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Davis's story was long, and Rika knew it all. She only half listened. It wasn't because she didn't care, she just didn't want to listen to all the stuff Davis had been put through. It made her angry and sad just to think about it. But Ken listened intently. He seemed amazed to find out that his best friend had been going through stuff almost as bad as he was. The two boys stared at each other as Davis finished, falling silent and fiddling with the edge of his pant leg. The room was quiet for a long time.

"How did you keep it all inside for so long?" Ken asked him.

He shrugged. "I just did."

Rika moved over and wrapped her arms around him, glad that it was over. "Well, he didn't laugh at you."

Davis smiled slightly and hugged her back. "Do you want some ice for your eye, Ken?" He asked, noticing as the other boy pressed his fingers gently against the bruising skin.

He nodded and Davis pushed himself up, going out the door and shutting it lightly behind him. Rika sighed and flopped down onto the vacated spot. Eyes closed, she felt Ken take a seat at the other end. She sensed him looking at Torey.

"So, Rika..." He began, sounding hesitant. "If Davis knows his soul, um..."

"Sure, you can know yours too. All you have to do is find her name." She lifted her head and looked him in the eye.

"But isn't it hard to find?"

Rika shrugged. "Yeah. But I don't think Torey will help you this time."

He sighed, and then stood up, walking over to the door. Rika followed him outside, where they found Davis digging in the freezer.

"How hard is it to find ice?" She asked, peering over his shoulder.

"Pretty hard." He answered, banging his fist against the ice maker. "Especially when this stupid thing jams up and doesn't make any."

Ken reached over his shoulder and pulled out a bag of corn, pressing the frozen vegetables against his eye. "This will work."

Davis shrugged and pushed the freezer door shut. Rika jumped up and sat on the counter, glancing over at his parents, still absorbed in their movie. Ken sighed as the cold seeped into his skin.

"The movie's almost over." Davis whispered, leaning against the now closed refrigerator. "Then they'll go to bed, and we can be alone."

"It's only eight, though." Ken returned, glancing over at the microwave's clock with his one eye.

Rika leaned back against the wall. It was three in the morning in her world, and she hadn't been getting very much sleep over the past few days. "I wouldn't mind sleeping right now."

Davis looked over at her. "You can go home if you want."

She rolled her eyes. "Wow. Four hours of sleep before I have to go to school

He frowned and hopped up to sit on the island in the middle of the kitchen area. They waited for the movie to finish up in silence. Rika watched Ken for a while, noticing the pain on his face, despite the cold on his eye.

"Does it hurt a lot?" She asked.

He glanced up at her and took the bag away. "Yeah. The ice doesn't help much either."

Davis's parents got up and shut off the television.

"Rika." He hissed at her, motioning for her to duck down behind the island.

Annoyed, she did so before they saw her. Ken watched her, smiling. She held a finger up to her lips and sat back to listen.

"Go to sleep soon, boys." His mom said. "You have school tomorrow.

"Yes mom." Davis said.

Rika heard her kiss him, and grinned as he complained in embarrassment. She waited until Ken waved to her to stand. Davis was blushing a little, but when he saw that she had noticed, he frowned and jumped down off the island. Flipping off most of the lights in the room, he flopped down on the sofa and flipped on the TV, turning the sound down so far that Rika could hardly hear it. She skirted the island and sat down next to him. Ken seated himself on the other end of the couch. They watched something, not really talking even though they could barely hear the show. Rika was just glad she was with Davis, and that Ken was okay. Everything seemed to be summing itself up.

She went home around eleven. The boys walked with her until she could cut through. She hugged both of them good bye and slipped into her own world. It was sunny and warm as she closed the rip. Standing in her yard, the grass was still damp from last night's torrential rain. She took a deep breath and then walked into the bathroom to shower.

Rika was sitting in math class when she saw it. Thankfully, she hadn't fainted in the middle of the lesson, but had only seen the dream over her vision. Well, it had kind of taken over all of her vision, but that didn't catch anyone's attention.

