Deathly Silence

Summery: When people finally admitted that Lord Voldemort was back no one know how late they were. The Dark Lord had acquired a weapon, to strong to perfect for anyone to suspect. His name? Silence.

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"Is he in there?" the young man asked standing after a long talk he had with the man sitting across the room from him.

"Of course he is. You know I never go back on my word."

"My apologizes my Lord. I am still not yet accustomed to being told the truth." Lord Voldemort lifted his lips in what could have been called a smile. The young man across the room from him smiled at Lord Voldemort and looked towards a door leading out of the room. "I don't want to keep him waiting then."

"Of course. A night well done my most valued, I can't wait to see what the old man thinks of tomorrows paper."

"Neither can I." The young man sent a malicious grin over to Lord Voldemort and left the room.

He walked out the door and down a hallway longer then possible for the building size. Anyone who wasn't specifically told where to look would not be able to find the single exit mixed with the real doors and set illusions. The young man came to one door four away from the room he'd just exited and opened it onto a stairway. He walked up and whispered the password to the solid bock of wood, false hopes. A door handle appeared and the young man placed his left index finger onto the handle where it burned a copy of his fingerprint. He only had to wait a minute for it to show up as a match for one of the two people allowed access to the room. The door swung open.

"Finally here Silence?" Draco Malfoy asked from where he was sitting on a beautiful emerald couch in front of a roaring fire, the flames glowing off his porcelain chest as he was only wearing pajama bottoms.

"How I wish I had gotten here sooner." He answered moving to the beauty sitting in his rooms, "how long have you been waiting?" he asked kissing Draco lightly on the lips.

"Only for about ten minutes."

"Still to long. I'm sorry my beauty." Draco smiled up at him and pulled the other man closer and pressed his lips flush with the slightly shorter mans.

"Then make it up to me." Draco ordered when they had finally separated for breath.

"With pleasure." Silence answered pulling Draco into him and towards his bedroom connected to the suite. He pushed Draco back into the King sized four-poster bed, Draco's blonde hair a perfect contrast to the midnight colored blankets. Silence climbed on top of Draco and planted kisses across his neck. Draco quickly went about stripping down Silence the cloak first to go reveling dark brown hair and beautiful hazel eyes. Silence smiled down at him, a true smile no one but Draco ever got the privilege of seeing. "I missed you."

"As did I." Draco agreed. Pulling off Silence's clothes as quickly as he could while Silence simply had to pull down Draco's pajama bottoms leaving the blonde completely nude. Draco finally stripped down Silence who grinned up at Draco before pulling out a jar of lubricant and thickly coating his fingers before slipping one inside of the blonde.

"It's not fair." Draco announced.

"What?" Silence asked moving to situate himself better around Draco tired from what he'd been doing only moments ago to the blonde.

"You get to see me everyday at school and I don't even know who you really are. Or really look like." Draco added tracing over Silence's jaw lightly with his fingertips.

"I know. I hate seeing you at school and not being near you. But I can't allow anyone to know who I am. Only Lord Voldemort knows my real name." Silence replied remorsefully to the blonde.

"I know." Draco nuzzled into Silence's side, "are you going to be gone when I wake up?" Draco asked.

"Unfortunately." Silence answered as Draco started falling asleep in his side. Silence waited till Draco's breathing evened and kissed the blonde gently on the check. "If only you looked you could find who I am, I give you clues." He whispered hoping both that Draco would and wouldn't find out, if he even was still awake to hear him.

"Get up Harry!" Harry heard Ron's voice float into his subconscious. Harry buried down into his blankets trying to return to his dream world and away from the annoying sounds of his roommates getting ready at such an ungodly hour, "you only have twenty minutes till eight dude, your going to be late for class."

"Shit!" Harry shouted jumping out of bed and grabbing some random clothes off the floor and running to the bathroom to get dressed. He rushed through his morning rituals forgoing his shower as to not be insanely late.

