be your opponent." Stunned did not even begin to describe me. What was he doing here? Was he really here?

"Ryo… Ryoga" I whispered breathless, not only was he here, but he was willing to help me out once more as well. Thinking about that gave me a warm fuzzy feeling in my chest, leaving me almost speechless and feeling tingly in my whole body.

"You came all the way out here for me…?" I asked, trying not to sound too breathless. I didn't know why I was feeling so giddy all of a sudden, even if he hadn't come out here for me, which he probably hadn't, it was nice that he was willing to help me out. While I was looking at him I thought absentmindedly that the pose he struck while sitting on his backpack seemed really feminine in a way that didn't seem weird or strike me as unsettling, actually I found it quite… sexy.

What the fuck? My eyes widened considerably.

:Akane's view:

I scowled as Ranma looked hopefully at Ryoga: You came all the way out here for me…? It was all so unfair, he hadn't reacted like that when I had come all the way out here for him, he hadn't looked at me that hopefully, in fact, he hadn't even looked at me at all! I felt my temper rising, I was his goddamn fiancé, it was I that was supposed to get that look, it was I that was supposed to get that question. Damn him for being such a… such a jerk! Then I caught myself just before I was about to lash out at Ranma with my tongue, Ryoga was a boy, I shouldn't be worrying about him like I did worry about Ukyo and Xian Poo, I mean, after all Ranma wasn't that way, fortunately.

I breathed deeply calming myself, of course Ranma was hoping for a friendly gesture from Ryoga, despite everything I think that Ryoga could be called Ranma's best friend, in a way. After all, Ranma didn't have a lot of friends, and he had to feel a bit lonely and longing for someone that was just a friend to be there with him. I… I guessed that we, and by we I meant his fiancées and his family or soon-to-be family, could be a bit much at times. Suddenly I felt quite sorry for Ranma and I scolded myself mentally for wanting to take away from him the scarce friendly contact with Ryoga.

:Ryoga's view:

"You came all the way out here for me…?" I heard Ranma ask me and once again I found myself staring into those adorable blue eyes, this time filled with hope and some sort of happiness. Looking away I fought the urge to blush, dammit, why did he have to make me want to blush all the time? Trying to be as nonchalant as I could I answered his question.

"Of course not!" I told him and strangely enough I felt like a liar, something that was weird because I had no idea that he would be here, I just happened to be in the same place by happenstance. Still, I felt like a liar and when I saw hurt flash in his eyes before I was gone again I felt even worse about this situation.

To Be Continued

(o) genki – energetic(ally)

(1) Xian Poo Champoo's Chinese name, I think?

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