"Mister? Mister Master?" Harry blinked his eyes focusing on a small house elf directly in front of him. Harry jerked back and into Draco sleeping snuggled in behind him. "Sorry to be waking you, but Mr. Lucius and Mr. Severus are asking me to be waking you up they is wanting to talk to you." Harry stretched, yawning loudly.

"Did they tell you where we should meet them?"

"They is saying in the sitting room. Mister Draco should be knowing where it is." The elf said with a bow.

"Tell them we'll be down in an hour." Harry said. The elf nodded and disappeared.

Harry turned over and smiled at Draco. He ran his fingers through Draco's hair and wrapped himself around Draco kissing along his neck. He wasn't getting the desired response from his sleeping bedmate so he bit Draco's neck. Draco jerked and Harry kissed the spot lightly.

"You awake baby?" Harry whispered. Sucking lightly on Draco's neck.

"Yeah." Draco mumbled back.

"You sure?" Harry asked snuggling into Draco.

"Yeah, I'm awake." Harry turned Draco onto his back and kissed him firmly on the lips.

"Get up then. We have to shower. Lucius and Severus are summoning us." Harry said climbing out of bed and to the shower. Harry poked his head out of the washroom to find Draco on the bed glaring at him. "Come on. Time to shower."

Harry got in the shower and waited for a few minutes. Draco didn't join him. Harry sighed and looked down at himself. The starving look was not good for him. Harry ran his fingers slowly along his protruding bones. There was a burst of cold air and two arms wrapped around him, pulling him back into a firm chest.

"You're beautiful." Draco informed him. Draco grabbed the soap and started washing Harry. Harry stood still allowing Draco to do as he wished, enjoying the attention. Draco kissed Harry his hands full of shampoo going into Harry's hair. Harry grabbed into Draco holding him close. Draco finished washing him and slapped Harry's bum. Draco pulled away and smiled at Harry who was looking up at him, almost lost.

"We're okay." Draco said softly. "We're safe again. I'm not going anywhere." Harry wrapped himself around Draco.

"I know." Harry whispered clinging to Draco.

"Calm down Harry." Draco said softly. "Why don't you go lie down and relax? I'll get clean, and then we can go see dad and Severus." Harry nodded. Draco pushed him to the door smiling and turned into the water's spray. He waited for Harry to leave, but never felt the cold air that would signify his exit. Draco turned back to Harry and smiled. Harry had his hand on the shower door staring at Draco. "Harry, go and lie down, or get dressed, or something. I'll be out in a minute." He promised. Harry nodded slowly, his eyes roaming slowly over Draco. Harry smiled at him and walked out of the shower.

Severus looked over at the sitting room door as Harry and Draco entered the room hand in hand. Severus was sitting on a low couch next to Lucius, a table pilled with food in front of them.

"We figured you might be hungry." Severus said pulling out his wand and removed the statist spell he'd put on the food, effectively ignoring the fact that he'd noticed Harry trying to protect Draco from him, the boy stepped in front of his wand, shielding Draco from Severus. "Why don't you guys sit?" Lucius asked motioning to the couch across from him and Severus. Severus sat back handing Lucius a plate of food as Harry and Draco sat down. Harry looked over the food and back to Severus.

"The food is fine Harry." Severus offered. Harry nodded but still ran several spells over the remaining plates. He then grabbed them both handing one to Draco. Draco smiled at him, and Harry smiled back sitting close. The men sat in silence as they ate.

When they were done Harry grabbed Draco's plate and set it down with his next to Lucius and Severus's, and they all vanished.

"How are you boys doing?" Severus asked looking up from where Harry had Draco's hand clamped in his lap.

"Fine." Harry said.

"We're doing well for all that happened." Draco agreed. Lucius nodded.

"We do have a few problems." Lucius stated. "Outside of what to so with Dumbledore, Bellatrix, and Granger, we need to figure out what we want to do with the child she is carrying." Lucius's eyes had not strayed from the boys. Harry twitched but relaxed back into the couch.

"I am willing to deal with it however Draco wants." Harry said. Lucius nodded and turned to Draco.

"What about you son? This is your child, what would you like to do with it?" Draco sat still as the other three in the room looked at him. He took at deep breath and looked to Lucius.

"I do not want that child." He stated. "I was not actively choosing to be with that girl and I do not want a child that shares her genes."

"Are you sure?" Lucius asked. "This could be an easy way to get an heir without you having to impregnate another girl."

"I realize that. When it comes time to getting an heir there are ways. I will not actually have to be with the girl, and if I choose to be with her physically that will be my choice. Not someone else's." Lucius nodded and turned to Severus.

"Tell them your idea." Severus looked over to the two boys who were looking back confused.

"I found a complex spell, that, alongside many complicated potions removes a child from the mother and changes the child physically from having any characteristics of the mother and instead they take on the look of a second person of your choice." Draco stilled Harry kept looking at Severus confused.

"This child could be made mine and Harry's?" Draco asked softly, cautiously, as if saying it to loud or abruptly the possibility would disappear.