"Are you almost through mate?" Ron shouted at Harry pounding briefly at the door,

"Just go without me." Harry shouted back at him, glancing at his hair and deciding not to do anything with it. Harry opened the door after hurriedly brushing his teeth grabbed his books for the day and ran off to Transfiguration.

"Your late Potter." McGonagall called as Harry tried to slip into the class unnoticed.

"Sorry Professor." Harry mumbled moving to where Ron and Hermione were sitting.

"The Headmaster wants to see you." McGonagall informed him before he moved to far towards his friends. "You may go right to his office, take your stuff with you. I do believe you are to be missing all of your classes today." She stated before Harry could give Ron his pack.

"Thanks Professor." Harry shrugged to a confused looking Ron, Hermione looked at him sympathetically as he walked out of the class.

Harry walked down the halls and was turning the corner to the stone gargoyle guarding Dumbledore's office when he ran into Draco Malfoy. They crashed and Harry landed on top of the blonde.

"Can't you watch where you're going?" Draco snapped, "are you planning on getting off of me?" he asked. Harry jumped up from where he'd been lying on the blonde.

"I'm sorry." Harry mumbled moving to go around Draco.

"Are you alright?" Draco asked looking at Harry like he'd grown another head grabbing his arm to halt the other boys progress, "no come back."

"I'm not in the mood." Harry said trying to free his arm from the blonde's grip.

"And when has that made a difference before?" Draco snapped. He wasn't in a good mood. He woke up and Silence was in fact gone like he said he was going to be. He hated that he never saw him in the mornings, even if he knew it had to happen.

"Why Malfoy, do you not want me to leave?" Harry asked moving closer to the blonde. Draco dropped Harry's arm like it burned him and backed away. "Well if I know it would be that easy to get you to leave me alone I might have tried it before now." Harry grinned and walked down the hall, Draco shook his head and continued on his way Harry watched him go, "and then again I might not." He smiled to himself, "Gobstoppers." the gargoyle that guarded Dumbldore's office moved out of the way and Harry stepped on the circling stairs.

"Come in Harry." Dumbledore said through the door when the stairs finally deposited him out side the Headmaster's office.

"You wanted to see me?" Harry asked sitting in the chair across from the Headmaster.

"Tea?" Dumbledore asked Harry pouring himself a cup; Harry shook his head, "No? Lemon drop?"

"No sir, what was it that you wanted?" Harry asked again. Dumbledore handed Harry the Daily Prophet. "Sir?" Harry asked unfolding it, Dumbledore said nothing but by Harry's sharp intake of breath he found out what the Headmaster wanted him to.

Over a hundred Massacred

The work of Death Eaters most believe only the most feared could have pulled off the spectacle. The Dark Mark was found floating over Hundreds of dead corpses a muggle village completely wiped out. The personal insignia of Silence was all over the ruins, a mocking symbol of muggle cannons etched into the wooden remains of many buildings. The muggle authorities were called hours after the destruction occurred by residents of a neighboring town noticing smoke.

"How did he get by us? I thought you had someone keeping tabs on what the Death Eaters were doing." Harry said looking over more of the bulk of the paper,

Families were murdered in there sleep, nothing left alive, animals found in the dead,

"How did you let this happen?" Harry asked appalled.

"Harry you know I don't have enough people to have everything covered. I'm trying as best as I can to keep people safe. So is everyone else in the Order."

"Oh how nice, they are always so subtle with there hints that I need to do something." Harry growled reading the last paragraph of the article.

This marks the twelfth killing Silence has done leaving not a single survivor. How many more will we have to go through? Let us pray that he can be stopped and that the hope we all have in our hearts will save us from having to live with this trepidation too much longer.

"Well yes that's why I brought you here. We have decided to start training you more extensively for the final battle." Dumbledore informed him.

"Really?" Harry asked a smile starting to edge onto his face. "I actually get to start doing something against Voldemort?"

