Falling Back Into Memories

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Falling Back Into Memories

A FanFic by Kennie, aka Chip

-Part One-

Alanna looked out across the city from the window. When she was younger, much in that fact, the city had been beautiful, the colors bright.

Alanna looked again and saw the dismissive gray, the tattered flags. She didn't see the hustle and bustle of loyal subjects, but the slinking and sighing of defeated ones.

She meant nothing but goodness for her godson, the King Roald, son of Jonathan III and Thayet of Conte. He was a good King, but he wasn't her king.

The silver haired lady in breaches and a tunic, both dark amethyst, leaned back unto the window frame, her eyes closing.

She was the last of the old reign. It had ended when her class died away, faded to the woods, all disappearing to die.

When King Roald, before King Jonathan III had declared the Test, the old reign had ended. Jonathan had held it together, because he had been raised to it. The new King, he hadn't.

The memories of summers gone and friendships lost, of battles fought and people gone, they all flooded the once dark auburn haired knight. The bittersweet thoughts, the things they said, the innocence they had was gone from the realm, and never would return.

The faces of her friends, Roaul, Gary, Jon… They crowded into her. Thoughts of friends she lost along the way, the ones who died before their day. Alex, the one she had killed, the dark haired boy of her youth. Francis… She remembered his happiness, wrought down because of a mage's desires.

Then her thoughts traveled to her brother, Thom. He had been gone for almost seventy years then. Gone… The word whispered through her head.

Her eyes were open now, but they didn't see. They were blank, showing only the memories she had.

Her thoughts drifted back to Trebond, where she was brought up. She remembered when the two red headed twins with amethyst eyes had run from their keepers and maids, made the cook see things that were not their….

"Thom!" the young girl cried, grinning from ear to ear as the two ran down the stairwell.

The boy stopped and waited for his twin to catch up, taking her had in his and turning, running towards the back exit.

The two made their way across the gardens, running and jumping. They laughed and seemed happy, but there was a brooding presence in each.

Thom had seen what he need and knew what would happen. He could see the battle, and see his death, but he could see a great good for the one person he loved: His twin sister.

Thom would go to, and be killed, just so that his sister could live, and be happy.

Alanna couldn't see anything, but she felt a great misgiving. The two nine-year-olds had worries that they didn't need, they saw things they shouldn't and had to live through it….

Alanna sighed, and closed her eyes to the tears. An amethyst fire covered her, because of her state of mind. Deep in her she felt a presence of another fire, amethyst, but belonging to someone else. She felt that half of her was missing… That half was Thom.


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