Purple was everywhere, and the ovoid in the middle of the scene was violet as well. And then the delicate shell started to crack and splintered into a thousand lavender pieces, leaving a little glowing sphere of purple light.

Rika gasped as her sight snapped back to the dull brown classroom she was sitting in. The boy seated next to her glanced over and suppressed a laugh. Annoyed, the girl noticed the teacher staring at her.

"Are you okay, Miss Nonaka?"

She swallowed. "Um, can I get some water?'

He nodded and grabbed the hall pass off his desk, holding it out to her. She stood and walked uncomfortably to the front of the classroom to take it. She could feel more that twenty pairs of eyes watching her as she left the room and stepped out into the hall.

"It's hatching." Torey whispered, running along the wall next to her.

She looked over at him. "How did you get out?"

"They were watching you." He replied. "And I wasn't about to miss this."

Rika walked down the hall, her shoes squeaking lightly on the tile floor. She came to the bathroom, her hand lingering for a moment on the door before she pushed it open and stepped inside. Jeri gasped as the other girl set foot in the bathroom. She relaxed again as she realized who it was.

"Rika, how did you know?" She asked, sitting in the middle of the floor with the umber egg in her lap.

Rika sat down next to her. "I'll tell you later." She whispered, eyes watching the egg.

It was starting to move and crack. The girls watched in silence as pieces of the shell broke off and fell in splinters to the floor. Torey crouched under the sink and tried to see around the two of them.

The top half of the egg fell away and a baby digimon slowly emerged. His body was roughly spherical and the short fur that covered it was the same color as the egg had been. Two little catlike ears poked up above his big black eyes, and a thick mane of long hair made a ring around his face, slightly darker than the rest of the fur.

Jeri smiled and hugged her lost friend against her chest. "I'm so glad you're back." She whispered into his body.

They sat quietly for a minute before Rika stood again. "We should get back to class."

The other girl nodded and carefully slid the little digimon into the open bookbag that sat beside her. Rika led out through the door and the two of them set off in opposite directions, back to their consecutive classrooms. Torey slipped out of the bathroom a moment later and then raced to catch up with Rika.

What was it's name? He asked.

She blinked, slowing down a little at the question. "I don't know." She eyed her locker. "How are you gonna get back inside?"

He followed her train of thought. No way I'm sitting in your locker for twenty minutes.

Rika grinned. "Too bad."

She went over and unlocked it, shoving him inside and ignoring his complaints as she locked it up again. She went back to class and sat through the remainder of the lecture, feeling Torey's brooding thoughts in the back of her own mind. It was hard not to smile mischievously at that.

After school, Rika ditched the boys again, and went directly to her locker. She had gotten Torey out before, but she was still anxious to get there. Jeri's locker was only a few away from hers, and she desperately wanted to ask the girl something. After a few moments, she saw Jeri walking toward her, a barely hidden smile spread across her face. She came up and leaned next to Rika's locker, and let the grin burst out over her face. Jeri sighed happily, and Rika smiled too.

"You'd think you were in love by the look on your face." She said, stuffing a book into the locker.

"Oh, I'm just so happy. He's so little, and he's mine again, and now I have to protect him until he gets big enough. And I could feel him in my bookbag all day long." She trailed off in another sigh.

"So, what's his name?"

Jeri blinked, surprised by the question. "Katjemon."

Rika nodded. The boys showed up and started bombarding her with questions. Rika ignored them and let Jeri answer. Eventually, they got out of the school and stopped the incessant questions. Rika found herself walking next to Henry. He seemed to have something on his mind as he watched her.

"What?" She asked, slightly annoyed.

"Um," he looked away and then whispered to her. "Did you see it?"

"The hatching? Yeah, I was there."

"That's not what I meant."

She looked over at him. "I saw it that way too."

"How come I didn't hear about you fainting, then?"

"I didn't." She simply replied, moving away from him to walk next to Jeri.