"Yes, however this is going to be a strain for you, I will not substitute your regular classes so all your extra study will be after class and on the weekends. You will have the afternoon on Sunday as you're own but other then that I would say you are going to be out of free time."

"What about Quidditch?" Harry asked with apprehension.

"Of course we'll have to make time for you to continue with that. I wouldn't want you only to have your studies to focus on. Plus I do believe Professor McGonagall would have a few words with me if I took away her star seeker." Harry grinned with the headmaster at the last statement. But Harry got a confused expression soon after,

"Is that all you wanted?" Harry asked, "Professor McGonagall seemed to think that you were going to keep me out of classes the entire day and if that's it my first class isn't even finished yet."

"I though we could just talk for a bit Harry. I haven't had a chance to really talk to you since last year. We're almost two months into this one." Dumbledore said looking at Harry. "Anything exciting happening with you?" Harry grinned at Dumbledore and launched into tale after tale of things he'd done so far with Hermione and Ron. Dumbledore smiled watching him happy and acting like the kid he should have been. It was a relief to know that the tragedies of the previous year hadn't run Harry into a permanent state of depression.

Harry walked into the Dinning Hall for dinner and was swarmed with his friends. Hermione wanted to know what had happened after being summoned to the Headmaster's office and Ron really not doing anything besides grunting at Harry in between bites of food.

"Oh, but Harry how are you going to get anything done?" Hermione cried after Harry described to her the schedule he was to be on starting the next week.

"Dumbledore said that I don't have to do written work as long as I get passing marks in my classwork." Harry said.

"You are still on Quidditch right mate?" Ron asked waiting long enough in between bites to get the question out.

"Of course, Dumbledore said he wouldn't take me off that because Professor McGonagall would have to much of a problem with it."

"Her and everyone in our house. It's good that he didn't take you off. That would be like broadcasting to the world that you have started getting the training you need. Just think what would happen if you-know-who found out you were training. He'd come as fast as he could to get you out of the way before you really became a threat." Hermione rushed out worried.

"I know. I just hope I know enough when I finally do have to fight him." Harry said digging into his own food and halting conversation with the trio since now two out of the three were busy eating. Hermione sighed and piled food onto her own plate, eating was such a waste of time when you could be other more important things, like studying. The three got up and left soon after Hermione and Harry being done so Ron was forced to stop eating as not to be left behind.

A few late owls trickled into the hall one swooping down at the Slytherin table and sticking its leg out for Draco to take the rolled up piece of parchment. He reached his hand out and pulled of the paper noticing the seal of a cannon.

"Why if it isn't your lover." Blaise grinned seeing the seal himself. "I don't understand why he picked you." Blaise added looking over the blonde, "I mean sure your pretty, but I am so much better." Blaise grinned at him.

"I'm sure." Draco said a smile actual flittering across his face as he cracked the seal.


Oh how I miss you, I know it makes me seem quite sad since I still see you so up close and personal. But I hate not seeing you wake up in the mornings. I will try to have our next meeting sooner. I hope this whole ordeal will end soon and I can show you who I really am and we can be together not only in secret. I miss you my beauty.

And tell Blaise that I would never choose anyone over you. You are to perfect for words.


Draco felt as if someone had lightly brushed their lips across his cheek and smiled happily handing Blaise the note,

"Read the last bit." Draco ordered. Draco watched Blaise's face as he read.

"Well, he only says that because he doesn't know what he's missing."

"And if you want to live he never will." Draco said taking back the letter from Silence and leavening the hall still smiling slightly making his death threat seem even more frightening then normal. A sneering Draco was normal. How did one act around a Draco that was happy?

My Lord

The plan is going just as we hoped. It will only be a short time now. Then we will be able to start the revolution.


"You do well." Lord Voldemort murmured into his empty study nursing a brandy. He stood and walked to the fireplace throwing in a Handful of floo powder. "Malfoy Manor." He stated clearly when the flames turned green and he was zipped away towards the Elder Malfoy. Plans were starting, it was time to tell some of the more important players in his scheme what exactly was going on.

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