Falling Back Into Memories

Disclaimer: Um... Everything that's *not* Tam's is mine. Happy reading.

Falling Back Into Memories

A FanFic by Kennie, aka Chip

Author's Notes and Things:

Well, I wrote the poem, and I was thinking as I was sitting and staring out at the last of our snow, just finishing re-reading all of the Tamora Pierce books I could find: The Song of The Lioness Quartet, The Immortal's Quartet, Page, Circle of Magic Quartet, Magic Steps (I got it, yay! So, Camie doesn't get that great sweater and Marc and Anne get money bummed off them so Camie gets a B-day pres., but hey, getting the book was worth it!).

And I thought 'well we all like to write those happy endings, but what happens to all those die hard warriors?' So I started to write this. Tell me what you think.

And yes, it's sad, but hey, whats a good story with out it? And I mean, she did get back to her friends and family! So anywho...

Happy readings and I hope you like it! I'm writing more, and this was just a spur, one day, things. I might write more like it, but I hope everyone enjoys it!!!

-Peace Out-