"What?" Harry gasped looking quickly to Draco and back to Severus.

"Yes." Severus said. "But we are not sure if it's going to work."

"Which is why we would not have suggested it had you wanted to keep the child." Lucius explained.

"What do we have to do?" Draco asked.

"Let's get the girl and go to the Manor." Lucius suggested. "I am getting tired of this house." The four men stood and Harry led them where he'd left the three individuals. He felt magic saturating the walls around the cell.

"Stop." Harry ordered on the edge of the spell. He stepped closer and shook his head, "Stupid old man." He pushed his magic into the cell knocking all of those inside unconscious. The magic swept back into the cell. "Okay." He said.

The doors swung open with a thought from Harry, and they entered the room. Lucius looked around in disgust and down at the three lying on the ground.

"Let's get the girl and go." Severus pulled out his wand levitated her out of the door behind him. Lucius and Draco walked quickly out after him. Harry stepped out but looked back to the cell.

"Come on Harry." Draco called to him.

"Actually, why don't you go and get set up at the Manor, and I'll be there in a few minutes." Draco looked at Harry intently.

"Will you be okay?" Draco asked.

"Yeah." Harry smiled. "I'll be fine." Draco kept staring at Harry. Harry turned to Lucius, "I'll see you all in less then an hour."

Lucius nodded. "Let's go." Severus and Lucius started walking off, "Come along Draco." Draco stayed where he was staring at Harry. Harry smiled and walked over to Draco and kissed him gently.

"I'll be there soon. I just have to so something first."

"What?" Draco asked resting his head on Harry's shoulder.

"Dumbledore and Bellatrix, I have to make sure they never can do this again."

Draco looked up to him, "I want to help you." Draco stated.

"No." Harry said shaking his head. "No. I don't want you here."

"Why?" Harry looked at Draco.

"You've never seen Silence at work. I don't particularly want you to. It would be unpleasant for you." Draco sighed and pulled Harry to him.

"Don't take to long." Draco ordered. He kissed Harry firmly and walked down the hallway after his father.

Harry turned back to the cell and stepped in closing the door behind him.

Draco found his father and Severus standing in the entranceway waiting for him with Granger hanging in the air unconscious next to them.

"Ready to go?" Lucius asked.

"Yes." Draco walked over to the group. Lucius grabbed his wrist and squeezed it.

"He's Silence. He'll be fine."

"I know." Draco said. Lucius let him go and grabbed Severus and Hermione's wrist and apperated out. Draco waited a moment and then followed. He landed in the apperation room of the Manor Lucius, Severus, and Hermione were still in there. The door opened and Jeremy walked in. "Jeremy." Lucius said with a smile. "Lovely day isn't it?"

"Most definitely." Jeremy said with a smile. He nodded to Draco and Severus. The four of them walked out the sound of Jeremy apperating away behind them.

They walked into the Manor; Draco relaxed heavily at the comfort of being back in his home.

A house elf popped into being.

"I is being so happy Masters have come home. What is I to be doing to help?" the elf asked.

"Take this girl to the grey room." Lucius commanded. The elf bowed lowly and popped out with Granger.

Draco left the entranceway and went off to his room. He opened the door and looked around a large smile splitting his face. He went and fell into his bed smiling into his pillows. He didn't notice as he drifted of to sleep.

Draco woke from his light doze when the bed dipped. He waited a second and an arm snaked around his waist and a body pressed up behind him.

"I love you." Harry whispered.

Draco smiled. He turned over so he was facing Harry, "I love you too." He stated. "Lots." Harry grinned down at Draco who had a large smile spread across his face.

"We're home." He said happily. He wrapped his arms tight around Harry, and Harry tightened his own hold. Neither made a move to make the moment sexual. They simply laid in each others arms and enjoyed being with the other, being safe, and being home.

Draco awoke to an empty bed. He got up and stripped from his clothes, and went into the adjourning washroom to shower. He finished and got dressed again looking around the room, listening for Harry. He walked over to the bed and smiled at the rumpled sheets. He lay down on Harry's pillow breathing in his lover's scent. He got up a moment later and left his room.

Draco was walking the halls of the Manor and past his father's study where the door was slightly open and the light was on. He heard Harry talking as he walked closer.

"I think it would be for the best." Harry stated.


"I don't think the change we need can move forward without doing this. I can't see any other way."

"Very well. Severus needs you. He has to take various samples form you to start the potions for the fetus."

"Do you really think it might work?" Harry asked a smile evident in his voice.

"I don't know. Do not get too excited. It might not." Lucius said.

"Of course." Harry replied. There was a pause and then he continued, "I have to go. I left Draco sleeping and I want to be back before he wakes up."

"Very well. And talk to him. He'll want to be in on your decision."

"I would never do this if he objected."

"I know. Make sure he understands." The door to the study opened and Harry walked out. He spotted Draco and smiled walking up to him.

"I'm sorry. I meant to be back before you woke." Harry said he grabbed Draco's hands and kissed him quickly.

"That's okay."

Lucius appeared in the doorway. "Why don't you two stroll through the gardens?" he suggested. "They have not been properly admired in a while."

