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Is Seeing Believing?

She was walking through the park, if you could call it that, since it was more floating than walking and there were obvious flaws in the landscape around her. All the tree branches hung down like they were limp and affected by stronger than normal gravity. The dim sunlight had a strange violet tint to it. The whole place had an eerie feel.

She felt the rip before she saw it. It was up ahead, obscured by the trees, but she felt it none the less. It had a distant, heavy, flickering feeling. She pushed ahead to find out what it was, only half sure what she was going to see. After passing the remaining trees, she came to a half collapsed maintenance shed, dilapidated with rotting wood. She peeked inside to see the rip between the worlds. It had an orangish tint and through it she could see short squat trees. She stepped through and was surrounded by an almost blinding white light.

Rika's eyes snapped open. She stared through the darkness at the ceiling of her room, trying to slow her quietly rapid breathing. She strained to relax the rigidity the dream had produced in her body. Rolling over on her side, she stared at the wall, taking in every sharp corner and shadow. It was such an orderly perfection, in stark contrast to her tormented mind.

The dreams had only come twice before, but both of them had eventually come true. The first time she had been weirded out, the second had scared her. Neither of them had been as strange as this one though. Renamon came into view, crouched in the shadows, her eyes gleaming as the lights outside shined on their moist surface.

"You saw something, didn't you?" The fox whispered.

Rika rolled onto her back again, knowing she didn't need to answer. It also made her regret she had ever told her digimon about the dreams.

"What happened, Rika?"

She turned her head away, desperately not wanting to discuss this matter again. She closed her eyes and tried to fall back asleep. After a moment of peace she felt a hand on her shoulder. Renamon was crouched next to her, watching her partner in the darkness.

"Leave me alone." Rika said, rolling onto her side and pulling the blanket over her head.

You cannot deny that you are seeing the future."

"Leave me alone." She repeated through clenched teeth.

The fox blinked out of the room, leaving Rika to herself. She sighed in marginal relief. Laying on her side, she stayed still for about ten minutes, thinking over the dream and trying to ignore it at the same time. Maybe if she didn't respond it would simply go away.

Nothing is simple, Rika. A part of herself laid plain.

"Fine then." She muttered and threw off the blankets to get up.

She pulled on the clothes she had set out for the morning. Tying up her hair, she put a stick of gum in her mouth and slipped out the door. She left the house and continued down the street, heading toward the park. Renamon popped in and out of visibility as she followed along the rooftops.

As Rika came to the park she looked around at the trees. Ugly shadows were cast by the orangish streetlights along the paths. She followed the sidewalk for a while before plunging directly into the trees. The shadows took on a greenish tone as the lights shone through thick leaves. There was no violet overlay like there had been in the dream. The pattern of the trees became familiar, and Rika's heart started beating in her throat. She swallowed as she came to the same dilapidated shed that had been in her dream. She walked around to the collapsed side, hands clenched as she hoped there would be nothing to see.

But there was. It was a rip between worlds. She could see the same squat little trees, orangish in color, as her dream-self had. Renamon dropped down beside her, eyes shining in the orange light.

"You saw this?" She whispered.

Rika nodded and stepped forward, eyes wide at the reality of her dream. Renamon caught her arm as she was about to walk inside the shed. The two stared at each other for a moment.

"I have to go through."


"It was in the dream."

At this, the digimon carefully released her hold on her partner's arm. Rika continued forward to peer into the rip.

"I'm coming with you." The fox said, leaving no space for argument.

Rika nodded again and carefully stepped through the rip. She looked around at a place she'd never thought she would see again. The orangish color came from dawn in the digital world. The sun bridged the horizon and the bright sunrise momentarily blinded her. She blinked to clear her eyes of the glare and saw Renamon standing next to her.

They glanced at each other and then continued away from the rip. The two walked on for a while, the sky shifting from orange to blue as the sun crept upward. At a small clearing Rika trudged away from her partner, wanting to be alone for a bit. She walked by herself for a few minutes.

"This sucks!" A male voice screamed.

Rika jumped, and then frowned at herself for being startled. Her curiosity flared as she heard the voice continue, more quietly this time.

"I can't believe she would do this to me. She's been leading me on the whole time. Stupid Izzy! I hate his guts."

"It's not his fault she likes him, Davis."

"Shut up, Veemon! That's not the point."

"Then what is?"

"That I have been royally screwed over!"