The new digimon was still in the other girl's bookbag, and they were making their way to the park so she could take him out and show him to the boys. Soon they came to it and walked along the sidewalk path, eventually cutting away through the trees to stop at the rip. Jeri sat down on a rock, slipping her bag off and taking out Katjemon. Rika went over and picked up the little creature. His deep black eyes beamed back up at her, giving the strange impression that he was smiling, despite the fact that he had no visible mouth.

Glancing up at Jeri, the two girls smiled at each other. Something about the baby digimon made Rika feel safe and happy. It was odd, and the boys seemed to feel it too. The four of them were soon joined by the rest of their digimon, who were just as interested in the hatchling as their partners had been. Renamon held him for a long time, the two of them staring into each other's eyes. Rika thought that the fox was sensing the strange feeling, and was sizing up where it could come from.

When everyone felt content that they had gotten a sufficient eyeful of Katjemon, Takato suggested they go see a movie. For weeks, he had been counting down the days until a movie called Laid to Rest came out, and was anxious to see it. Today was the release date. Jeri and Henry agreed, so Rika decided to go with too.

They walked to the theater and bought their tickets. Rika sat between Henry and Jeri in the half-empty room, with Takato on the girl's other side. Although her violet eyes watched the screen, Rika's thoughts occasionally distracted her. And Henry was watching her again.

"What now?" She hissed at him over an eruption of gunfire and a car explosion.

He shook his head and made a better attempt at watching the movie.

Afterward, they got something to eat. Rika wasn't that hungry but she still ordered a hamburger, and watched in amusement as Takato wolfed down his three. Jeri was still happy, and her half-smile was visible as she ate her salad.

"Wasn't it so awesome." Takato mumbled around a mouthful of partially chewed food, "when he shot the bazooka at the helicopter and it exploded everywhere. I almost died, it was so awesome."

"We know." Henry muttered as he stuck his fork into his pasta. "You stood up and screamed how awesome you thought it was."

Rika suppressed a laugh as the goggle head blushed in embarrassment. Jeri failed and started giggling and pointing at his flushed face.

"Come on, guys." He said quietly.

"I believe the exact quote was, 'That was so awesome.'" Henry said around a grin. "And then everyone in the theater turned around and stared at you."

Rika failed to suppress herself anymore, and burst out laughing. She slapped a hand over her mouth, but couldn't stop for a while. Until the violet started clouding her vision for the second time today. Eyes wide, she let her hand fall from her mouth, and carefully touched Henry's arm. The other three were looking at her strangely. Henry realized what was happening, and set his hand over hers.

"It's happening?" He whispered to her.

She nodded and swallowed, feeling faint. "I'm gonna pass out this time."

And she did.

Purple. It was a meadow, but a strange one. Not earth. Well, at least not her earth. The darkness was purple, and what little light there was drifted down from between the thick clouds in lavender slits. But there was something else, that she couldn't really make out. Something a deep violet walking toward her. Something different...

She came out of the vision calm this time. But utterly confused.

"What!?" She said angrily, still in the booth at the restaurant.

"Shhh." Henry hissed.

She ignored him, and muttered to herself. "Didn't make any sense at all."

"Rika, are you okay?" Jeri asked from across the table, looking scared.

She nodded at the other girl, and pushed around Henry to stand up. "Yeah. I think I'll go home and rest for a while."

"We'll go with you." Takato suggested, standing up as well. "In case you, well, in case that happens again."

"I'm fine." She said, grabbing her bookbag and then shoving her hands into her pockets. "Besides, Henry has something to tell you guys." She turned to walk away.

"What!" The dark haired boy asked. "Wait, Rika. Don't you think you should be the one to tell them."

She didn't stop walking, and simply shook her head as she pushed out the door. Setting down the sidewalk, she glanced in the window of the restaurant again, to see Henry starring at her through the glass. She rolled her eyes and increased her pace, heading for home. Torey poked her in the back, through the fabric of her bookbag.

Are you sure he can explain it well enough? The lynx asked.

I don't really care. She replied. I'm so tired of explaining it to everybody lately.

They'll still ask you, next time they see you.

I know. That's okay. Then I can fix what Henry told wrong.

