An Introduction:

All set in the "As You Wish" universe, these are a set of four ficlets about Severus, Harry, Katerina and Arthur. The stories are complete in themselves but I'll definitely be adding more stories here - watch out for Waverly's story, which is still in the works.

Not Cute
by Darth Stitch a.k.a. Jedi Skysong

WARNINGS: HP/SS SLASH. For the uninitiated, that would be Harry and Snape in a romantic relationship. And Harry is very very legal in these fics. Mentions of MPREG. If all of this is not your cuppa tea, click that handy little ol' back button and run for your sanity. Hee.

DISCLAIMER:What do you mean they're not mine? Really? Not ever? Not even if I say please with my nekkid furry self on top? Drat. Oh well. Will put them all back in the sandbox when I'm done.

You are not cute.

You deny any resemblance to that appalling adjective utterly. You are quite painfully aware that you are not pretty – that your nose is a raptor's beak, that your hair is too greasy, that your skin is far too unhealthily pale and that your hands are stained with potions residue. Severe, yes – you were named Severus for a reason. Austere, haughty, dignified, stern… you are all of that, as well as being a "bloody, ornery, cantankerous, greasy git" and you are quite proud of that reputation. Hell, you've worked to keep it that way for years. Fail in discipline just once and the brats will be all over you and you shudder to think what would happen in Potions class then.

So you present your dignified, austere façade to the world, seemingly incapable of any sweet, sentimental, maudlin impulse.

No one has to know that you are actually capable of smiling – outright laughter even, whenever your irrepressible spouse or your children have done some terrible prank or made some cheeky remark that you find quite hilarious. You are secretly pleased when the children do this – you are quite proud that they seem to have inherited your intelligence and wit.

No one has to know about your secret addiction to chocolate, especially when applied to your husband's body. And no one has to know that you can probably trace the "creative" uses you and your husband have made of chocolate to all three of the times you've been surprised with children. That would be twice for Harry and the once for you – thank Merlin.

No one has to know that "impossible, cheeky, irrepressible brat" is actually an endearment for Harry, that this is the way you keep telling your husband that you love him, each and every day you still have together.

No one has to know that you keep a careful count of the times Harry whispers "I love you." That you treasure waking every morning with Harry in your arms, that you look forward to gently drawing him out of his slumber with a nuzzle and a kiss. That you treasure every evening when the children are abed and you and he are finally alone together, to laugh, to talk and to make love or to simply fall into an exhausted slumber, after the exertions of a long day of teaching and keeping a careful eye not only on your own offspring but on all the students of Hogwarts.

And you alone will know that after suffering years of sleepless, lonely nights, that you will sleep soundly and well and all because Harry is there and he always will be.

And so you will keep your secrets and keep them well, as you've always done. And you will grumble and grouch and growl if necessary because that is who you are and who you've always been.

You will hide the laughter in your eyes and soundly squelch the impulse to seize Harry for a kiss in the middle of the Great Hall, scandalizing all and sundry because your secrets are your own and if you will share them, you will only share them with Harry, who can see through you anyway, no matter what you do.

You are not cute. Or adorable, as Harry keeps telling you.

But this much you will admit to yourself – you rather enjoy him "convincing" you.