Harry smiled, "That sounds nice."

"Let's go get our coats." Draco suggested. The two walked off. Lucius smiled and shut the door to his study leaving to find his own lover.

The two boys were outside trailing through the newly flowering bushes. The ground was icy yet, as it was only mid-February. They went down one of the many winding paths, the one that had the most early blooming plants. After a while they ran into a bench and sat down.

Harry talked.

Upon sitting the two boys were holding hands. After a few minutes Draco pulled his hand out of Harry's. Harry started using both as he was talking, trying to explain his point better to Draco. Draco slid a little bit away from Harry, looking confused. Draco asked him something. Harry stopped for a moment, thinking. He answered.

Draco stood up angrily, shocking an animal of some sort out of a nearby bush. He shouted out at the fields, and at Harry, pacing back and forth.

Harry sat and took it. He nodded and listened as Draco ranted.

Draco looked down at Harry after a few minutes and asked him something much quieter. Harry responded quietly back. They talked for a while. Draco sat back down and Harry grabbed his hand again as they talked. Eventually they stopped talking, simply sitting in the gardens enjoying the others presence.

Harry looked up as it started to snow. He reached his hand up letting the flakes fall on him. He grinned and turned to Draco who was smiling softly, watching him. They sat for a few minutes in the falling snow. Then Harry turned and asked Draco something. Draco responded and the two boys got up and walked back to the house.

"Come in." Severus called. The door opened and Harry entered. "Sit." Harry looked around and there was a stool set directly to the right of the door. He sat obediently and watched Severus work. Severus was concentrating heavily on three potions. He quickly got one under a stasis spell and set it to the side. He continued working with the other two, stirring and adding ingredients as needed till he had a second one at a stable stage and put it under the stasis spell and to the side. He slowly added another ingredient to his last spell; once all of the ingredient was in he stirred it rapidly, before putting a quick stasis spell on it as well. Then he levitated the bunch to the storage cabinet and closed the door. After that was done he turned to Harry.

"What can I help you with?" Severus asked.

"Lucius said you needed to get more samples for the potions."

"Yes. Come over here." Severus said grabbing a large vial and some scissors.

"What do you need?" Harry asked, coming up beside him.

"Hair is the most prominent ingredient. Lucius did a good job of collecting everything else we'll need."

"But he took hair samples."

"Not enough." Severus stated. He summoned the stool from by the door, "Sit." Harry grinned and did as he was told. Severus briskly snipped his hair for a few minutes, "you're done." Harry looked at the large clump of hair Severus had sitting at the bottom of the large vial.

"Did you take it all?" Harry asked, he reached up and ran his hand over his head, he still seemed to have plenty. "How is it going?"

"Good. It looks promising so far."

"You're not going to tell me either are you?"

"We do not know whether or not it is going to work. Not until the potions and spell are active will we know anything. This is all very old unknown magic."

"Yeah, okay."

"Have you told Draco your stupid plan?" Severus asked pointedly. Harry snapped his head up.

"What?"A moment passed. "Lucius— yes I told Draco."


"He realizes it's necessary."

Severus looked over at Harry, "But is he okay with it?"

"I would never do it if he were not."

"And are you going through with it?"


"Harry what are we going to do about school?" Draco asked from where he was lying on a couch with Harry playing with his fingers.

"I think we need a tutor." Harry said. "I don't think we should be going back to school. And we lost too much time, we'd be behind. What do you think?"

"Father is working on a list possible tutors." Harry grinned at Draco. "I told him earlier I thought it made the most sense, but I wanted to run it by you." Harry laughed and kissed him.

"You're making agreeing with you to easy. How are we going to have proper arguments when you're making too much sense?"

"I'm sure if you need we can find something to argue over."

"I don't think I mind it being this easy." Harry said softly.

Lucius walked onto a raised dais in the hall of the Ministry. He waited as Narcissa, Draco, Silence, and several other Ministry officials followed and sat on the chairs set up on the platform. Lucius was standing at the head of the group when he started talking to the gathered crowd.

"Ladies and Gentlemen," he started, "I am here to tell you of most grave news." Several of the reporters in the audience sat up a little straighter. "Up until only three days ago myself and the other members of my family were being controlled against our will by a potion forced upon us by a man most of us have wisely learned not to trust. He kidnapped my family as we were hosting Harry Potter over winter break in my own home. He had me come to work, acting under his will as I was forced by the potion he was feeding us all.

"When my son's lover," he motioned to Silence, "came to find us Harry Potter was slowly starving to death, and my family was being forced to act in unfortunate ways to abide this man's will. My son was being forced to be physical with Hermione Granger in an attempt to normalize him. When Adam arrived and set us to rights, this horrible man went insane. In front of my family he went to Harry Potter's cell, and—and—" Lucius cleared his throat, "…well, I have the memory ready for viewing." Lucius stepped aside and up to the pensive. He poured in a memory that had been sitting next to it inconspicuously and the memory was instantly projected on the wall behind him, the audience watched enthralled.