She felt Torey's mental smile, and couldn't help smiling herself. She headed home, the two of them staying silent the rest of the way.

When Rika stepped into her yard, almost immediately, she set down her bookbag and let Torey out. They lynx hopped onto the grass and yawned widely. The girl paused for a moment, and then walked slowly to the main entrance, instead of going directly to her room. She stepped inside and saw her grandmother in the kitchen, making some kind of cake. She said hello, and then went over to her mother's dusty computer. Considering that the woman was barely ever home long enough to use it, the thing was pretty much useless. Rika couldn't even remember the last time it had been turned on. She stood in front of the printer for a moment, Looking at the full ream of paper sitting in the tray.

"Ew." She whispered to herself as she touched the top sheet, which had so much dust on it, that it felt fuzzy.

The girl lifted that paper and grabbed about twenty non-dusty sheets from underneath. Then she went back into the kitchen and peered over the counter at what her grandmother was making.

"It's sponge cake." The older woman told her after a moment. "Your mother asked for it, since it's her favorite."

Rika nodded. "What time does she get home?"

"About nine. She misses you, Rika. Spend some time with her."

The girl nodded again. "I will. I've been thinking about what we can do."

She received a confused look for that, but left without explaining. What could she say? That her soul had told her to do it? Sliding open her door, she stepped into the clean haven of her room. Torey seated himself on the table as Rika sat down at it and set down the paper.

"What are you gonna do?" He asked.

She bit her lip, feeling silly. "I was gonna try to draw the dream."

He blinked at her. "It's a good idea, but do you think you can do it?"

"What does that mean?" She asked, poking playfully at his furry side.

He jumped away. "It means that I don't think you can draw for beans."

Rika laughed and got up to get a pencil and eraser before sitting down again. Then, tongue sticking out of the corner of her mouth, she started to sketch out the meadow she had seen. After a moment, Torey jumped back up to the table and watched her. She drew a sweeping line for the horizon, and then worked on the clouds. It was impossible to get them to look right, but she still thought they looked pretty good.

"Can't draw for beans, huh?" She muttered, flipping the picture upside down to show the lynx.

He shrugged apologetically, and she returned to drawing the landscape. The meadow looked okay, and she left a big hole in the drawing, leaving the something for last. Then, the two of them staring at the blotch of white, Rika started on the creature. She closed her eyes, trying to picture it again, and carefully drew it.

"More black." Torey whispered. "It was a lot darker."

She shaded it more and traced the outside again. It looked more like a silhouette more than anything.

"Looks like a malformed kangaroo." Torey said.

"That's what it looked like." She said back, pushing him away from the paper.

"Maybe in your mind."

"Torey!" She complained, throwing the eraser at him.

"Ow." He said, rubbing his ear with a paw where the projectile had hit him. "All right, it did look like that."

Rika sighed, trying to rub smudged graphite from her hands, and laid back on the floor. Eyes closed, she relaxed for a moment. "I miss Davis."

"Do you, now?" His voice cut in from outside the door.

The girl sat up straight as he opened the door and stood looking at her. She grinned and got up to hug him.

"What are you doing here?" She asked.

He shrugged and walked into the room as she closed the door again. "I have lunch now. Ken had to make up the Trig test he missed yesterday, and Kari had to work on a project with some chick. I wasn't about to eat by myself." He grinned at her.

Rika glanced at the clock. It was about seven. That made sense. She smiled again. "So, what do you want to eat?"

"What do you have? Or we could go out and get something."

"Nope." She said, pacing across the room and picking up a DVD case with his face printed across the front.

He frowned. "Oh, yeah."

"Come on." She said, grabbing his arm and leading him after her, back outside again.

They went to the kitchen, which was now empty except for the cake baking in the oven. Rika pulled open the fridge and began to make Davis a sandwich.

"Hey, you don't have to do that." He protested, trying to grab the ham away from her.

She snatched it up before he could. "No, but I want to."

He shrugged and leaned against the counter to watch her.

"Grab something to drink." She said as she finished up, pointing with a mustard smeared knife at a cabinet.