Rika's eyes widened as the two continued to argue. Veemon? Davis? But they weren't real. And yet she could hear them talking. She carefully moved closed to the sound of their voices until she could see them standing in a clearing. The blue cynodont digimon looked exactly the same, if not more real, and the boy had a number of similarities. Rika swallowed against the excitement exploding inside her.

"Why did this have to happen to me? That's all I wanna know." He was yelling at the sky.

"Shut up, Davis." Veemon hissed, grabbing his partner's arm. "There's someone watching us."

Rika swallowed. What should she do now?

"Where?" He whispered, suspiciously glancing over the surrounding trees.

The cynodont shook his head and did the same. As they turned their backs on her, Rika quietly moved forward into the clearing. Although they were going to turn around again soon, she held her ground and continued to stare at them.

"Davis?" She asked tentatively.

He yelped and whirled around. As he stared at her, his face cycled from fear to confusion to curiosity.

"Who are you," He asked. "And how do you know me? And how did you get here?"

"I," she blinked, considering her answer. "My name is Rika Nonaka and I found a rip between my world and this one. I, um," She stepped forward and circled around him. "In my world you're a cartoon character."

"What?!" Both the boy and his partner spoke at the same time.

"In my world, there's a show called..."

"So you're not from the real world?" He interrupted.

"It's real enough," she snapped, "and so is this one. But, no, I'm not from your world. Until now I didn't even know there were more than two."

"Whoa." Davis reached out and poked her shoulder. She stared him down and he refrained from repeating the action. "Okay, you're real. This is freaky. You're really not from the real... from my world?"

Rika shook her head.

"This is... Okay, wait. You came here through a rip? Do you even have a digimon?"

"Of course. She's..." She glanced around, feeling for Renamon. "She's somewhere."

"Okay," he said, looking at her doubtfully. "So where's the rip? That's probably not a good thing."

"It's just over here."

Rika turned and headed back into the trees, retracing the way she had come. Davis fell into step behind her and Veemon scrabbled along to keep up on his short legs. As they came to the group of trees that hid the rip, Rika slowed and looked around for her partner. The cinnamon haired boy spotted Renamon first. She was crouched on a tree limb suspended above the rip, guarding it. At the sight of the cynodont, her eyes narrowed menacingly, but Rika could see the curiosity in her posture. The fox saw familiarity in the little digimon, but she couldn't place it.

"Renamon." The girl whispered, warning her against offensive action.

"She's yours?" Davis asked quietly.

Rika nodded and then stepped forward to approach the rip again.

"Here it is." She announced uselessly, since it was obvious that there was a hole in midair. Through it she could see the darkness of her own world, still pre dawn.

"Wow." Davis whispered and carefully walked around the anomaly, watching as the edges occasionally flickered. "It doesn't look very stable. I wonder where it came from. I should probably go back and talk to..." He trailed off and grimaced.

Izzy. Rika thought.

"You have to talk to him, Davis." Veemon said, taking his eyes off Renamon for a moment to stare at his partner. "He'll figure out what it is. We need to know."

The boy frowned again, unhappy. "Yeah." He kicked a clump of dirt at the rip, watching it pass through and practically stop midair. With the time difference between the two worlds, it wouldn't hit the ground for a few minutes.

"All right," he said after a few moments. "I'll go talk to him. It's Rika, right?"

She nodded, rather disappointed that he'd almost forgotten her name.

"Okay," he went on, "maybe you could come back here whenever it turns night again in your world. It looks like it has about the same time pattern as mine." He motioned at the slowly sinking clump of dirt on the other side of the rip.

"Sure." She replied. "Hopefully it doesn't close before then."

"Yeah." He started to trudge off the way they had come. At the tree line he turned around and walked backwards. "So we'll see you tomorrow. Bye Rika! I just hope they believe me." He waved, then turned and ran off, his blue partner racing behind him.

Once the sound of their footsteps faded, Renamon dropped down from her branch and stood next to Rika. She looked like she had figured out who the two had been.

"You trust them, don't you?" was her question.

The girl thought fro a while before answering. "Not yet." She finally said. "Maybe."

The fox blinked to invisibility and Rika turned to step back through the rip. As her foot touched the ground, so did the clump of dirt Davis had kicked through. She reached down and picked it up, a piece of the digital world, before heading for home. Maybe she could still get three hours of sleep.

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