Davis opened it up and pulled out a soda. Rika put away everything she had taken out, and they both went back to her room. He took the sandwich from her and sat down on the floor. She watched him as he ate, the two of them sitting in almost total silence the whole time. As he finished his soda, she spoke up again.

"Jeri's egg hatched today."

He almost choked on the remainder of the liquid, but somehow managed to swallow without falling into a coughing spell. He cleared his throat. "Already? What does he look like? What's his name?"

"Um," she paused for a moment, thinking of a way to describe the little digimon. "His name is Katjemon, and he looks like a little lion head kinda."

"Cool. I wanna see him. Maybe you guys could come to the rip later."

Rika moved over to sit next to him, pushing the now empty plate away. "I don't think so, Davis. When you guys get out of school, it's already really late for us."

He sighed. "Yeah, I know. Stupid time difference. We'll figure it out though."

Rika sighed too and laid down on the floor, her back to his leg. "I saw something today, too. Wanna see?"

"Huh?" He asked, putting a hand on the other side of her body and leaning over to look her in the face. "You can show them to people now?"

"No. I drew it." Rika touched his fingers before pointing over at the table. "It's over there."

"Cool." He muttered, getting up and grabbing it before sitting back down again. His auburn eyes stared at the picture for a while. "This is pretty good, Rika. You really drew it?"

She sat up, and frowned playfully at him. "What does that mean?"

"Nothing." He said, glancing around the room, goofing off. "But, what's this thing?" He slapped the drawing down on the floor and pointed a finger at the black something.

"I don't know. It was weird, and I'm not really sure what it looked like."

"Looks like a malformed kangaroo." Torey muttered again, crawling out from under the table and gazing at the picture.

Both of them laughed at that. Rika had to admit, it did look a lot like that.

"Whatever. So I'm not the best artist." She took the paper and tossed it at the wall, but it wheeled through the air and fluttered to a stop next to the garbage can.

"Hey, don't throw it out. It's really good." Davis protested, getting up and going over to retrieve it. And then something in the trash can seemed to catch his eye. "Whoa! What are these?" He pulled the set of photo shoot pictures out of the can.

"No!" Rika yelled, embarrassed, as she rushed forward to snatch them away.

He dodged her and ran out of the room, still clutching the pictures and trying to look at them as she chased him.

"Come on, Davis! No fair!" She yelled as he stood in the grass for a moment, using the light from a street lamp to see.

She almost tackled him, but he ran again as he heard her approach. Rika chased him and tried to grab a handful of the back of his shirt, but she missed. After a few more unsuccessful attempts, she changed her tactics, and was quieter. As Davis stood in the light, she snuck up behind him, but just as she was about to snatch the photos away, he took off again.

"Oh, come on, Davis." she complained, standing there and watching him.

He grinned at her and walked over, handing the pictures to her. "Here."

Rika took them, and frowned up at him. She punched him lightly in the chest.

"Ow." He complained, recoiling over-dramatically.

She smiled, gazing into his brown eyes. The two of them looked at each other for a while, before Rika finally gave up.

"I can't stay mad at you." She whispered.

"Good." He said. "Because you're just as beautiful in those pictures as you are right now."

She blushed. "I thought I told you not to..."

But he cut her off as he leaned down just slightly and kissed her. A spark of excitement shot through her, and then it was over.

Rika stared at him for a second, and then broke out in a grin. He smiled back at her. Her violet eyes fell down to the photos in her hands. She shuffled through them, and picked out her favorite, the one in the deep blue dress.

She looked up at Davis again, before handing it to him. "You can keep this one."

He took it and held it out so she could see it. "And no one else will ever see it."

Rika grinned again, and hugged him. A moment later, his watch beeped.

"Aw, crud." He said, glancing at the glowing green display. "I gotta go back."

She shrugged. "Oh well."

"I'm sorry, Rika."

"It's okay." She whispered, squeezing his hand as he took out his digivice and cut back into his own world. The rip closed again, and she leaned against a pole, sighing happily.

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